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PWRW Chapter 27.3

Ji Yunxi let out an ‘Oh’ sound, and said with a calm voice: “It just so happens that I am going to find him too, so let’s go together.”

Ji Mingyan: “Alright.” Then he got into his sister’s carriage first.

He really has to admit that his sister’s carriage is indeed comfortable.

Ji Mingshuang was so angry that he sat in the carriage with a cold face.

Ji Mingyan couldn’t help but reason with his seventh younger brother again: “Mingshuang, I don’t think there is any need to hide this from Third Sister.

Third Sister and Brother-in-law are husband-and-wife to be.

They will live together for a lifetime and there shouldn’t be anything hidden between them.”

Ji Mingshuang: “…”

Only then did Ji Yunxi ask: “What happened”

Ji Mingyan then told Ji Yunxi everything about the pulse condition that they found.

It was similar to what Ji Yunxi had guessed.

She nodded: “Sixth brother, can that be cured”

Ji Mingyan held his chin: “I can’t do anything right now, but don’t worry, Third Sister.

Your Sixth Brother, me, will definitely think of a way! I will definitely pull Brother-in-law back from the gate of hell!”

Ji Yunxi actually just asked casually and she really doesn’t worry at all.

Wu Wei’an looks like a person who will live until a hundred years anyway: “Alright.

Thank you, Sixth Brother.”

Ji Mingshuang, who is on the side, didn’t speak at all.

He has been observing his sister.

My younger sister has been different from other girls since she was a child.

At a young age, she was already like an adult.

She was neither in a hurry nor impatient, as if she could solve everything.

Sometimes he even had the illusion that it was not the brothers at home who were protecting her, but it was her who were protecting them.

Except for her own marriage.

In the beginning, it was Yang Weitian, and now it is that Wu Wei’an.

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From Ji Mingshuang’s point of view, it is extremely irrational because when she meets a man, she doesn’t look like herself at all.

But, what if it wasn’t so

What if, Wu Wei’an’s is indeed not simple and Third Ji actually knows it better than them

As soon as this idea emerged in his mind, Ji Mingshuang was frightened by his own thoughts.

Ji Yunxi noticed the change in her Seventh Brother’s expression.

She picked up the cup and took a sip: “Seventh Brother, what’s the matter with you”

Ji Mingshuang stared at her: “You are not surprised at all when you know that Brother-in-law was poisoned.”

Ji Yunxi didn’t hide it either: “I actually guessed it a long time ago.”

Ji Mingshuang was surprised: “Then why do you still want to marry him!”

Ji Mingyan was also surprised, but his focus was obviously different from that of Ji Mingshuang: “So how did Brother-in-law get poisoned, and who is helping him”

Ji Yunxi first replied to Ji Mingshuang: “I didn’t know about it until I got engaged with him.”

Then she replied to Ji Mingyan again: “I asked him, but he didn’t answer me.

So I don’t know anything about this.”

Ji Mingshuang was very angry: “He is cheating a marriage! He knew that he didn’t have much time anymore but still agreed to marry you!”

As a result, before he could finish speaking, he was hit on the head by Ji Mingyan.

Ji Mingshuang: “Ji Mingyan!!”

Ji Mingyan’s face is filled with the expression of extremely hating that the person he expects is not up to his expectations: “Muddle headed! Mingshuang, you are muddle headed! Wasn’t the marriage brought about by Third Sister first Wasn’t it Third Sister who wanted to marry Brother-in-law And who said that once a person is poisoned, they will definitely not be able to live for a long time I said it already that I will definitely cure it.”

Ji Mingshuang feels that he had to remind him: “For hundreds of years, no one has been able to cure the Golden Toad Bug, and those who suffer from this poison will surely die.”

Ji Mingyan clenches his fists and his eyes are as bright as stars: “Then I will be the first person to cure it!”

Ji Mingshuang’s mouth twitched: “…”

He really doesn’t know what he should say anymore.

He also really doesn’t know what he should do anymore.

Facing the two people in the carriage, Ji Mingshuang expressed that he is really powerless.

Third Ji and Ji Mingyan both have absolute confidence in themselves, and no one can change the things they have already decided.


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