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For example, on that day when she said to Wu Wei’an that she belonged to him.

Although he was not as angry as her Seventh Brother, Ji Yunxi could feel the other party’s chuckle.

All right then.

It’s not a big problem.

Ji Yunxi took a sip of tea and asked the maidservant to send some chrysanthemum tea to her Seventh Brother to calm him down.

As the sky darkened, Ji Mingxi finally returned to the mansion and the family ate together.

Ji Mingxi also learned about the matter in the mansion.

He looked at his sister who was eating calmly and asked tentatively: “Yun Niang, I heard Mingshuang said that something happened when you went to the Deer Mountain’s hunting”

Ji Yunxi raised his eyes: “Which one is Eldest Brother referring to”

Ji Mingxi said: “Well, I heard that Wei’an can get the First-Rank”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Yes.”

Ji Mingxi looked at his sister for a while and didn’t hear Ji Yunxi say anything anymore.

He looked at his Seventh Brother, who was eating with a livid face, on the other side.

His Seventh Brother looked pissed off with their Third Sister and didn’t say a word at all.

Ji Mingxi sighed.

Because there was no tea at hand, he could only take a sip of soup.

Ji Mingyan, who went out to find someone to borrow a pile of money, finally returned and came in energetically.

He happened to hear a few words and said everything he knew: “Eldest Brother, there are things that you don’t know.

At that time, the implication of those people was that if Brother-in-law couldn’t get the First-Rank, it means that Third Sister has bad vision.

But how could Third sister have bad vision So Brother-in-law will definitely get the First-Rank.”

Ji Yunxi glanced at her Sixth Brother.

She is actually a little surprised.

She really didn’t expect that her Sixth Brother was actually the one who believed in her the most

Ji Mingshuang couldn’t bear it any longer: “Shut up.”

Ji Mingyan directly gave Ji Mingshuang a big chicken leg: “I know you have prejudice against Brother-in-law, so I won’t talk to you.

I will only talk to Eldest Brother.

Just eat your meal.”

Ji Mingxi tried hard to understand his Sixth Brother’s thinking, but he failed: “Mingyan, you can’t just come to this conclusion like this, right”

Ji Mingyan looked at his Eldest Brother with his big flickering eyes: “Huh”

Ji Mingxi: “Yun Niang indeed has a good vision.

However, whether Brother-in-law can get the First-Rank or not, it depends on Brother-in-law’s own talents and learning.

Other than that, it also depends on the performance of Brother-in-law in the examination room.

The right time, the right place and the right people, none of them are dispensable.”

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Ji Mingyan didn’t care about it that much: “Brother-in-law is very smart, and he is also a good person.

Heavens will definitely be on his side too.

Don’t worry, Eldest Brother.

The Spring Imperial Examination this time, the two spots for the First-Rank will belong to our Ji family!”

Ji Mingxi still wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything at all.

Forget it.

So be it.

He still wants to drink tea.

He called the servant over: “Pour me a cup of tea.”

Ji Mingshuang: “…”

In the afternoon of the second day, Ji Yunxi and her party headed to the largest gambling house in the capital.

Ji Yunxi’s carriage is very recognizable.

The whole carriage is made of red sandalwood from the southwest.

The carved beams and pillars are all exquisite, and even the horse is a rare Ferghana Horse[1].

Therefore, when the carriage ran in the street, everyone just knew who was in the carriage.

There were a lot of idle people who quietly followed behind, wanting to see what Ji Yunxi was going to do.

After all, the Ji family was quite showy today.

In addition to Ji Yunxi’s carriage, there are three other carriages behind it.

They are curious about what it’s loaded with.

It’s so heavy that even the sturdy horse’s pace is not as fast as usual.

To everyone’s surprise, the carriage stopped in front of Dechang Gambling House.

Dechang Gambling House is the largest gambling house in the capital.

People from all walks of life like to run here.

Every day, people go bankrupt here, and the losers even put their wives and children as their bet.

There are also people who made a lot of money and left with a big laugh, but they are guaranteed to come back again a few days later, and won’t stop until they lost their underpants.

[1] Ferghana Horse: also known as the “heavenly horse” in China or the Nisean horse in the West.

For more info, please refer to wikipedia.


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