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Everyone in the conference room craned their necks to look out.

The gossip in their hearts was burning.

They really wanted to leave this place immediately and go to the scene to see what had happened.

But they dared not leave now.

On the other side…

When Lu Zhan arrived downstairs, he saw his precious daughter sitting obediently on the lounge chair and eating candy.

He quickened his pace, and the people around him greeted him respectfully.

Lu Zhan didnt stay and left directly.

Everyone was a little curious when they saw him leave in a hurry, and their gazes subconsciously followed him.

Lu Xiaocha also noticed her father.

She stood up and ran over with a smile.


Lu Zhans smile became even more obvious.

This was a smile of joy from the bottom of his heart.

Even he didnt know that he could already smile.

Although it was only an imperceptible smile, it was shocking enough to those who knew him well.

“Why are you here”

The tall man hugged the young woman running toward him and stroked her hair with his broad palm.

“To see you and Mom.”

The girl had red lips, white teeth, and black hair.

When she smiled, her eyes were harmless and bright, as if they could melt all gloom.

The receptionist covered her mouth and widened her eyes.

This little girl actually…

Immediately, she ran over in a panic and bowed in apology.

“Im sorry, President Lu.

I… I didnt know she was your daughter.”

If she knew, she wouldnt dare to stop her.

It was over.

She wouldnt be fired, right Many people dreamed of working in the Huan Yu Building.

The receptionist was extremely nervous.

“Its okay.

Im just sitting there waiting for Daddy.

You dont know me and I dont have an appointment.

Its only right that you dont let me in.”

Lu Xiaocha did not make things difficult for her.

Lu Zhan nodded.

“Go back.”


The receptionist was extremely grateful.

At the same time, she was glad that she did not make things difficult for her.

She had to work more seriously in the future.

“Lets go.

Daddy will take you upstairs.”

Lu Zhan held his daughters hand.

Countless pairs of eyes were secretly watching them.

Lu Zhan unconsciously looked proud.

This was his daughter!

He was about to take his daughter up in the special elevator when the elevator door opened and Pei Anran walked out.

She opened her arms and hugged Lu Xiaocha.

“Baby! Mom knew it was you!”

After saying that, she even cupped Lu Xiaochas face and kissed it.

“Did you miss Mom”

Lu Xiaocha kissed her cheek too.

“Yes, I miss Dad and Mom.”

“Lets go.

Mom will show you our family company.”

Then she took her daughters hand and turned around.

Her husband was left behind.

Lu Zhan was speechless.

He followed in silence.

After the elevator door closed, the hall suddenly became lively.

“Was that President Lus daughter”

“Ive never heard of the Lu family having a daughter”

“Shes too beautiful.

As expected of President Lu and Madam Lus daughter.

Shes already stunning at such a young age.”

“She looks like a doll.”

“Heavens, President Lu and Madam dote on her so much.”

The front desk lady was the most excited because she had secretly taken a photo of that young lady when she saw how beautiful she was.

Hahaha… She had a photo of President Lus daughter!

Lu Zhan didnt care about the commotion below.

He brought his wife and daughter to his personal office and even asked his assistant to buy some food.

He didnt have those snacks in his office, but his daughter was a foodie.

As the president of the Lu Corporation, Lu Zhans office was the largest and most comfortable.

This was also his wifes office.

Therefore, not only was the entire office meticulously tidied up, but there were also many warm-looking places in the details.

For example, the succulents on the desk, the orchids on the flower stand in the corner, the pretty spider plant on the windowsill, and the bolster and little blanket on the sofa…

These were obviously done by Pei Anran.

Lu Zhan didnt know how to raise flowers at all.

Every part of this place bore the marks of husband and wife.

As soon as Lu Xiaocha sat down, Pei Anran stuffed a pillow into her arms.

“Why didnt Xiaocha tell Mom and Dad you were coming here so we could talk to the front desk”

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“I came out to buy something to eat.

I missed you guys, so I came to see you.”

The couple listened with delight.

“Zhan, dont you still have a meeting Hurry up and go.

Ill stay here with my daughter.”

Lu Zhan was speechless.

He wanted to be there for his daughter, too.

But it was also true that he could not keep the companys management waiting in the conference room.

“Then Ill get going.”

The tone of his voice sounded a little reluctant.

It was rare for Lu Zhan to dawdle to the door.

He looked back at his wife and daughter eagerly.

Pei Anran rolled her eyes.

“Were not going anywhere.”

Lu Xiaocha waved her hands.

“Daddy, Ill wait for you.”

Lu Zhans eyes lit up before he left in satisfaction.

The moment he stepped out of the office, he became the cold, ruthless, and dignified President Lu again.

He was completely different from his reluctant and clingy appearance just now!

While mother and daughter were chatting in the office, the assistant came in with a fruit plate and some nut cakes.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up when she saw the food.

Amused, Pei pinched her little nose.

“Youre such a foodie.”

She giggled and began to eat eagerly once the fruit platter was placed.

Pei Anran looked at the soft white hamster with a smile.

Why was her daughter so cute She really couldnt get tired of it.

“Madam, Miss Pei is here to see you.

She says she wants to see you.”

Oh, hey.

The smile on Anrans face fell, and a dark look flashed in her eyes.

She scoffed and said lazily, “No, tell her to go back!”

The assistant said yes and left.

Pei Anrans good mood was ruined by the name Pei Qin, but when she met her daughters clean eyes, she smiled again and raised her hand to stroke the little girls head.

“Didnt you teach Pei Xue a lesson at school She had the cheek to complain to me and your father.

After being scolded by me, she wanted to continue looking for you, but your father had already instructed her not to go to Lu Manor again.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

She knew that after she dealt with Pei Xue, the mother and daughter would not come looking for trouble with her.

“And your uncle found something.

Its very likely that she had a hand in your being carried away all those years ago.”

This was what Pei Anran hated the most.

She had only suspected it previously, but the news from her brother confirmed her suspicions.

“As soon as your uncle has the evidence, I want her to pay the price she deserves!”

She would never allow someone who hurt her daughter to jump around under her nose.

Lu Xiaocha held her hand.

“Mom, Im home now.”

Her daughters soft voice instantly dispelled the haze and hatred in Pei Anrans heart.

She hugged her daughter and said contentedly, “Its a good thing youre back.

God still favors us.”


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