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Chapter 1396: Saving a LifeTranslator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Xia Xibei didnt even have the heart to pay attention to the others, all her attention was on Qiao Yanjue.

She walked in, reached out to feel Qiao Yanjues pulse, and frowned.

After a few minutes, she withdrew her hand.

The injury to Qiao Yanjues bones was not a big problem; the issue was that he had suffered a strong blow to his head.

Moreover, he still had some drugs in his body, which were much more damaging and kept him from waking up.


Even she needed some time to heal him.

Happily, his life would not be in danger.

Thinking of this, she pulled out her own silver needles and began the treatment.

Outside, the crowd was waiting anxiously.

Huo Zijun also rushed over, with a worried face.

“Is he going to be okay”

He looked at the situation inside and couldnt help but frown.

“Of course!” Liu Manhong rolled her eyes.

“I was hurt so badly before, but Im fine now!”

Thats what she said, but until Xia Xibei said it herself, she didnt dare to relax.

The crowd waited outside and couldnt help but chat.

“Have you found out whats going on” Liu Manhong asked.

Lu Xiaohang frowned, “We have some clues, but the situation is a bit complicated.”

“Who did it”

Liu Manhong gritted her teeth.

This time, the vehicle driven by Qiao Yanjue had a problem.

The car had been tampered with and the brakes had failed, so he had no way to escape.

Thankfully, the car was in trouble but not on fire.

Otherwise, Qiao Yanjue would not just have had this injury, but maybe even had no bones left.

Thinking of this, Liu Manhongs mood became even worse.

“Which bastard did such a thing!”

It was simply too hateful!

Who was so ruthless to do such a heartless thing!

“Who the hell is it!” Liu Manhong stared at Lu Xiaohang and asked.

Lu Xiaohang smiled bitterly, “This… It is better to wait until he wakes up.”

“Is it tricky” Liu Manhong frowned.

“Yes, a little.”

Lu Xiaohang didnt mince his words.

He was afraid that Liu Manhong would be so impulsive as to find someone to settle the score.

That person even dared to make a move on Qiao Yanjue, and would not worry about Liu Manhong at all.

If Liu Manhong went up against them, it would be like asking to fail.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaohang could only stop talking.

However, Liu Manhong was not such an impulsive person.

She looked at Lu Xiaohangs gloomy expression and frowned, then she could only curse twice.

“Let Yanjue wake up first, we can wait for other things.”

Lu Xiaohang wrapped his arm around her shoulders and nodded his head.

Huo Zijun also had the same attitude.

Even Lu Xiaohang found it difficult to handle, let alone them.

It was better to wait for Qiao Yanjue to get better, or else more people would be injured, and that would be a headache.

The crowd waited outside, and after an hour, Xia Xibei still had not come out.

At this time, Liu Yiqin and Qiao Zhengyuan also came over.

They just went back to rest for a while and rushed over.

After all, they couldnt let go of Qiao Yanjue in their minds.

When they arrived, they saw Xia Xibei inside and couldnt help but be surprised.

“Shes back What is she doing”

“Shes treating Yanjue,” Liu Manhong replied.

“What” Qiao Zhengyuan frowned, his face hard.

“Shes not a doctor! Nonsense!”

Liu Manhong swept a glance at him, “She is a doctor, and a licensed one at that.

Moreover, her medical skills are much better than those of other doctors.”

He wanted to say something else, but Liu Yiqin gave him a warning glance.

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