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“You, you, you… Whats wrong with you”

The others also looked at Lu Xiaocha in confusion.

Lu Xiaocha, who had not locked it for a long time, was speechless.

She spread her hands dejectedly.

“I didnt do it on purpose.

I have to pay for this, right”

Sigh… How many candied fruits would she have to compensate

The Haunted House staff who were watching the surveillance cameras were speechless.

This was a killing machine.

“Why did we try so hard to find the password”

Xiao Yunjing pushed the door open expressionlessly and comforted her.

“Dont worry.

This must be because the Haunted Houses equipment isnt strong enough.

How strong can you be How can you tear off such a big combination lock”

After saying that, he realized that a few pairs of eyes were looking at him with sympathy.

Xiao Yunjings eyelids twitched.

“Brother Ye, whats with that look”

Fu Ye shook his head.


Ignorance is a blessing.”

His childhood friends were speechless.

What nonsense are you talking about Can you speak in human language!

No matter what, they had left safely.

The ghosts outside were still knocking on the door crazily when they received news from the headquarters that they had already run away!

They were speechless.

So they had been knocking for nothing all this while

The person in charge of the haunted house was already waiting outside.

When he saw Lu Xiaocha come out, his expression was complicated.

“Here you go.”

Lu Xiaocha stuffed the lock into his hand and twisted the truth.

“It broke when I pulled it gently.

Are you trying to scam me”

The person in charge was speechless.

“The lock was changed three days ago.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

“How much will it cost”

The person in charge smiled and said, “Its fine if you dont pay, but our Haunted House has a request.”

Fu Ye said, “Tell me.”

The person in charge said, “We want to put your performance in the haunted house online for publicity.”

Lu Beichen said, “Then Id better pay up.”

The person in charge hurriedly said, “Well pay for the publicity fee.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

She didnt have to pay! Why did the person in charge of this haunted house look a little silly

Her expression was too easy to understand.

Fu Ye pinched the tip of her nose.

“Youre the silly one.”

Lu Beichen hesitated and asked his sister, “Xiaocha, what do you think”

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“I have no objections.”

“I have a problem with that!”

Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu said in unison.

Their performance in the haunted house was not good.

If their friends found out about this, they would lose face.

The person in charge said, “If you dont want to appear on camera, I can censor your face.”

The person in charge really wanted to negotiate.

In the end, Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu reluctantly agreed.

The person in charge happily gave the publicity fee.

Fu Ye took the money and waved his hand.

“Lets go eat.”

Lu Xiaocha immediately followed.

She had a good time today.

In the end, she was sent home after eating and drinking her fill.

Lu Xiaocha yawned, greeted her family, and went to bed.

Before Lu Xiaocha knew it, a video became popular online.

It was the video of Lu Xiaocha and the others in the haunted house.

Because the filming was very clear, the netizens were mostly attracted by their looks.

[F*ck, are all handsome men and beautiful women gathered together these days]

[Hahaha… Whats with the mosaic of those two rabbit heads Why are the two of them appearing so strangely]

[These peoples looks can be considered top tier even in the entertainment industry.]

[The girl looks so cute.]

[The young man beside her looks like her.

I mean his looks.]

[These two should be siblings.]

As the progress bar progressed, while others were carefully and seriously passing through the haunted house, Lu Xiaocha got lost because she was curious about everything.

Then, she snatched a Soul-Reaping Lock from a Reaper out of curiosity.

“Can you show me how to use this”

Ghost: “…”

‘Youre not normal.


It roared threateningly and was about to pinch her with its nails.

Seeing this, Lu Xiaocha threw the Soul-Reaping Lock at him and ran.

“Stingy, Ill return it to you.”

As she ran, she ran into Hanged Woman.

She tugged at his skirt to see how shed managed to hang herself, but she didnt expect to drop her shoes.

“Sorry, sorry.

I didnt mean to.

Put it on yourself.”

She bent down to pick up the shoes and stuffed them into her hands before running away again.

Then, she encountered the chainsaw monster threatening other players.

Lu Xiaocha rushed up and took the chainsaw.

“Lend it to me.”

That was because the two ghosts behind him had caught up.

“If you continue chasing me, I wont be polite anymore!”

She threatened them with the chainsaw and realized that it was fake.

“Ill give it back to you.

Its useless.”

Continue running…

Just like that, she provoked a bunch of ghosts along the way.

At first, she provoked the ghosts, but the ghosts that joined later were completely dumbfounded and followed the trend.

She thought that everyone was chasing after something.

After that, a large group of ghosts followed behind Lu Xiaocha and found Fu Ye and the others.

Wang Changsheng and Liu Shangyu screamed in fear.


They screamed as they ran forward quickly, and then all the ghosts and monsters ran after them.

[Hahaha… Im laughing my head off.]

[Oh my god, Im laughing so hard that Im tearing up.

Shes pulling aggro.]

[Im slacking off at work now.

When I saw this video, I almost couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Im suffocating.]

[Theres only one word to describe this-awesome.

Little girl, youre too curious.

Youve brought a lot of harm to your brothers.]


When they were at the brides haunted house, her and Fu Yes actions made a bunch of people laugh to death.

There was also Lu Xiaocha pulling the lock of the door in boredom…

[I dont know what to say.

Those who know about this know these are the surveillance videos of the haunted house.

Those who dont know might think that this is a variety show.]

[Its true.

Although the video is not long, I feel that its better than many boring variety shows.]

[Its mainly because the people inside are good-looking.

The young lady is too funny, and they have many tricks up their sleeves.]

[Thats right.

I died of laughter when I saw them being hunted down.]

[And when the bride of the haunted house was suddenly pushed out, all the ghosts were stunned.]

[This is really hilarious.]

Lu Xiaocha and the others became popular.

This video even became a trending topic.

Although it was only hanging on the tail, it went up based on the popularity of the discussion.

The person in charge of the Haunted House was overjoyed.

There was no need to worry about the number of visitors to the Haunted House for the next period of time.

Lu Xiaocha only found out about this the next day.

It was only when the students in the class group tagged her that she found out.

Someone sent the video into the group chat and asked her excitedly if the two people in the video were them.

The Strongest on Earth [@Lu Xiaocha @Chen, come and claim it.

The two people in the video are definitely you.

Youre trending!]

Lu Xiaocha, “”

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