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Last night, Ji Yunxi was just thinking about how to save her Eldest Brother Ji Mingxi in next year’s Spring Imperial Examination, but before she could take action, the people behind it came to the door by themselves first.

They are in a hurry than her.

In that case, of course she had to seize this opportunity.

Of course, Wu Wei’an is the key to this opportunity.

But then again, she has been raising Wu Wei’an for a while.

The silver charcoal has been continuously provided, and the money has been sent several times too.

A chicken that has been raised for so long can never be raised in vain.

It’s time to lay eggs for her now.

Ji Yunxi led the horse and walked in the snow with the members of her family.

She said to Wu Wei’an in an orderly and clear way: “The Spring Imperial Examination will be held in early February next year.

There is still more than a month to go.

With only three places for the First-Rank, either it’s difficult or easy, it really depends on the person.

An Lang, you have to be more diligent.”

Wu Wei’an looked as if he had suffered a serious blow: “Yun Niang, if I can make it to the published names, it is already very good…”

Ji Mingyan has never been afraid of anything, so he just slapped Wu Wei’an on the back: “Brother-in-law, you can’t think like that! Man is the master of his own fate.

There’s nothing you can’t do.

After talking to you these few days, I found that you are actually very smart.

You should have confidence in yourself.”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Sixth Brother is right.”

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Hearing the speech, Wu Wei’an glanced vaguely at Ji Yunxi.

There seemed to be thousands of words in his eyes.

But Ji Yunxi just pretended that she didn’t see it at all and looked at Ji Mingshuang who followed behind them: “Seventh Brother, you’ve been preparing for the Spring Imperial Examination all year long, so I will have to trouble Seventh Brother to teach An Lang about some of it.”

Ji Mingshung refused without thinking: “No.”

He hasn’t relaxed yet until now.

Did his Third Sister and Sixth Brother take the Spring Imperial Examination as a thing that one can just enter if they want to Three First-Rank in an exam means only three names among all the scholars in the entire Dayu Dynasty that participated in that exam!

Ji Mingshuang himself has been preparing for the Spring Imperial Examination.

Although he only started paying attention to it this year, he has been reading related books since he was a child and he just focused on re-reading it all again this year.

Even though he is indeed the candidate for the First-Rank, he can’t guarantee that he will definitely get the First-Rank too.

But when he listened to the tone of Third Ji and Ji Mingyan just now, it seems like they are so sure that the unknown Brother-in-law will definitely get the First-Rank

He just wanted to ask, who gave them this confidence

Ji Yunxi looked at the white forest in front of her, and called softly: “Seventh Brother.”

Ji Mingshuang snorted and said extremely arrogantly: “It’s useless even if you beg me.

I don’t have this ability.”

Ji Mingyan directly disciplined him.

After all, he was still the older brother: “Mingshuang, you can’t be so stingy.

Scholars should share knowledge with each other.

Brother-in-law is also a member of our family.

Both of you will definitely get the First-Rank together, and there will be two people in our Ji family who got the First-Rank.

I already feel proud just by thinking about it!”

The more Ji Mingyan spoke, the more excited he became.

It is as if he had already seen the scene of the two members of the Ji family getting the First-Rank, and everyone present was shocked one after another by it.

Wu Wei’an looked at the other party subconsciously.

This person just checked his pulse last night, and he should have found out that something is wrong, but how can he still be like this today… How can he treat him as his own family like this

Ji Mingshuang was also made very speechless by it.

The corners of his mouth twitched and then twitched again.

He squeezed his fist, and squeezed it again before he finally controlled himself not to punch Ji Mingyan.

He looked at Wu Wei’an next to him and asked in a nonchalant tone: “Let me ask you.

Of all The Four Books and The Five Classics, how many books have you read until now”

Wu Wei’an retracted his gaze, and said in a loud voice like a good young Daughter-in-law: “I just started reading ‘The Great Learning’ a few days ago.”

Ji Mingshuang: “”


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