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Although there was a small accident, the final result was very successful.

The 7th Grade Class 1 had successfully stunned everyone.

When the curtain call ended, everyone applauded fiercely.

When everyone walked backstage, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief and jumped up in excitement.

The girls even gave Lu Xiaocha a big hug.

“Ahhh!!! Thats great, thats great.

Our performance today was definitely the best!”

“I knew it.

Xiaocha, youre definitely suitable for this dress.”

Lu Xiaocha touched her nose in embarrassment.

She had fallen asleep on stage.

“Ill go change.” It looked good, but she couldnt keep it on forever.

It was too complicated.

“No, there are still many classes that havent finished performing.

Just wear it and let us feast our eyes.”

Lu Xiaocha: “… Havent we already taken photos”

Wang Lin said, “We still want to look at it.

After all, you wont be wearing it again after today.”

The other students also looked at Lu Xiaocha pitifully.

“Thats right, thats right.

Xiaocha, let us see more.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

At this moment, someone from another class walked in from the backstage.

Coincidentally, it was Leng Xinruis class.

Their class prepared a group dance.

Leng Xinrui had learned to dance since she was young and was very proud of it.

“Its just the dress that looks good.

If it were me, I would look good too.

Lu Xiaocha, dont think that Ill admit defeat just like that.”

With that, she shook her head proudly and left with her dancers.

The students of 7th Grade Class 1 were speechless.

“What Was she provoking us just now”

Lu Xiaocha spread her hands.

Her impression of Leng Xinrui was that she was a spoiled young lady who was a little too arrogant.

Unlike Pei Xue, Leng Xinrui hated people and would provoke others openly.

She disdained playing tricks.

Basically, all her thoughts were written on her face.

It was also because she was too easy to understand or even too straightforward that Pei Xue had used her previously.

However, Leng Xinrui gave her a better impression than his brother.

Her brother was purely a domineering person.

However, no matter what the two of them did, Lu Xiaocha did not plan to interact much.

However, if The Leng family really reached out to the Lu family, she wouldnt be polite.

Thinking of the ending of the Lu family in the novel, Lu Xiaocha frowned and pondered.

All the tragedy in the Lu family stemmed from that plane crash.

The Lu familys head and heir both died, which accelerated the ambition of those who were already eyeing the Lu family covetously.

The novel was described from the perspective of Leng Yunting and Bai Yunyiwei.

Although the Leng family also participated in the suppression and division of the Lu family, it was definitely not just the Leng family.

Logically speaking, even if Daddy Lu and her big brother were no longer around, with Lu Xiaochas understanding of the other brothers of the Lu family, each of them was a figure who could hold their own.

Even if that happened to the little brother who was still in school, he would have grown up quickly and definitely not ended up like that.

Moreover, there was Fu Ye.

She understood Fu Yes personality.

Although he was unpredictable, he was definitely loyal.

With his relationship with his brothers, he would definitely not leave him in the lurch.

So… what happened to the rest of the Lu family in some scenes that were not described in the novel

While Lu Xiaocha was deep in thought and analyzing, she felt a pat on her shoulder.

She turned around and saw an ugly green fish head.

Unexpectedly, it was so ugly that she subconsciously punched him.


The familiar voice made Lu Xiaocha control herself and not throw this person over her shoulder.

“Little thing, youre really merciless.”

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes.

“What the hell are you doing now”

Fu Ye took off the green-headed fish mask, and one of his eyes turned into a panda eye.

“I just wanted to scare you.”

Not to mention Lu Xiaocha, even he admired himself a little.

He didnt learn his lesson every time he was beaten up and dared to come again.

“What are you thinking about”

He placed a box in front of her.

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Here are some mooncakes for you.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

After opening the box, all kinds of exquisite mooncakes were revealed.

“Thank you.”

With food, she immediately became amiable with Fu Ye.

She took a purple mooncake that was smaller than the size of her palm and started eating.

“Theres no need to thank me.

Anyway, it was sent by the heretic bureau.

I got you a box while I was at it.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him.

“If I go to the heretic bureau tomorrow, can I get another box of mooncakes”

The taste of this mooncake was really good.

When she took a bite, the sweetness was moderate and the texture was soft.

The filling inside was also different.

The ham was made with heretic meat.

It was full of energy.

“Why dont you give it a try”

As the two of them spoke, her cell phone rang.

It was a call from her mother.

“Xiaocha, where are you now Well wait for you at the backstage exit.”

Lu Xiaocha quickly said, “Ill change my clothes and come out immediately.”

She stuffed the mooncake in her hand into her mouth in a few mouthfuls, and her cheeks immediately puffed up.

“Mm-hmm, hold it for me.”

Lu Xiaocha stuffed the remaining mooncakes into Fu Yes arms and ran to the changing room with her dress.

Lu Beichen, who was hosting in front, almost rolled his eyes when he saw Fu Ye.

“Yo, Little Chen is quite handsome today.”

Lu Beichen could not be bothered with this thick-skinned fellow.

Lu Xiaocha came out of the changing room.

Her gorgeous dress had been changed.

“This dress…”

“I bought the dress along with the jewelry.

Put it in here.”

He took out the gift box that contained the dress and walked over to carefully fold the dress before putting it in.

“Daddy and Mommy are waiting outside.

Ill go out first.”

Lu Beichen nodded.

“I still have some time before it ends.

You can go first.”

Lu Xiaocha left a mooncake for her brother and ran out happily with the rest.

Fu Ye followed behind unhurriedly.

He was holding a camera and doing something.

She was so focused on eating the mooncakes that she didnt look where she was going.

As she ran, she accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry, sorry.

Are you okay”

She did not feel any pain and was a little worried about the person she had bumped into.

“Oh, Im fine.”

A low voice sounded from above.

Lu Xiaocha looked up and met a pair of long and indifferent eyes.

The young man in the black suit lowered his eyes and looked at the fair person in front of him.

The indestructible coldness in his eyes seemed to soften a little.

“Walk slower.

Dont jump like this next time.

Its easy to bump into people.

Does your head hurt”

The young mans voice was cold, but he was… surprisingly talkative

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

She did not hate this persons nagging.

“It doesnt hurt.”

“Xiaocha, Huh… Beihuai, didnt you go to the washroom Why did you meet Xiaocha Xiaocha, this is your eldest brother.”

Lu Xiaocha blinked and looked up at the mature and steady young man in front of her.

“Big Brother”

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