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Pei Anran looked at her flustered expression coldly and did not mention what had happened back then.

“Your daughter bullied my daughter at school, and you still have the cheek to complain Also, how did those rumors about my daughter spread in the circle Do you need me to put the evidence in front of you, Pei Qin!”

So it was this…

Even as she let out a sigh of relief, her heart began to pound.

She hadnt expected to be discovered for what shed done.

“Sister, Im sorry.

I didnt know about these things.

Its all because I didnt teach Pei Xue well that she made such a huge mistake.

It definitely wont happen again.”

Hearing her push all the blame onto Pei Xue, Pei Anran hated her even more.

“Go away.

I dont want to see you for a while.

Youd better stay out of my face.”

Then she left with her daughter.

How unlucky to run into a pile of sh*t!

Pei Qin could no longer hide the hatred and jealousy in her eyes as she watched her leave.

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha suddenly turned around and saw her expression.

The girls clear eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

She tilted her head and smiled, wiping her neck with her finger.

At that moment, Pei Xue even thought that her neck had really been cut off.

A chill came from her feet.

Pei Qins face was pale and she was covered in cold sweat.

All the emotions in her eyes turned into extreme fear.

“Where are we going, Mom”

After Lu Xiaocha threatened Pei Qin, she held Pei Anrans arm and asked with a smile.

Her voice was soft and her eyes were clean.

It was as if she was a normal child and what Pei Qin had seen just now was all an illusion.

However, Pei Qin knew very well that after she left, her legs went weak and she couldnt stand at all.

She sat on the ground.

She still felt fear when she recalled Lu Xiaochas gaze.


Lu Xiaocha was the devil.

No, she couldnt leave this scourge alive.

Ever since she returned, Pei Anran and her brother-in-laws attitude towards her had become worse and worse.

And she just threatened her like that.

Everything Lu Xiaocha saw in the mall was food, but the main thing Pei Anran wanted to do in the mall was to buy clothes and all kinds of beautiful jewelry to dress her daughter up.

“Come on, lets get our hair done, then well go to the spa to take care of our skin.

Finally, well go shopping at the mall…”

Pei Anran had planned everything out clearly.

Lu Xiaocha didnt know anything and just followed her.

When she was washing her hair, she almost fell asleep from the massage.

It was really comfortable to wash her hair in this world.

“My daughters bangs are a little long and need a trim.

Blow a curve at the end of her hair and nothing else.”

Her babys hair was black, thick, and smooth.

It was very comfortable to touch.

Such good hair didnt need much alteration.

It was fine as it was.

Lu Xiaocha sat on the chair obediently and let the hairstylist cut her hair gently.

Her blow-dried hair was fluffy and smooth, and her jet-black hair appeared to be of good quality.

When it was let down, it also accentuated her exquisite face.

Pei Anran ignored her own hair and walked to her daughters side, pushing the stylist away.

“Ill do it!”

She felt sorry for herself if her beautiful daughter didnt dress up.

The hairstylist could only look at her regretfully.

He was tempted to style such a beautiful customer.

Pei Anrans hands were very skillful.

She braided Lu Xiaochas hair on both sides and didnt move her hair.

Her neat bangs made her look even cuter and more tender.

Her delicate little face was snow-white, and her dark, clean, and clear eyes were big.

Her fan-like eyelashes curled up.

Just looking at them made one envious.

Her lips were the color of fresh peach petals.

They were a little chubby, and if the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, cute dimples would appear.

She had such a beautiful daughter!

Pei Anran suddenly felt proud.

“How beautiful!”

The hairstylist beside her also complimented her.

“Young lady is really the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen.

Her face is flawless, and her facial features are so exquisite that its enviable.

Madam, youre really lucky.

If I had such a beautiful daughter, I would definitely be overjoyed.”

Although he wanted to please her, his tone was very sincere.

Pei Anran liked to hear it.

When they left, they paid a lot of money here.

They were so happy that the stylist sent them out himself.

“Lets go to the spa!”

For the first time that day, Lu Xiaocha felt a sense of enjoyment other than eating.

After coming out of the beauty salon, she felt refreshed.

She felt like she could squeeze water out of her little face.

Pei Anran pinched her daughters face and kissed her.

“Its really nice.”

Lu Xiaocha squeezed it herself.

Yes, it felt so good!

Next, they went to the mall.

A womans shopping ability was terrifying.

Lu Xiaocha had only seen this sentence in novels before and had never experienced it before, but now… she experienced it firsthand.

She walked out of the fitting room in her dungarees and spun around in front of her mother.

Pei Anrans eyes lit up.

“Yes, wrap it up.

Xiaocha, lets try this white princess dress again.

It looks perfect on you!”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Mom, youve said that thirty times. Lu Xiaocha thought.

She tried on thirty outfits, too.

She said each one looked good and bought them all.

She hadnt even finished wearing the clothes she had bought previously.

Finally, Lu Xiaocha walked out of the clothing store in her white knee-length princess dress with a blue bow in her hair.

She felt like she was really being dressed up as a doll.

She was still in high spirits after buying the clothes.

“Lets go to the jade shop and see if theres anything suitable for you.”

Then she led his daughter inside.

Lu Xiaocha said, “Mom, there are so many jewels at home.”

She picked those up for free.

“Those are different.

Mom got a designer to make jewelry out of the jewels you brought back.

Well make you a few too.

Youll get them soon, but were choosing jade now.

Jade is different from pearls and crystals.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at the jade displayed in the transparent window.

She didnt think there was anything different about this one.

It was all stone.

But she went in with her mother anyway, as long as she was happy.

After entering the shop, Pei Anran took out her black card and was immediately led to the third floor.

The first floor displayed ordinary jade, and the style was also more ordinary.

But after all, the most ordinary pair of jade earrings would cost more than 300,000 yuan.

The jewelry on the third floor was all designed by famous designers.

The jade was also the best and most expensive.

The moment Pei Anran went up, she saw the person she least wanted to see, Madam Liao, who she had beaten up previously.

The moment Wang Miaozhu and Pei Anran saw each other, sparks flew in the air.


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