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Lu Beiqing did not feel guilty at all.

“Im just thinking of a way to get her back from abroad.

As for whether Bai Yunyi will be sad and misunderstand, thats Leng Yuntings problem.”

“If Leng Yunting handles it well and doesnt care about this person, then I can only slowly train Bai Yunyis acting skills.

If that young master of the Leng family is swayed and the two of them get into a conflict because of this, I just need to stimulate her to perform very well when acting.”

After saying that, he took a sip of tea and smiled like a big brother next door.

It was just that he was sunny on the outside but dark on the inside.


Lu Xiaocha clapped her hands.

“Second Brother is amazing.

No wonder so many people like your movies!”

This person even used schemes in real life.

It was probably a little troublesome.

If he wasnt impressive, who was

Lu Beiqing patted her head and accepted his sisters compliment without feeling guilty at all.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

Then, she gave him the things she had prepared for him.

A beautiful Guqin1.

“Mom said you play the Guqin.

I dont know if you like this stuff, but take it anyway.

I picked it up for free.”

Lu Beiqings eyes lit up.

“I like it very much!”

He immediately adjusted the strings.

Both the appearance and tone were to his liking.

He was extremely satisfied.

“Suddenly everything Ive given you seems so tacky.

To show my gratitude to my sister, let me play you a song.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the others expressions changed.

Lu Beilin removed his mask.

“Its time for my facial mask.

I have to wash my face immediately.

Ill leave first.”

Lu Beifeng said, “I have to change my dressing.”

“I havent finished my homework.”

In the blink of an eye, everyone was gone!

Lu Xiaocha watched in confusion as everyone left in the blink of an eye, leaving only her and her second brother.


What happened

Lu Beiqing was already prepared to place his fingers on the strings.

He had a gentle smile on his face, as if he was completely in control of the departure of the others.

He had the demeanor of a master.

“Are you ready, Xiaocha”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

She was originally ready, but now she was suddenly a little uncertain.

She met her Second Brothers expectant gaze and nodded expressionlessly.

No matter what, could he kill someone by playing the Guqin

Not long after, Lu Xiaocha regretted it… very much!

A sound as harsh as sawing wood and scratching glass came rattling across the room.

The people outside have lingering fears, but…

Lu Beichen.

“Did we forget Xiaocha inside”

Lu Beilin was expressionless.

“Why did she have to give him a Guqin”

Lu Beifeng said, “He loves it, but hes so bad.”

No one disagreed.

Pity that good Guqin.


Lu Beichen asked, “What about my sister”

Lu Beilin said, “Thats our sister, but you can go in and accompany her now.”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

Then… forget it.

He didnt want to die.

Sis, hang in there.

I still love you, so I will accompany you from outside, he thought.

After Lu Beiqing finished playing, Lu Xiaocha felt like she was floating out of the room, as if she had lost her soul.

She was under severe psychic attack.

She only knew that her second brother liked to play the Guqin, but her mother didnt say that he could kill when he played.

“Xiaocha, are you… all right”

Her brothers looked at her worriedly.

Lu Xiaocha shot daggers at them.

“Why didnt you say something earlier!”

Did they know how miserable she was in there

Lu Beilin smiled and patted her head.

“You have to grow up eventually.

Who gave you the suggestion to give him the Guqin”

“Mom said Second Brother likes to play the Guqin.”


The few of them couldnt help but laugh.

Their great mother probably wanted to let him show off in front of his sister, so she didnt say how badly he played.

Who knew shed bring him a Guqin

Lu Xiaocha waved her hand and returned to her room.

That night, her dreams were filled with that ear-piercing sound.

Ah… someone save her!

It was rare that she woke up a little late the next day.

Breakfast was already ready.

She sniffled as she walked downstairs, feeling much more energized.

“Mom and Dad, Second Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother.”

She greeted them one by one, and as soon as she was seated, the butler and cook served her breakfast.

When Lu Beiqing saw his sister could eat three adult portions for breakfast, he almost spat out the porridge in his mouth.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

The others were used to it and even looked at him as if to say,Whats all the fuss about

Lu Beiqing looked confused.

“Wait, those are all Xiaochas”

Lu Xiaocha ate a big bun in each hand and her mouth was full.

Hearing her brothers words, she nodded.

“Yes, theyre all mine!”

Her expression was strangely proud.

Lu Beiqing was speechless.

He took a deep breath and looked at his sisters petite frame and then at the pile of food in front of her.

He wondered if he was dreaming.

Why did it feel so unreal

He was distracted throughout breakfast.

He kept glancing at his sister and watched helplessly as she finished off the pile of food in front of her.

Not a single grain of rice was left!

Lu Beiqing: Who am I Where am I Is her sister a little Taotie1

After breakfast, everyone from the Lu family stood up and walked into the courtyard, putting on a boxing stance.

Lu Beiqing watched in confusion, not knowing what was going on.

He had only been away for a few months.

What had happened at home!

Pei Anran called him over.

“Come, come, come.

Second Brother, come together.

This is good for your health.”

Lu Beiqings lips twitched.

He could understand his parents, but when did his younger brothers start to live a healthy life

He didnt want to go over, but he was pulled over anyway.

Pei Anran patted his shoulder.

“This is our family activity.

Look at your sister and follow her.”

Lu Beiqing nodded to show that he understood.

And then…

“Second Brother, thats the wrong move.

Go down a little more.”

Lu Xiaocha placed her hand on his waist and pressed down gently.


“Okay, thats about it.”

After saying that, she happily walked back to her position.

Lu Beilin and the others looked at each other.

They suspected that their sister was using her position to seek revenge, but they had no evidence.

In the end, he was so tired that he was sweating profusely.

He sat on the ground, his gentle face filled with despair.

However, after taking a break and showering, he realized that he felt refreshed.

It was quite amazing.

He had been so tired, but now he felt energized.

When he went downstairs, he realized that everyone had changed their clothes.

The atmosphere in the house was different.

“Whats with that routine”

Lu Beiqing asked Lu Beilin.

Lu Beilins peach blossom eyes raised slightly.

“Xiaocha taught us.

How do you feel now”

Lu Beiqing nodded.

“Its not bad.”

He glanced at the clock.

“I should go.

There are a couple of terrible actors.

I need to find a way to hone them.”

He smiled and spoke in a gentle voice, like a clean and harmless boy next door.

But Lu Beilin, who knew his brothers true personality, shivered.

“Dont go overboard.”

Lu Beiqing said, “I know.”


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