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After listening to Xuezhu’s words, Ji Yunxi didn’t have much fluctuation in her heart either.

Because she knew that Wu Wei’an deliberately stepped on her skirt, it’s not all because of what Xuezhu said, that he is taking revenge for such a small thing like cakes.

He’s just a little bored from acting at the moment.

Just like Ji Yunxi’s cat in her previous life that always likes to push the little things on the table because of boredom.

For such trivial matters, Ji Yunxi generally just lets them toss at will.

They often stop when they get tired of it.

But if she has something important to do, she will drive them away in order to be peaceful and quiet.

It’s the same with Wu Wei’an.

In fact, the essence of raising cats and men is not much different.

Soon, the auction finally officially started.

Ji Yunxi didn’t have to show up personally.

She sat in her private wing room, watching while drinking tea.

Everything has been prepared in advance and the auction is proceeding in an orderly manner.

All the people who came to participate in the auction already familiar themselves first with the auction process of Kaitaizhuang.

They also know that it is unlikely that there will be a leak on this kind of occasion.

The auction price was close to their own psychological expectations from the beginning, so the auction time was greatly shortened.

Basically, after the first round of auctions, they already know whether they can get it or not.

As a result, few lots require a third round of bidding.

Halfway through, Wu Wei’an, who didn’t know where he had gone to, pushed open the door of the wing room and walked in.

He sat down next to Ji Yunxi and watched for a while: “I suddenly have a better understanding about what you said that day.”

Ji Yunxi put down the empty cup and raised her eyes: “What”

Wu Wei’an lifted his sleeves lightly with one hand, took the teapot with the other hand and refilled her tea: “You said that one should abide by the rules in doing business.”



“So your guests also strictly obey your rules.” Wu Wei’an also poured himself a cup, then held the cup with one hand, and blew lightly.

“This is the first time that I saw more than 80% of the auction items’ winner can be determined after the second round of bidding.”

Ji Yunxi understood what he meant and her eyes were slightly raised: “Thank you.”

He was praising her for doing a good job in business, and the praise was quite sincere.

She appreciated it.

Hearing this, Wu Wei’an looked at her.

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The more he looked, the more interesting he felt.

He laughed and said: “You’re not modest.”

Ji Yunxi’s face was not blushing and her heart did not beat faster.

Facing his gaze, she politely reciprocated: “You are not bad either.”

Wu Wei’an said: “That is also true.”

Ji Yunxi shook her head.

It just so happened that the next shot is Danzhi.

The two stopped chatting and watched quietly.

Standing on the stage is the deputy shopkeeper of Kaitaizhuang.

He is thirty years old, with a taciturn personality, but he is very reliable.

He didn’t say much and he basically just mentioned every item.

This time, he didn’t even mention that.

After directly saying that the item is Danzhi this time, he asked everyone to make their own bid.

The rule of Kaitaizhuang is to pay with one hand and deliver items with the other.

Today, for this Danzhi, many people brought several boxes of gold and silver directly.

And everyone maintains the previous rules.

In every bid, they are very honest and give a very sincere price.

“Eight thousand taels of gold!”

“Nine thousand taels of gold!”

“Ten thousand taels of gold!”

“Ten thousand taels of gold, plus 20 good-quality night pearls!”

“Ten thousand taels of gold, plus one secret script of Wuyi swordsmanship!”


“Hiss.” Wu Wei’an took a breath and said to himself, “Why didn’t I think about picking this Danzhi before”

Ji Yunxi glanced at him and exposed him: “You cherish your life more than anyone.”

For a person with great ambition like the one opposite of her, money is not his goal, but a means to buy people’s hearts in order to achieve his purpose.


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