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Song Jingchen didnt notice how Shen Yijia addressed Shen Pingxiu.

He only watched in shock as she gave him the treasure map so easily.

He didnt know what to think.

It was unknown why this girl had transformed into the Second Miss of the Shen family and come to this world.

She did not seem to understand the evils of the human heart at all.

As expected, he had to keep her by his side.

Otherwise, she might get taken advantage of.

Although Shen Yijia was rude to Furball, she remembered what she had promised.

After all, she was a person who kept her promises.

Even if the promise was not made to a human.

The next day, seeing that the snow was lighter, Shen Yijia drove the carriage and prepared to go to town to buy meat for it.

She could also stock up some meat for her family.

She wanted to buy fresh meat and bury it in the snow.

When they wanted to eat it, they would cut some out and cook it.

This way, they could keep the rest of the meat fresh for a long time.

After all, the family members would get tired of eating cured meat if they ate it for too long.

When the carriage passed by the An family, Shen Yijia vaguely heard Auntie Tian talking to An Xiuer.

However, because they were in the carriage, the wind was too loud, so Shen Yijia did not hear it clearly.

It was as if she was hallucinating.

Shen Yijia thought that the road to town would be difficult to traverse after a few days of snow.

She did not expect to be lucky.

There were axle marks on the road, which must have been left recently by another carriage.

Thus Shen Yijia could drive along the axle marks without worrying about falling into the pit.

When they arrived in town, Shen Yijia went to the pawnshop first.

She took out some jewelry and pawned it.

It was obvious that the flashy man was not short of money.

The jewelry she stole from him were all exquisite and not cheap.

Shen Yijia did not bargain with the pawnshop owner and directly pawned it for 180 taels of silver.

When she left, the pawnshop owner was still smiling so widely that his eyes could not be seen.

The jewelry was 100% new.

If he resold it, it would cost no less than 500 taels.

How could he not be happy

The owner thought that he had met a fool, but he did not know that Shen Yijia hated these pieces of jewelry because of their origins.

She was happy to be rid of them.

She felt that she had already benefited from selling it for 180 yuan.

Perhaps because of the weather, the town was a little deserted today.

It was a little late when she left the house.

In addition, the journey took a long time.

In the past, there was not much meat left in the meat stall at this time.

This time, when Shen Yijia arrived, she saw that it was still filled with meat, as if there were no customers at all.

Thinking of Furballs appetite, she spent 20 taels of silver on pork at the meat stall.

This was because domestic pigs were more oily than wild boars and were more expensive than wild boar meat.

Today, the shop owner had killed two pigs to sell at this stall.

Usually, he did not ask for so much.

Perhaps it was because of the weather and the approaching new year, the price of the meat had increased.

To Shen Yijia, who had just earned more than a hundred taels, this money was nothing.

She quickly took out the money.

Seeing that she had bought a lot, the stall owner kindly helped her put a piece of oil paper in the carriage to prevent the meat from staining the seats.

After buying some other miscellaneous items, Shen Yijia drove the carriage home.

However, not long after she left the city gate, she was stopped by a group of people.

The curtain of a carriage in the middle was open.

A man in red sat inside, his eyes gloomy.

Shen Yijia raised her eyebrows and clicked her tongue.

This person was really not afraid of death.

“B*tch, Ive finally caught you.

Ill definitely kill you today.” The flashy man smiled sinisterly.

Perhaps because he had suffered at Shen Yijias hands before, the flashy man was much more cautious this time.

After saying that, he waved his hand.

The people he brought immediately split into two teams.

One team surrounded Shen Yijias carriage, while the other blocked the flashy mans carriage and aimed their bows at Shen Yijia.



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