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Ji Mingyan has never been bound by secular etiquette, and he doesn’t feel that it is wrong to go to other people’s kitchens without permission.

No, in his mind, his brother-in-law is already his family.

Then, the kitchen in his brother-in-law’s house is his kitchen too.

Ji Mingyan opened the door directly and walked in.

He didn’t notice that just by the side, a figure flashed past.

The round-faced housekeeper appeared in front of Wu Wei’an: “Young Master, he went to the kitchen.”

The kitchen is the private place of the cook at home and no one will go in.

Even if they go, they will be scolded by the cook.

Wu Wei’an calmly read the book and when he heard the words, he only asked: “Is there any candy at home”

Round-faced housekeeper: “”

Since the Young Master said so, it means that the matter of Ji Mingyan entering the kitchen is not important.

Round-faced housekeeper: “The Little Young Master should have it.”

Little Young Master is the youngest son of Master and Madam.

He is only three years old now.

Wu Wei’an turned a page and said: “Go and steal a piece for me.”

Round-faced housekeeper: “”

Xuezhu stood outside the kitchen, watching Ji Mingyan rummaging inside, making all kinds of banging sounds.

He went to the door of the cook’s room, hesitated for a long time, and gently pushed open a seam.

Inside, the aunt is sleeping soundly.

At the same time, the room is also very messy.

Xuezhu’s hand holding the broom was about to move, but he didn’t dare.

In the past, when the cook came to the house to cook, Xuezhu volunteered to clean up the cook’s room.

As a result, it didn’t take long for him to suddenly become red and swollen, and abscesses appeared all over his body.

The cook was furious when she found out, and after curing him, she directly scolded him for three months.

She said he had swept away all her treasures.

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After that, Xuezhu never dared to enter the kitchen and the room of the cook again.

Xuezhu took out a stone from his arms and threw it at the person who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

The aunt bounced up directly from the bed, and Xuezhu quickly returned to his own room.

The aunt sat on the bed with her eyes closed.

After a moment, she finally noticed what happened.

She covered her bloody forehead and scolded: “Which son of a bitch attacked me in the middle of the night! Just wait and see how this old lady will kill you! ——No! Who’s in my kitchen in the middle of the night!”

She immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed, ran straight towards the kitchen, kicked open the kitchen door, and happened to meet Ji Mingyan, who was bending down inside.

Ji Mingyan was rummaging through the boxes, and the more he rummaged, the more excited he became.

Because he dug up a lot of good things.

He also had many of those good things.

Of course there were some that he had never seen or heard, but he knew it was the top good thing.

Of course there are also some of his top good things which are not available in this kitchen too.

But none of this matters.

What matters then

The owner of this kitchen has superb poison skills, and has a pure heart dedicated to developing new poisons, just like him!

It’s his like-minded person!

Ji Mingyan just wanted to give the other party a warm hug, but countless poisonous powder came to greet him instead.

His vision was immediately blocked by the powder and he keep sneezing: “Achoo——achoo——”

The cook was so angry that she sprinkled all the poisonous powder she had on her body on this person, just like a goddess scattering flowers.

Whoever trespasses into her kitchen, can just die!

But she didn’t expect that the other party only sneezed, and there was nothing abnormal other than that.


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