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The mission Xie Suian and the others had received this time was in a remote mountain.

Several villagers had gone missing there.

Someone reported that they had seen something terrifying.

They also found some spider web-like things in the mountains.

They were very sticky, and they had seen some bones on them that frightened the local residents.


Xie Suian led the team to check.

At the moment, they only knew that it should be a spider-type heretic, but it was difficult to tell its level.

Yin Shian was with Team Two.

One reason was to gain experience, and the other reason was that with him around, it was equivalent to giving the team a layer of insurance.

Fortunately, they had brought him along.

Otherwise, they would have suffered heavy losses this time.

It was a Grade A Ghost Face Spider.

It used the large forest as its hunting ground.

Be it humans or animals, they could not escape its spider web.

Moreover, the most fatal thing was that its spider web was poisonous.

It could paralyze the body for a short period of time and make one unable to move.

It was also extremely sticky.

As long as one was stuck to it, there was no way to escape.

The only way was to attack it with fire, but its hunting ground was a forest.

Fire meant that the forest was also in danger.

Xie Suians defense and attack power were not bad, but poison was impossible to guard against.

He almost fell for it.

Not to mention his teammates.

At first, they did not know that the spider webs were poisonous.

Many people had touched them.

By the time they reacted, their bodies could not move at all.

In the end, Xie Suian fought the Grade A heretic to a standstill, but he quickly fell into a disadvantageous position.

At the critical moment, Yin Shian beat up the Grade A heretic and killed him.

Only then were the members of Team Two safe.

In the mission hall of the seventh district, the corpse of a black and ugly giant spider was placed there.

The surrounding people avoided the heretics because they did not know if this spider was poisonous.

Xie Suian and the others were all injured to varying degrees and looked a little disheveled.

The only person on the team who looked the same as when they went was Yin Shian.

The gazes of the surrounding people landed on him.

There was admiration and fear.

“Brother, its all thanks to you this time.

You and I will split the points for this mission 50-50.

Half of the points will be yours.”

He had discussed this with Yin Shian when they returned.

Because the main credit for killing this Ghost Face Spider was him, and he was the savior of everyone in Team Two, no one had any objections to this.

Yin Shian nodded.

Suddenly, his nose twitched, and his red eyes lit up.

In the next second, he disappeared and appeared in front of Lu Xiaocha in a moment.

Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye were very calm in the face of the person who suddenly appeared, but Qin Ze was so frightened that he took a few steps back.

“What the hell!”

Yin Shian didnt even look at him.

He looked at Lu Xiaocha like a puppy.

“Xiaocha, I earned points.”

He was an old monster who had lived for thousands of years, but he was innocent and easy to understand.

Lu Xiaocha stroked his head.

“Well done.”

If Yin Shian, who had been praised, had a tail, he would definitely be wagging it.

He even brought Lu Xiaocha to the Ghost-Faced Spider.

“Xiaocha, do you want some”

Lu Xiaocha looked at the spider in front of her.

It looked similar to the king crab that Fu Ye had brought back.

However, it was dark and had fur on its body.

It was really ugly.

It was mainly because the head was too ugly, like the skin that had been severely burned.

Two rows of blood-red eyes grew from the head to the back.

Lu Xiaocha, who was a foodie, understood the meaning of the wordsugly rejection.

Lu Xiaocha said, “It doesnt look delicious.”

Fu Ye said, “Its leg hair is so thick and long.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded expressionlessly.

“How disgusting.”

There was no fluctuation in her tone.

One really could not tell how disgusted she was.

Fu Ye said, “And that head.

Wasnt this hideous head really scalded by boiling water”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Ugly.”

Fu Ye said, “What the hell Tsk, tsk, tsk… How ugly.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Yes, its difficult to disagree.”

Everyone was speechless.

The dead Ghost Face Spider: “…”

‘Im not human, but youre dogs!

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