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The atmosphere in the study room is very strange.

Second Wu clearly felt it but his eyes just looked at his nose and his nose pointed towards his heart.

He took the book about the subjects that will appear in the Imperial Examination in spring next year and pretended to read it.

Seeing Wu Wei’an’s appearance, Ji Mingyan couldn’t stay put any longer.

He is afraid that he would really rush up and bite him to death.

He pulled Ji Mingshuang out of the study room.

Ji Mingyan: “What actually happened to Third Sister”

Ji Mingshuang sighed: “I also want to know.”

Ji Mingyan: “Haven’t you been in the house all the time”

Ji Mingshuang: “How do I know When Yang Weitian came to withdraw from the engagement, she said she wanted to go to Fa’en Temple alone to relax her mind.

As a result, after she came, she turned like this.”

Ji Mingyan was very distressed: “What does she see in that person anyway”

Ji Mingshuang also shows a speechless look: “Eldest Brother said, Third Ji likes that person because he is obedient.”

Ji Mingyan: “…”

“Forget it.

I’m going to cook.” Ji Mingyan carried the basket of ingredients, and decided that ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

He will definitely show his skills today and cook a few more dishes to vent his anger!

Ji Mingshuang looked at him with an indescribable look: “Sixth Ji, why do you like to cook”

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Speaking of his hobbies, Ji Mingyan’s smile immediately brightened: “If you like it, you just like it.

How can there be so much why It’s just like how you like travelling around mountains and rivers and making friends.”

Ji Mingshuang wants to talk and keep stopping: “But——””

Ji Mingyan looked at his younger brother with his smart and twinkling eyes: “What’s wrong”

Ji Mingshuang: “Forget it.

It’s nothing.

Go ahead.”

It gets dark early in winter.

It’s just xu shi[1] but it was already dark outside, and all the candles were lit in the Ji Mansion.

Under the veranda outside, the dim and warm firelight is placed on the top of the cotton-wool like snowflakes to achieve a wonderful balance between cold and warm.

In the dining hall, the silver charcoal in the stove was burning hot.

Ji Mingxi had just returned and his face was flushed from the cold.

He sat down in the main seat, and put his attention to the two sons of the Wu family first: “How is the condition in your house recently”

Wu Wei’an usually doesn’t reply to anyone, so Second Wu who is on the side answered on behalf of his older brother: “Everything is fine, Lord Marquis.

These days, it’s all thanks to the silver charcoal sent by the Third Miss.

My father asked me to thank you all.”

Second Wu has always been very likable.

He is like his older brother.

His look is not outstanding, but he gives out a very good feeling as a whole.

He is polite, kind and gentle.

Ji Mingxi said a few more words to him and also asked about some of his homework.

As for Wu Wei’an on the side, who was clinging to Ji Yunxi…

Ji Mingxi sighed lightly: “Is Mingyan not done yet”

Ji Mingshuang put his hands around his chest: “He said it will be done soon.”

Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, the servants in the mansion poured in with dishes in their hands.

As soon as they came in, the aroma of food spread throughout the room.

Wu Wei’an subconsciously sniffed with his nose.

Stewed deer tendons, osmanthus fish sticks, spiced prawn…

The image of the food even already appeared in his eyes.

Until the dishes were put on the table one after the other.

Wu Wei’an: “…”

Second Wu: “…”

Ji Yunxi and Ji Mingshuang subconsciously looked at each other, with helplessness in their eyes.


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