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Fourth Feng has regarded Ji Yunxi as a competitor since they were a child.

She hates it the most when people tell her how good Ji Yunxi was, and she extremely hates it when people compare Ji Yunxi with her.

Especially the kind of comparison about how Ji Yunxi looks better than her.

Even if these words came out of the mouth of a waste man that Fourth Feng looked down on, she doesn’t allow it either.

Wu Wei’an’s words are like a drop of water splashed into a frying pan.

Fourth Feng exploded with anger and her body was trembling all over, even the Buyao[1] on her head swayed.

She screamed uncontrollably.

As a result, her older brother who rushed over covered her mouth and nose and dragged her back to the tent, so as not to lose face completely.

Ji Mingshuang and Ji Mingyan also arrived together, and they knew the cause and effect of the matter on their way.

Ji Mingshuang asked Ji Yunxi: “Are you alright”

Ji Yunxi gently brushed away the little snowflakes on her body: “I am fine.”

Ji Mingyan asked Wu Wei’an: “Are you alright”

Wu Wei’an hid behind Ji Yunxi: “I, I am fine.

She scared me.

Why did she suddenly become like this It feels like a different person.

It’s so scary.”

Second Wu: “…”

Really, every time Second Wu can always be hit with a realization about how great the power of shamelessness is from his own eldest brother.

This is simply invincible.

Ji Mingshuang was also speechless, and since he felt that Wu Wei’an was not as simple as he showed, the more he looked at him, the more he felt that the other party was not simple.

Ji Mingshuang heard Wu Wei’an’s last words.

He even thought that Wu Wei’an said that on purpose!

If Wu Wei’an was really a cowardly man, how could he open his mouth to speak Wasn’t it just right not to say even a word

As a result, not only did he say it, but he also poked into Fourth Feng’s heart once he said that, and even directly drove Fourth Feng crazy.

The more he looks at the other party, the more scheming he feels the other party is.

Ji Mingshuang stared at Wu Wei’an with sparkling eyes.

Wu Wei’an looked back innocently and blankly.

Ji Mingshuang: “…”

He really wants to hit this face with a punch.

Ji Mingyan saw that the two of them were really all right and the little servant of his Brother-in-law’s is fine too.

Then he said to everyone: “Go, go, go.

Tonight is a bonfire feast.

I recently prepared several new roasting ingredients, and I will roast meat in skewers for you all!”

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Ji Mingshuang: “…”

Ji Yunxi: “…”

Only Wu Wei’an said happily: “All right.

Thank you, Sixth Brother.”

On the open space in front of the camp, a bonfire was lit.

Each family gathers around a brazier and prepares their own food.

Hunting will only take place tomorrow.

Therefore, the raw meat used tonight is all ready-made meat sent by the Ji family’s butcher shop in the capital.

Everyone just gets it and roasts it themselves.

It has to be said that the winter bonfire dinner is indeed still a little cold.

Fortunately, the fire in front of them was burning strong enough, and the camp was located in the leeward, which was quite bearable.

Ji Mingshuang slipped away early.

He went to someone else’s place and ate with others.

After all, he might not be able to endure Ji Mingyan’s roasted meat.

Ji Mingyan went back to the tent to get his barbecue tools and the bottles and jars used for seasoning.

Xuezhu and Tang Hu, the servants of the Ji family, are sitting obediently holding their legs, eating candied haws, and accepting feeding from everyone.

Therefore, in front of the brazier of the Ji family, only the three of Ji Yunxi, Wu Wei’an and Wu Weining were left sitting there.

Ji Yunxi suddenly asked: “Do you know how to roast meat”

Wu Wei’an sipped the wine: “Yes.”

Ji Yunxi looked at the firelight and quickly made a decision: “I will eat what you roast, and you will eat what my Sixth Brother roast.”

Wu Wei’an put down the wine cup and put his hands back to the small hand-warmer stove: “No.”

Ji Yunxi looked at him: “”

Wu Wei’an blinked at her: “Two hundred taels is just a price to coax your Sixth Brother.”

Ji Yunxi understood: “I will add fifty taels.”

Wu Wei’an said meaningfully: “I’m very good at roasting.”

Ji Yunxi continued to raise the price and directly quadrupled it for him: “Then I will add another two hundred taels.”

Wu Wei’an fixed his hair bun and said: “My hands are a little cold.”

Ji Yunxi didn’t continue it for a while and just looked at him quietly.

Wu Wei’an looked back with a smile.

His face was very soft and affectionate, but he just didn’t want to let go.

What a joke.

How can he not take the opportunity to slaughter her at such a time

Ji Yunxi straightened the front of her clothes and his eyes drooped slightly.

She has a lot of money and a few hundred taels for her is just a small amout.

She doesn’t care too much about it.

But seeing Wu Wei’an like this, she suddenly didn’t want to give it to him anymore.

[1] Buyao: a kind of dangling ornament worn on the head for Han women in ancient China.

Whenever one walks, it sways, hence the name.


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