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Lu Xiaocha glanced sideways at Leng Xinrui, not taking her words to heart.

She glanced at the Ferghana horse with slight regret.

“Brother, then I wont ride.”

The point was that the other horses were all afraid of her now.

Lu Beichen was also stumped.

He had specially brought his sister here to ride a horse.

In this situation…

He looked from his sister to the horse and gritted his teeth.


An, bring out Andre.”

He trusted his sister very much.

After all, no matter how powerful this horse was, it couldnt be more powerful than Yin Shian, right

The surrounding friends were all stunned.

They thought that Lu Beichen had gone crazy.

“Class monitor, are you sure That horse has never been tamed!”

Lu Beichen looked calm on the surface.

“I trust my sister.”

Everyone was speechless.

‘Its not a matter of believing, are you crazy!

In the end, even the owner of the racecourse was alarmed.

He looked at this group of arrogant youths with a headache.

“Young Master Lu, Miss Lu, this wont do.

If something happens to you, I cant give an explanation.

How about this Ill find you another horse.”

Leng Xinrui crossed her arms and watched the show from the side.

“I dont think theres a need.

No matter how many horses there are, shell still be despised.”

Why was Leng Xinrui so malicious to Lu Xiaocha

One reason was that her new friend was said to have been bullied by her.

The other reason was very simple.

She and Lu Xiaocha were in the same school.

Before Lu Xiaocha came, she had always been first on the school belle rankings.

But ever since Lu Xiaocha came, her limelight had been stolen by this Lu Xiaocha.

Leng Xinrui, who had been praised by everyone since she was young, could not take this lying down!

Especially at the auction banquet held by her family that day, when the Lu family appeared, all the limelight was snatched away by them.

Those who praised her went to praise Lu Xiaocha in the blink of an eye.

Now she was even more furious.

However, when she wanted to teach her a lesson that day, she ended up getting angry instead.

She didnt expect to bump into her again today.

Seeing that the horses were avoiding Lu Xiaocha, Leng Xinrui couldnt help but mock her.

Of course, she wouldnt miss this opportunity to embarrass her.

Leng Xinrui lifted her chin.

“Bring out the horse.

How can you refuse a customers request”

The gloating in her eyes could not be concealed at all.

“This …”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at Leng Xinrui.

“Seeing how expectant you are, I dont want to ride a horse anymore.”

Leng Xinruis face darkened.

“Lets go, brother.

Lets not play anymore.”

Leng Xinrui panicked and immediately goaded her.

“I think you just dont have the guts!”

Lu Xiaocha paused and turned to look at her.

“Its fine if you want me to ride a horse, but lets make a bet.”

Leng Xinrui lifted her chin.

“What bet”

“Lets bet on whether I can tame Andre.”

Leng Xinrui said, “Alright, Ill bet that you wont be able to tame it.

If you lose, apologize to Pei Xue and me and get out of Lincheng High School.

I dont want to see you again.”

Lu Xiaocha raised her eyebrows.

“So youre also from Lincheng High School.”

Gu Xiao clicked his tongue.

“I heard that your position as the school belle was pushed to second place by Xiaocha.

I was wondering why you were so hostile to her.”

Lu Beichen glanced coldly at Pei Xue, who had been standing at the back.

He didnt believe that she wasnt involved at all.

Pei Xue gritted her teeth.

Why did this idiot Leng Xinrui drag her into this

Leng Xinrui was agitated by Gu Xiaos words.

“Do you dare to bet”

“And if I win”

Leng Xinrui said confidently, “Name your conditions.”

Lu Xiaocha demanded an exorbitant price.

“Then give me all your Leng familys assets.”

At that moment, everyone saw Leng Xinrui, who was as proud and complacent as a peacock a second ago, turn green in the next second.

“How shameless of you to mention something like that.”

Lu Xiaocha looked over innocently.

“Didnt you ask me to name my conditions”

But her conditions were ridiculous!

Liu Mei took a deep breath and cursed in her heart.

She was Leng Yuntings sister after all.

She took out a card.

“Theres a million dollars in this card.

If you win, the money goes to you.”

Leng Xinrui came back to her senses and nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, one million.”

A million, that was enough for her to buy a lot of candied fruits and milk tea.

Fair enough.

Just as she was about to agree, she was stopped by Lu Beichen.


My sister took such a big risk, and you guys only offered a million.

Not even as much as my sisters pocket money.”

Leng Xinrui gritted her teeth and took out her card as well.

“Ill pay a million too.”

Lu Beichen shook his head calmly.

“Not enough.”

Leng Xinrui was determined to embarrass Lu Xiaocha.

In the end, she looked at Liu Mei eagerly.

That was all the money she had.

“Sister Liu, lend me some money.

Ill return it to you when she loses.

Ill even put in a good word for you in front of my brother.”

Lu Xiaocha suddenly realized who this woman was.

Liu Mei, the third female lead in the original novel.

Her family background was only slightly inferior to the Leng family.

The Leng family and the Liu family were family friends, and the two families had always planned to marry.

Liu Mei and Leng Yunting were childhood sweethearts.

Liu Mei had always known that her parents wanted to marry her to Leng Yunting, so she paid a lot of attention to him since she was young.

In the end, she unknowingly fell in love with Leng Yunting.

In the novel, not only did she cause a lot of trouble for the original female lead, but she also fought equally with Leng Yuntings first girlfriend.

She was a supporting character with a lot of scenes.

At this moment, in order to maintain her face, especially in front of Leng Xinrui, Liu Mei took out a few million yuan.

Lu Xiaocha smiled happily.

“Thats a lot of money.

How embarrassing.”

Although she said she was embarrassed, she did not look embarrassed at all.

Leng Xinruis face turned green with anger.

“Wait until you can tame that horse.

You overestimate yourself!”


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