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Ji Yunxi had seen such a similar temperament once in her last life.

The other party is a big bull in the business world, an old man in his seventies or eighties who looks amiable, but when talking about business with the other side that involves the interests of both parties, such a person is actually the most dangerous one.

Because such peace and calmness, such amiability, actually come from their bloody past, from their own abilities and skills.

Let’s just say that if Wu Wei’an really wants to tear their relationship apart completely, Ji Yunxi knows without a doubt that she will definitely lose.

So she won’t break this relationship with him.

Ji Yunxi sighed softly: “I didn’t mean that, but do you still remember the business with tens of millions of taels of gold I told you last night The gambling houses in the capital are all run by the Feng family.

You promised me last night too.

Could it be that you want to go back on words”

Wu Wei’an: “You didn’t tell me last night that you wanted to use me as a bet.”

Ji Yunxi stared at him without blinking and said firmly: “I never gamble, but because the bet is you, I will bet all of my wealth in this round.”

Wu Wei’an looked at her and said nothing.

No one knows how much Ji Yunxi’s wealth is except herself.

But even without investigating it, he knows that it will definitely not be a small number.

If she really put all her money on it, the Feng family’s gambling house will be seriously injured and she will make a considerable profit when it’s done.

And half of it will be his.

Wu Wei’an lowered his eyes and said nothing.

Ji Yunxi asked: “Do you really have no confidence in yourself at all”

Wu Wei’an curled his lips: “Don’t provoke me.

I am not a child prodigy with an extraordinary retentive memory.

I can get the First-Rank, but I have to work extremely hard in the next month or so.”

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How many books and knowledge are involved in the Spring Imperial Examination

If one really wants to get the First-Rank, even if it is Wu Wei’an, he will definitely have to go all out for the next month or so.

Ji Yunxi understood that the other party had loosened up and said directly: “If you have any problems during the period, you can just come to me.

I will definitely do my best to help you reduce the burden.”

Wu Wei’an lowered his head and thought for a while before he finally asked Ji Yunxi a question: “Why should I trust you”

Ji Yunxi raised her eyebrows lightly, as if she did not expect the other party to ask such a question.

This is really the most sincere business she has ever done in her life.

Ji Yunxi calmly told him: “Aren’t we husband and wife I am all yours already.

What are you still worried about”

Wu Wei’an: “…”

He only glanced at her, said nothing, then got up and left.

Ji Yunxi: “”

What the hell What kind of reaction is this

On the day Ji Yunxi and her group returned to the capital, the news that the Ji family spoke openly about their confidence in Wu Wei’an winning the First-Rank already spread all over the city.

There are a lot of rumors outside, and Ji Yunxi is not idle either.

As soon as she arrived at the mansion, she began to count her assets.

She first asked someone to call the housekeeper: “Count how much gold and silver I have in my name, and give me the result today.”

The housekeeper responded and went out to count.

Then Ji Yunxi called Baofu and Wan Xiang: “You two go to the warehouse and count the jewelry that I have not used for a long time.

After sorting it out, take it to the pawnshop and pawn it.”

Baofu said a little confusedly: “Miss, what happened”

Wan Xiang didn’t ask any questions and directly dragged Baofu, who wanted to ask what happened, to the warehouse.

Such a big move naturally alarmed the older brothers in the house.

After half an hour, Ji Mingyan rushed in hastily: “Third Sister, what happened! Is our family running out of money!”

Otherwise, why did their Third Sister want to pawn those jewelry and count her assets

Ji Mingshuang: “”


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