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The official said: “Also, there are some bad rumors among the people.

You should also pay attention to it.”

Ji Mingxi’s mind has drifted far away.

When he heard the speech, he casually asked: “What rumor”

The official approached him and whispered a few words: “You must pay attention to the Spring Imperial Examination’s questions.

After all,your family members are going to participate, and others will inevitably have some thoughts about it.

I am afraid they will splash the dirty water on you.”

Ji Mingxi nodded: “Don’t worry, I know it all.”

After Ji Mingxi went back, he took care of the matter, but the way he managed it was completely different from what his friend thought.

He first asked Ji Yunxi a few words: “Did you go to Dechang Gambling House in the afternoon”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Yes.”

Ji Mingxi nodded: “Then, do you still have money on you”

Ji Yunxi thought for a moment and shook her head: “No more.”

Everything she has had been put on the bet already.

But in a few more days, the pawnshop and the estate in the country will send money over.

It’s not a big problem for her.

Ji Mingxi: “I have some money.

If you are short of money, just go to the warehouse and get it yourself.”

Ji Yunxi didn’t refuse: “Alright.

Thank you, Eldest Brother.”

Ji Mingyan hurriedly jumped out: “Eldest Brother, I don’t have any money anymore.

I’ve also put all my money on it!”

Ji Mingxi treated everyone equally: “If you are short of money, just take it yourself.”

Ji Mingyan is so happy: “Alright!”

Ji Mingxi explained to Ji Mingshuang again: “I’ve been preparing for the Spring Imperial Examination recently.

You should avoid taboo things a little bit more.”

Ji Mingshuang nodded: “I know.”

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As for marrying a wife, Ji Mingxi thought about it for a while, and wrote a letter to his second younger brother who was far away in the border, asking him if he had a beloved woman and when he planned to get married.

After writing, he gave the letter to the servant.

So far, all the things that should be managed have been managed and those that should be explained have also been explained.

Ji Mingxi felt relaxed, even drank an extra cup of tea and copied more Buddhist scriptures.

Ji Yunxi returned to her courtyard: “Baofu, have you prepared the candy I asked you to prepare”

Baofu nodded and took out the candy box: “It all had been done according to the instructions that Miss gave me! I’ve tried it and it’s very refreshing!”

Ji Yunxi nodded with satisfaction: “Take all those books with you.

Let’s go to the Wu family.”

Although the folk custom in Dayu is not so restricted and there are not many restrictions on women.

But generally, no unmarried woman will go to a man’s house at night, even if she is the fiance.

Ji Yunxi is obviously not an ordinary woman.

She always does whatever she wants.

She immediately asked the servants to fill a cart full of books and special candies, ready to go see her cash cow.

And just happened to run into two sneaky people.

They are Ji Mingyan and Ji Mingshuang.

Ji Mingyan is carrying a box of things, while Ji Mingshuang is holding a stack of books and they are caught by their Third Sister at the back door of their house.

Ji Yunxi raised his eyebrows and said: “Where are you going”

Ji Mingshuang: “To Brother Li’s house…”

Ji Mingyan: “To find Brother-in-law!”

They obviously hadn’t planned their confession well and revealed the stuffing on the spot.

Ji Mingshuang glared at Ji Mingyan.

The two of them clearly agreed in private that this trip would be hidden from Third Ji.

After all, Third Ji is now fascinated by Wu Wei’an.

Even if he hastily tells Third Ji that there’s something wrong with Wu Wei’an, Third Ji may not believe it either.

Instead, she may directly rush to ask Wu Wei’an.

If that really happens and Wu Wei’an send away Third Ji with only a few words, what should he do then

Ji Mingshuang’s idea was that he and Ji Mingyan would go to Wu Wei’an’s house to see the situation first, and after finding out the facts, put the evidence in front of Third Ji.

Then Third Ji will have to believe it even if she doesn’t want to believe it, and defeat Wu Wei’an’s conspiracy in one fell swoop.

However, this brainless Ji Mingyan messed things up!


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