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It was an auction organized by the Leng family, but at this moment, the Lu family had stolen the limelight.

The smile on the face of the head of the Leng family stiffened.

When Leng Yunting heard the discussions around him and compared him to the Lu family, his face darkened.

Just like the Leng family, the Liao family, as well as Pei Qin and Pei Xue, who had tried their best to come here, also had stuff expressions

As they watched the family walk in under everyones stunned gazes and listened to the surrounding discussions about how loving Lu Zhan and Pei Anran were, Pei Qins eyes turned red with jealousy.

She pinched her fingers tightly.

“That must be the daughter of the Lu family.”

“The one they just found.”

“I thought they said she was uncouth and unpresentable She looks fine to me.”

“She looks exactly like Young Master Lu.

She looks so well-behaved and cute.”

“Everyone in the Lu family is good-looking.

Oh my god, the jade pendant shes wearing must be imperial green.”

“And her brooch.

That pearl is so beautiful.”

“Her bracelet is so beautiful.

I saw it before and wanted to buy it for my daughter, but it was too expensive.

It costs tens of millions.”

“Hiss… The Lu family is too generous.

Also, the dress shes wearing seems to be the work of Master Mercasio.

Didnt Master Mercasio say that he only custom-made gowns for the noble royal family”

“Pei Anrans pearl pendant and jeweled earrings are so beautiful, too.

Ive never seen them on the market.

They cant be custom-made, can they”

“Could the Lu family buy cheap goods for Pei Anran Dont you see how much Lu Zhan dotes on his wife”

The womens eyes darted back and forth between Lu Xiaocha and Pei Anran.

Their gazes were very sharp.

They recognized the priceless items on the mother and daughter.

The two of them were wearing at least 80 million yuan.

This caused all the ladies present to gasp.

It was really… really too extravagant and luxurious.

Their eyes were red with envy.

Moreover, judging from their grand attitude today, the Lu family clearly cared a lot about their daughter who had been found.

The young ladys bearing was also very good.

Just by standing quietly, she was well-behaved and did not have any stage fright at all.


As expected, the video that had been circulating previously had special effects added to it.

How could a light punch from the little girls fair and tender hand leave a small pit in the ground Its not like the ground was made of foam.

The Liao family was indeed sinister.

The Liao family: None of your business!

Pei Qin, Pei Xue, and Wang Miaozhu, who were in the crowd, were so jealous that their eyes turned red and angry.

Their greedy gazes landed on Pei Anran and Lu Xiaocha.

Unfortunately, those things didnt belong to them.

Of course, Bai Yunyi had also seen the appearance of the Lu family.

Looking at their dazzling appearance under the light, she felt a little uncomfortable and inferior.

With her background, she might never be able to gain the admiration and recognition of everyone present under such dazzling lights.

If it werent for Leng Yunting, she wouldnt have entered such an occasion.

Not long after Lu Xiaocha entered the banquet hall, she went straight to the food area.

Lu Beichen followed behind.

“Let me know if theres anything you dont understand.

If anyone bullies you, dont be afraid to tell us directly.”

Lu Xiaocha stuffed a puff into her mouth and nodded.

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

Her cheeks were round and puffy.

There was cream on her mouth.

Lu Beichens cold face had a hint of helplessness as he handed her a tissue.

Lu Xiaocha blinked her eyes.

“No need.”

She licked her lips, and the cream was instantly gone.

When she was finished, she looked at her brother as if she had done something amazing.

Its convenient, and the cream wasnt wasted either.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

He quietly withdrew the tissue.

Lu Xiaocha obviously did not like socializing.

She planned to stay in the food area for a long time.

However, Lu Beichen could not sit here forever.

As the son of the Lu family, it was inevitable for him to greet some elders.

However, the Lu family was tacitly unwilling to let Xiaocha do something she didnt like.

Pei Anran brought her daughter to acknowledge a few elders who were very close to her.

There was no need to greet the rest.

“Go eat.

Mom and Dad will find you when the auction begins.”

Lu Xiaocha obediently agreed and ran back, carrying her dress.

“I finally know why you were so sure that you had found your daughter before.

With her looks, its hard to mistake her for someone else.”

Some people could indeed achieve the desired effect through plastic surgery, but what was fake was fake.

It could never be real.

This was real, and it could never be fake.


You can rest easy now.”

Pei Anran watched her daughter leave and nodded.

She and her good friend talked about many things about her daughter.

A proper daughter-con.

At the same time, Lu Xiaocha was eating.

Her big eyes looked around the banquet hall.

She had heard that Lu Beiqing was here too, but she had not seen him since she came in.

Just as she was wondering where her second brother went, a few teenagers who were about the same age as her walked over.

Lu Xiaocha thought that they were also here to eat, so she did not look at them and continued eating.

“If I didnt know better, Id think you were the reincarnation of a hungry ghost.

You really think this place is a buffet.”

The leading girl was as proud as a peacock.

She looked at everyone arrogantly.

She was angry when Lu Xiaocha ignored her.

“Im talking about you.

Dont tell me youre mute.”

Lu Xiaocha looked around and pointed at herself in confusion.

“Are you talking about me”

“Why else Whos here who only cares about eating like you But its understandable.

After all, your background is nothing compared to the rest of us.

No wonder you only know how to eat.

Im afraid you dont know how to get along with people like us.”

Lu Xiaocha dusted her hands and sized her up.

“What are you looking at”

Lu Xiaocha said seriously, “I think you have three heads and six arms or a tail.

Why dont you treat yourself as a human”

Leng Xinruis face twisted with anger.

“Youre not human!”

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips and looked at her.

“Then why are you being so proud here Were the same.

Is food not meant to be eaten Funny.”

Then she threw another cupcake into her mouth.

“Ill eat it.

What can you do”

The group of children beside Leng Xinrui were a little surprised.

They did not expect that this young lady from the Lu family, who looked so gentle and quiet, was not easy to bully.

“Stand back.

Youre blocking me from the fresh air.”

Lu Xiaocha picked up some food from the plate, pushed away the people in front of her, and left.

Leng Xinrui was so angry that she was about to explode, but she couldnt argue or fight.

She could only hold it in.

She was here to find trouble with Lu Xiaocha, but now she was the one who was angry.


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