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Ji Mingshuang rubbed his painful forehead: “He should be going out to buy vegetables.”

Ji Yunxi: “Oh.”

The study was quiet for a while.

Then Ji Yunxi said again: “What does he want to cook this time”

Ji Mingshuang: “He didn’t tell me.”

Ji Yunxi: “”

Ji Mingshuang pursed his lips, and then pursed his lips again: “He just said that he has thought of few new exciting ideas.

Let us look forward to it.”

The corners of Ji Yunxi’s mouth twitched: “I want to go to Kaitaizhuang…”

Ji Mingshuang looked at her: “Don’t worry, as long as you are in the capital, he will find a way to dig three feet into the ground and bring you dinner in person.”

Ji Yunxi: “…”

In the study, the brother and sister are talking about Ji Mingyan.

Outside the mansion, the young man in red returned with a full load of food materials.

He happened to see the guard welcoming Wu Wei’an and Second Wu into the mansion.

Ji Mingyan bumped the guard with his elbow: “Who are those two”

The guard hurriedly said: “Sixth Master, those are the two sons of the Wu family.”

“Oh.” Ji Mingyan was suddenly enlightened, and after confirming which one is the future Brother-in-law with the guard, he ran up excitedly.

Hearing the movement behind him, Second Wu stopped and looked back.

The maid next to them hurriedly made a bow: “Sixth Master.”

The surprised Second Wu quickly bowed and saluted respectfully: “Good day, Sixth Master.

I am Wu Weining.”

Wu Wei’an, who is behind his second brother and shied away from people, somewhat timidly followed and saluted before calling out obediently: “Sixth, Sixth Brother.”

Ji Mingyan, who always treats people warmly: “…”

His enthusiasm is extinguished by this call of ‘Sixth Brother’, and there is no spark at all in his eyes.

The sparks that had emerged just now because of curiosity, are disappearing inch by inch in the bright eyes.

“Are you Wu Wei’an” Ji Mingyan asked uncertainly.

Wu Wei’an said in a small voice: “Yes…”

Ji Mingyan: “Are you really the Wu Wei’an who is engaged to my third sister”

Wu Wei’an continued to said in a small voice: “I, I think so”

Ji Mingyan was shocked on the spot.

Wu Wei’an tugged at his brother’s sleeve: “Weining, let’s go find Yun Niang.”

Second Wu looked at the stunned Ji family’s older brother, and felt a little unbearable.

But he didn’t stay there for a long time either.

He saluted again and followed the maidservant to the study.

Ji Mingyan followed behind with the bag of ingredients in one hand.

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Therefore, at the first sight of the three entering the study room, Ji Yunxi and Ji Mingshuang find that their Sixth Brother is in the wrong mood.

Scared out of his wits, as if he had suffered some kind of blow.

However, Wu Wei’an’s eyes lit up.

He loosened his brother’s sleeve, took a few steps to the front of Ji Yunxi’s couch, and said a little shyly: “Yun Niang, I miss you so much.”

Ji Mingshuang: “…”

Ji Mingyan: “…”

Second Wu: “…”

On the contrary, Ji Yunxi, who knows that he is acting, only responded with a clear ‘Oh’ before saying: “But I don’t miss you.

I just met you yesterday.”

Wu Wei’an opened his mouth hesitantly, closed it, and then opened his mouth hesitantly again before finally saying with a sad but restrained expression: “It’s, it’s alright.

It’s fine with me missing you by myself.”

Everyone: “…”

“Yeah.” Ji Yunxi nodded, pointed at the empty couch, and greeted the two members of the Wu family, “There is still some time before dinner.

Please sit down and help yourself.”

Therefore, the five people from the Ji and Wu family sat down strangely and fell into a strange atmosphere.

Of course, as the parties involved, the future husband and wife are very relaxed and natural.

After Ji Yunxi finished flipping through the account book, she continued to read the miscellaneous books she hadn’t finished reading a few days ago.

She had been busy some time ago and she can finally have a rest these days.

Wu Wei’an’s gaze doesn’t wander around at all and he just sat down obediently on the couch closest to Ji Yunxi, looking at Ji Yunxi affectionately, and sometimes ate cakes and drank tea.

Completely ignoring the two older brothers of the Ji family who are glaring at him and looking coldly at him.

Moreover, it is unknown whether it’s intentional or unintentional.

Occasionally, Wu Wei’an’s gaze would sweep over the two older brothers, but he would immediately withdraw his gaze again in fear.

His body deliberately leaned in the direction of Ji Yunxi, as if the two older brothers were trying to harm him.

Ji Mingshuang is so angry that he almost broke his teeth.

Ji Mingyan even clenches his fist, wishing he could rush up and take a bite of the person’s flesh.

The author has something to say:

Eldest Wu: Come on, come on.

Come bite me.

Sixth Ji barks: Woof, woof, woof, ¥% ¥@#¥

Hahaha, Eldest Wu is really silly.


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