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On the pirate ship, the tall swaying arc gave people a strong sense of weightlessness.

Sometimes, it even gave people the illusion that they were about to be thrown into the sky before landing heavily.

Such an illusion could always make people scream.

Lu Xiaocha, Fu Ye, and Lu Beichen were sitting at the back of the boat.

This place gave off an even more exciting and terrifying feeling.

Hearing the screams of the people in front of her, she leaned forward slightly and rested her chin on the back of her hand, feeling a little sleepy like a cat.

Fu Ye tilted his head and smiled.

“Are you treating this as a cradle Youre about to fall asleep.”

Other people would scream in excitement when they sat on this pirate ship, but she slept on it.

Who would sit on a pirate ship like this

The people around her also laughed when they saw this.

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips and tilted her head in her brothers direction.

She pressed the side of her face against the back of her hand and the soft flesh on her face was flattened.

She only faced him with the back of her head, emitting an aura that said, “I dont want to talk to you.”

Lu Beichens face was a little pale.

She could tell and blinked.

“Brother, are you afraid”

Lu Beichen: “… No.”

“I just havent played this before, so Im not used to it.”

Lu Xiaocha would look at him from time to time.

When the first round ended, she saw that her brother was a little weak and went forward to support him.

“Brother, lean on me.”

Lu Beichen lowered his head slightly to take a look.

He relaxed and leaned against his sister.

Lu Xiaocha brought him to the lounge chair to sit.

Xiao Yunjing also leaned against his friend and was brought over.

“Why is that thing so disgusting”

His face turned pale, and the people beside him laughed at his misfortune.

Fu Ye walked over.

“Alright, the two of you rest first.

Well accompany Xiaocha to the next ride.”

After saying that, he brought his men and left.

“Lets take a roller coaster!”

Lu Beichen originally wanted to force himself to follow, but when he heard Fu Yes words, he subconsciously looked at the roller coaster.


The curved track and all kinds of screeching sounds came from it.

After some thought, he put his butt down expressionlessly.

Forget it.

There was still time.

After experiencing the three exciting events in the amusement park, the others also looked as pale as Lu Beichen and Xiao Yunjing.

They looked even uglier than the two of them.

It was Xiao Yunjings turn to mock them.

It was really the pot calling the kettle black.

No one was giving in.

On the other hand, Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye were getting more and more excited.

The girl looked at the other rides with sparkling eyes.

“This, this, the jumper.”

After saying that, she said softly, “Can we take another roller coaster”

Fu Ye smiled and rubbed her head.

“Of course.

Ill let you have your fun today.”

Lu Beichen and the rest looked pale when they heard that, especially the three people who had been on the roller coaster.

Now that they thought about it, they felt like vomiting.

Fu Ye looked down at the few people who were lying motionless on the lounge chairs.

“You guys cant make it”

Their expressions were ugly.

“Cant you change your words!”

Fu Ye clicked his tongue.


Ill go with Xiaocha.”

In the following time, the two of them went through all the dangerous and exciting events as if they had gone crazy.

The five people waiting at the side were speechless.

Forget about Fu Ye.

Xiaocha was a little girl.

This will make them look very useless!

After riding the roller coaster again, Lu Xiaocha stopped.

“Lets come again next time.”

It turned out that amusement parks were so fun.

“Lets go to the haunted house.”

Lu Xiaocha raised her head.

“Guys, are you going”

Lu Beichen had already rested.


He wanted to redeem himself at the haunted house.

The others thought the same.

Unlike the hustle and bustle of other places, the Haunted House was gloomy and quiet.

Occasionally, one could hear waves of terrified screams coming from ahead.

“Are we really going in”

Wang Changshengs weak voice came from behind.

Fu Ye walked in unhurriedly with his men.

“Why You dont dare to go in”

Wang Changsheng straightened his back.

“Who… Who said I dont dare I was afraid that you would be scared later.”

As she spoke, she quietly moved closer to Lu Xiaocha.

“Sister Xiaocha, Ill protect you later.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.


Fu Ye smiled.

“Its not certain who will protect who later.”

Wang Changsheng thought it was impossible.

Young girls were afraid of such things.

As they spoke, the deeper they went, the more sinister and terrifying it became.

Suddenly, a strange crackling sound was heard.

Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu trembled slightly, but they tried their best to remain calm.

“What… what was that sound”

In the darkness, Fu Ye glanced at the box at the side.

His eyes could also see at night, so he could see that the box had opened a crack.

Right on the heels of that, a person in white clothes with long hair slowly emerged from the box.

At the same time, a cool breeze blew over from above, accompanied by a faint whimper.

This terrifying effect instantly appeared.


Wang Changsheng screamed right on the heels of Liu Shangyu.

Zhao Li said, “F*ck, I wasnt scared by ghosts, but by you two!”

Lu Beichen was also frightened by their screams.

He was an atheist and did not believe in ghosts.

But… there really seemed to be zombies.

The ghost that crawled out was frightened and crawled out even more excitedly.

One of his feet was already out when a little girl suddenly stood beside it.

He looked up and saw Lu Xiaocha smiling at him.

Then, she raised her arm and lifted theghost back before closing the lid.

“Alright, there are no more ghosts.

Lets continue.”

The ghost who had almost crawled out was speechless.

Questioning his life.jpg

Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu were speechless.

In the darkness, the two of them blushed and complained to each other.

Liu Shangyu: “Its all your fault for suddenly screaming and scaring me.”

They refused to admit that they were frightened by a ghost.

Wang Changsheng straightened his neck and said, “Bullsh*t.

You were clearly frightened by that thing.”

They continued forward noisily.

A few minutes later…

“F*ck!!! Xiaocha, what did you do Why did you attract so many ghosts!!!”

A group of youths ran in front, chased by all kinds of ferocious ghosts.

Lu Xiaocha said innocently as she ran without panting.

“I just tugged at the Hanged Ghosts skirt and accidentally dropped her shoes.

The tongue of the Long Tongue Ghost was returned to him with the chainsaw.

I also returned the Soul-Reaping Lock of the Soul-Reaping Ghost.

I was just curious.

Who knew they would chase after us.”

Everyone was speechless.

‘Youre too curious.

As she ran, Lu Xiaocha saw something else and ran over to grab it.

“A wig.”

The ghost was speechless.

‘F*ck! If I dont chase you, who should I chase!

The ghost put on his wig, picked up his mace, and joined the pursuit.

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