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Ji Mingyan had already opened the door, and ran over to turn the lights on again: “I knew you weren’t asleep yet!”

Ji Yunxi who was sitting by the bed: “…”

Since Ji Yunxi grew up, several brothers in the family have paid great attention to their own manners.

Under unnecessary circumstances, they will not disturb her at night, and it is even more impossible to enter her boudoir so late at night.

Only her Sixth Brother is an exception.

In her Sixth Brother’s mind, there is no distinction between men and women, only whether he wants to find them or not.

And Ji Yunxi felt that her Sixth Brother actually didn’t understand the love between men and women at all and also didn’t need it.

He only needs to have his bottles and jars, a kitchen where he can cook, and someone who can taste his cooking.

Ji Yunxi’s face was expressionless: “It’s already so late.

What can I do for you, Sixth Brother”

Ji Mingyan sat down beside Ji Yunxi’s bed, pulled her sleeve and said with bright eyes: “I just boiled a pot of soup in the small kitchen in the courtyard…”

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As soon as he spoke, Ji Yunxi knew what he was going to say and directly interrupted: “You know, I don’t eat at night.”

“Oh, Sixth Brother knows that.

That’s why I kept the soup outside and didn’t bring it in for you.” Ji Mingyan bit his lip, “Third Sister, it’s just, I gave Eldest Brother one bowl and Seventh Brother one bowl too, but I still have one bowl left.

You really don’t want to drink it”

Ji Yunxi: “No.”

Ji Mingyan worked hard to promote his soup: “Eldest Brother has finished drinking it, and he also said it tastes good.”

Ji Yunxi chuckled in her heart, thinking that over the years, her Eldest Brother has reinforced his stomach into concrete iron, with no fear and no misery, no sorrow and no joy.

Ji Mingyan continued: “Seventh Brother has also finished drinking it.”

Ji Yunxi glanced at her Sixth Brother.

Who in the house doesn’t know that Ji Mingshuang’s heart was the softest That her Seventh Brother won’t refuse if the other party just coaxed him a little bit

Ji Yunxi made a final decision: “I really don’t want to.

Just give it to others.”

Ji Mingyan is a person who can switch between extreme enthusiasm and extreme indifference.

Similarly, not everyone can drink the soup he carefully cooked.

He might as well pour it rather than let others drink it.

As for drinking it by himself, he never drinks what he boils or eats what he cooks.

Ji Mingyan was so distressed that he could just wait for the time to pass and the person to agree to it, and said: “Third Sister, you don’t know how many good things this soup cost me.

I put a lot of the Danzhi I bought from you last time in it.

There’s still my thousand-year-old ginseng in it, and I also put in half a Celestial Jade Pill…”

Ji Yunxi: “…”


That is to say, this bowl of soup is very valuable.

Ji Mingyan looked at his Third Sister’s face and saw that she seemed to have softened up, so he hurriedly said: “I will bring it in for you!”

“No.” Ji Yunxi still refused.

Many years ago, her Sixth Brother also coaxed her to drink a bowl of soup with this kind of method.

The indescribable taste makes Ji Yunxi still have lingering fears.

She makes money for enjoyment, to eat the best and drink the best.

And not to, drink the most terrible taste…

However, Ji Yunxi didn’t want to waste it either, so she thought of her cash cow who was studying hard all night.

Ji Yunxi curved the corners of her lips.

Ji Mingyan subconsciously sat further away.

He has never been afraid of his Third Sister’s cold face, but he is afraid of her smile instead.

When she smiles, someone will definitely suffer.

Ji Yunxi turned her head and said to him: “Sixth Brother, if you are not sleepy now, you can send this soup to An Lang.

He is studying hard now, and he is still reading and not sleeping at this hour.

Besides, your soup uses the best and miraculous medicinal herbs.

Now that An Lang needs nourishment, isn’t it just the right time”


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