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No one expected this to happen.

Even the staff of the Haunted House did not understand how it had developed to this point.

Wang Changsheng cried as he ran.

“Sister Xiaocha, I wont come to the haunted house with you again!”

This aggro was really steady.

Lu Xiaocha pressed her palms together.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

I really didnt do it on purpose.”

In the end, they ran into a room.

It looked like a very simple wedding room.

As soon as they entered, they closed the door.

The ghosts outside knocked on the door.

Xiao Yunjing was panting from exhaustion.

“Phew… Its a Haunted House adventure, but why did we turn it into a battle royale”

Lu Beichens lips twitched.

This was a good question.

He had to ask his sister.

Lu Xiaocha leaned against the door and eavesdropped for a while.

“They shouldnt be able to enter.

When are they leaving”

Fu Ye knocked her forehead.

“Why are you so clumsy But why didnt you beat them up”

Lu Xiaocha muttered, “Do you think Im stupid Those people are all staff.

What if I have to pay for the medical fees”

Fu Ye thought: Youre smart.

The people in the room were resting when they suddenly felt a chill.

Right on the heels of that, a strange childs voice sounded.

This strange nursery rhyme made peoples scalps tingle and goosebumps rise all over their bodies.

It sounded like a ghost marriage.

Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu were trembling in each others arms.

They had completely forgotten how they had insulted each other for being timid.

Fu Ye was studying where the sound came from.

Xiao Yunjing hated the lyrics of the nursery rhyme.

“This nursery rhyme is talking about a ghost marriage, right”

“Wed better find a way out of here.

I wonder if theres a secret door or something in this room.”

“Theres someone there.” Fu Ye pointed at the only big red bed in the room.

Needless to say, it was definitely not a normal human.

Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu: “!!!”

“Brother, Brother… Dont scare us!”

Fu Ye sneered.

“Why would I lie to you”

Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew up the bed curtains.

Everyone could see clearly that the person sitting motionless on the bed was a bride wearing a red wedding dress and a red veil.


At this moment, the bride, who had her head lowered, instantly raised her head, raised her arm with long black nails, and rushed over.

This was the ghost bride in the room.

In the past, when she acted like this, the people who barged into the room would scream and escape.

However, these people today were different from before!

The bridal ghosts arm was seized by two hands.


One came from Fu Ye, and the other was from Lu Xiaocha.

The two of them pulled the ghost bride in tacit understanding.

Fu Ye instantly opened the door, and Lu Xiaocha pushed the ghost bride out.

She was so strong that she squeezed the ghosts outside until they collapsed.

The ghost brides red veil was squeezed off and her feet were stepped on a few times.

“F*ck, who stepped on me just now”

“Dont push, dont push.

Move back a little.”

“Whos so strong! They must have grown up eating spinach!”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

No thanks!

Fu Ye closed them again in an instant.

The ghost bride was speechless.

‘Damn it! Thats my room!

The ghosts in the haunted house were furious.

They had to catch the people inside and take revenge!

In the room, the others were also stunned by Fu Ye and Lu Xiaochas actions.

No… Shouldnt they be chased around the house by ghosts Why did they get rid of the ghosts in the house

“What are you waiting for Find a way out.”

Fu Ye leaned against the door carelessly.

The quality of this door was not good.

The ghosts outside were knocking fiercely, and it looked like it was about to fall.

Lu Xiaocha yawned and held her stomach.


Actually, she wasnt too hungry.

She just wanted to eat something.

Fu Ye rubbed her head.

“Well be out soon.

Ill treat you to a feast.”

The girls clean eyes instantly lit up.


Fu Yes eyelids twitched.

“No, lets go to a private restaurant.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

That was fine.

As long as it was delicious, she would not be picky.

“I found it.

Theres a door here, but it looks like a combination lock.”

“No way, theres a decryption segment in this Haunted House Does it have to be so ridiculous!”

Fu Ye pressed against the door.

Lu Xiaocha looked around and then went to move the cabinet in the room.

In order to make it more realistic, there were cabinets and beds in this room.

They looked like vintage ones.

Although there was nothing in the cabinets,

It was such a big cabinet made of wood!

Was it reasonable for such a young girl to move it so easily!

The staff of the haunted house who were watching the surveillance cameras spat out a mouthful of water.

“This… This cabinet in our Haunted House isnt made of foam, right”

The other person beside him was also stunned.

“What nonsense are you talking about Of course theyre all made of wood!”

“Move, move.

Use this.”

She moved the cabinet over to block the door.

She felt that it was not enough and continued moving.

“F*ck, what are you two doing!”

When the others looking for clues looked over, Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye had basically emptied the house except for the bed.

The staff watching the surveillance cameras in the haunted house were dumbfounded.

This was the first time they had seen such a thing!

Fu Ye clapped his hands.

“Lets go and take a look at that door.”

The door was locked, but they found some clues, including math questions.

They were dumbfounded.

“F*ck, are they discriminating against bottom-feeders”

“Let me take a look.

Hiss… Ive long forgotten about this high school problem.”

Lu Beichen said, “Let me take a look.”

“Arent you still in junior high”

Lu Beichen did not answer.

He just took a pen and started to calculate.

Then, he came up with the number 2.

“Impressive, awesome!”

“God of Studying!”

“Just one more number.”

“Look, look.”

Lu Xiaocha followed him for less than a minute before she stopped looking.

She was lazy.

She licked her lips and wanted to eat.

Hence, she walked to the door to take a look and played with the lock.

She lowered her head and played in boredom.

Then, there was a click.

This was not the sound of a lock opening, but…

The sound of it being torn off.

Lu Xiaocha looked at the lock in her hand and felt extremely guilty.

She wanted to hang it up again, but she realized that it was impossible because it was broken.

Just as she was competing with the lock, the others found the last number and walked over.

“Alright, alright.

Lets try these numbers…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Yunjing looked at the door and then at Lu Xiaocha, who was completely stunned.

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