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Ji Mingshuang pointed towards a place not far away and motioned Ji Yunxi to take a look: “That’s Wu Guanshan.”

Her thoughts were pulled back, and she subconsciously looked at the direction pointed by her Seventh Brother.

In the plum Pavilion in the courtyard, there’s a group of people who are standing or sitting around, laughing and talking while waiting for the plum blossom wine to be heated.

Most of these people know Ji Yunxi.

More than half of them are from aristocratic families who grew up in the capital, who are in the same circle and do not look unfamiliar to her.

There was only one man who was very dazzling and she had never seen him.

With elegant bearing and handsome, and his demeanor is full of the aura of a military general.

It can be seen that he can communicate well with strangers and he seems to get along quite well with these aristocratic families who he has just met today.

Ji Yunxi spent ten years in the investment industry in her previous life.

During that period, she handled countless projects and met all kinds of people.

The intuition she learned from her experiences told her that this Wu Guanshan is not the Prime Minister Wu, who sits firmly for three different regimes and is respected by thousands of people, that she is looking for.

This kid looks enthusiastic about righteousness, and doesn’t have any schemes in his mind.

But the person who can sit in that seat, if his heart can’t even bend into eighteen turns on the mountain road, then he won’t be able to sit steadily there.

Ji Mingshuang put his hands around his chest and leaned leisurely against the carved pillar on the side of the porch: “How It’s better than that Second Young Master Yang, right”

“Well, not bad.” Ji Yunxi nodded.

After having a judgment in her mind, she stopped paying attention to Wu Guanshan and looked back again at the place she had seen just now.

Just like when they were still a child.

This person is obviously one head taller than his peers.

The figure is long and tall, like the verdant pine and cypress in the forest.

It’s just a pity that this figure is wasted, because this person looks very ordinary.

Single eyelid, very normal nose and mouth.

It’s just like plain tea and simple food.

It looks ordinary.

Not ugly, but it’s not handsome either.

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But the skin is nice, and quite white.

He followed behind a man and is obviously very timid and overcautious.

He looks like he is afraid of making mistakes.

Ji Yunxi’s long and thick eyelashes trembled slightly, and then she suddenly laughed lightly.

Ji Mingshuang: “”

Ji Mingshuang: “It won’t be, right Are you interested in him already Although Brother Wu is not bad, he is not the best choice either.

You can see a few more and be more picky.”

Ji Yunxi stopped her laugh and raised his hand.

Her well maintained fingertips pointed there and asked: “Seventh Brother, who is that”

Ji Mingshuang looked over inexplicably.

He identified it for a moment and after a while, the alarm bell rang in his heart: “What do you want to do again”

Ji Yunxi: “I am just asking.”

Ji Mingshuang has an unbelievable expression on his face: “Actually, which Wu family do you fancy Third Ji, did you deliberately mislead me and Eldest Brother and deceive me to accompany you to this snow banquet in the name of wanting to know Brother Guanshan”

Ji Yunxi raised her eyebrows and her eyes were sparkling with interest: “Oh That family’s surname is also Wu”

Although Ji Mingshuang didn’t want to say it, he knew that with his sister’s temperament, she would definitely find a way to know what she wanted to know, and she would eventually know it too in the end.

So he opened his mouth and introduced to her: “This is the second son of Wu Qi, a newly appointed member of the Ministry of work.”

Ji Yunxi hummed and said: “It’s not him that I asked.

It’s the one next to him who is taller than him.”

Ji Mingshuang changed his position from leaning on the pillar to standing next to the pillar, and looked at the person carefully for a while: “I haven’t seen or heard of him at all.”


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