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Yet she realized shed been wrong.

It wasnt just that one horse.

The other horses were all clever.

Not only the white horse, but the other horses had varying degrees of fear as she approached.

Now she couldnt even touch the horses let alone ride one.

Just as Mr.

An was worrying about what was going on and was about to wait for Lu Xiaocha to go to the stables to choose for herself, there was a burst of laughter not far away.

The voice was mocking.

“How rare.

The horses here have always been tame.

This is the first time Ive seen them shied away from someone.

How unpopular this person must be.”

Just by listening to this sarcastic tone, one could guess that there was a grudge.

Lu Xiaocha really knew two of the girls.

One of them was the girl who had caused trouble for her at the Leng familys auction banquet.

It was also she who had spoken.

The other was Pei Xue.

Perhaps after so long, Lu Xiaochas initial threat had gradually lost its effect.

She became bolder and her feet began to bounce out again.

But when Lu Xiaocha looked over, she shrank her neck and stood back.

She still seemed afraid of her.

There was a proud woman standing beside Leng Xinrui.

At this moment, she was looking down at Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Beichens face was cold.

“We dont need you to care about us.

Please take care of yourselves.”

Leng Xinrui looked at Lu Beichen arrogantly.

“Im just telling the truth.

Why is your Lu family so overbearing that you dont allow me to tell the truth”

After saying that, she looked at Lu Xiaocha.

“Tsk… Youre annoying the horses.”

Everyone present could tell that what she really wanted to say was that Lu Xiaocha was annoying.

Lu Beichens eyes turned colder and colder, but Lu Xiaocha didnt really care.

“Its only natural that you dont like me.

I dont like you anyway.”

She bluntly interrupted Leng Xinruis beating around the bush.

“If you dont like me, why do you still come over here Youre looking for it.”


Gu Xiao burst out laughing.

Lu Beichens eyes were also smiling.

Leng Xinrui trembled with anger.

She couldnt say a complete sentence for a long time.

“Hmph, the Lu family sure has a good upbringing.”

At this moment, the woman beside Leng Xinrui spoke.

She raised her chin slightly and looked cold and arrogant.

Lu Beichen said calmly, “Thats still better than you guys coming over for no reason.

May I ask if were close”

The womans face darkened.

“This is a horse farm, not your house.

Why arent we allowed to come over You guys are really domineering!”

Those who didnt know better would think that they were bullying them.

“When did we say that you werent allowed to come over!” Lu Beichen said.

The woman sneered.

“Xinrui was just telling the truth just now.

Werent you hated by the horses Youre really shameless.

You even brought in whether we like you or not.”

Lu Beichen, “You!”

He was a boy and could not quarrel.

Gu Xiao chimed in, “Do you really think that youre the only smart ones in the world Who cant tell that youre being sarcastic Is there something wrong with your ears or your brain

Who says that these horses despised Sister Xiaocha Cant you see that theyre afraid of her.

Are you blind”

Lu Xiaocha added, “Also, dont keep saying that the Lu family is domineering.

Dont blame others for retaliating if youre the one who started it first.

Its your familys money.

Do you think you can talk with your big mouth”

Leng Xinrui hugged the womans arm and complained, “Sister Liu, look, she has a sharp tongue!”

Liu Mei originally disliked Lu Xiaocha because of Leng Xinrui.

Now, she hated her even more.

She had never been lowered like this in her life.

“Shes sharp-tongued and uncouth at such a young age.

We dont have to take issue with such people.”

Pei Xue, who was standing behind, lowered her eyes and smiled sinisterly.

She was clearly happy to see such a conflict.

Lu Xiaocha was annoyed by those who came to find trouble with her and walked away.

“I want this one!”

She was pointing in the direction of the Ferghana horse.

When they saw it, everyones expressions changed drastically.

“Sis, you cant be impulsive.”

He thought that Lu Xiaocha was just angry with Leng Xinrui and the others.


An also looked distressed.

“Miss Lu, this… you cant ride Andre.”

With her small body, she would probably be thrown off before she even got close.

Of course, Lu Xiaocha was not trying to prove herself.

She was just looking for a horse that was not afraid of her!

Seeing the horse she had chosen, Liu Mei sneered.

“You overestimate yourself.”

Leng Xinrui rarely came to the racecourse, so she did not know Andre.

When she heard what Liu Mei said, she quickly asked what was going on.

Liu Mei held the horsewhip in her hand and looked at Lu Xiaocha with mockery.

“Thats a fierce horse.

Even the best trainer wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

Its a fools dream for a young girl like her to tame Andre.”

Leng Xinrui was delighted to hear this.

“Then lets wait and see what happens.”

She also took out her phone.

“Im going to record her making a fool of herself and post it online.”

However, afraid that Lu Xiaocha would stop riding, Leng Xinrui deliberately fanned the flames.

“Its just a horse.

Lu Xiaocha, dont tell me youre even afraid of this.

Didnt you just say that those horses are afraid of you This horse shouldnt be afraid of you, but do you have the guts to ride it”


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