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Lu Beilin took a piece of chocolate and handed it to Lu Xiaocha.


Soon, Lu Beilin was surrounded by the children.

At this moment, in their eyes, Lu Beilin might be a god-like existence.

“Big brother, youre so awesome.

How did you do it”

“Big Brother, are you a God You can conjure so many things.”

The children surrounded him and chattered.

Lu Beilins move was quite shocking to the children.

Moreover, Lu Xiaocha realized that the little boy who had been sitting alone in the corner had also walked over and stood not far away to watch.

Ah Yue took the chocolate and squatted down.

“For you.”

The little boy only looked at Ah Yue without saying anything.

Ah Yue had also grown up in kindergarten.

He knew how to take care of children and was very patient.

In the end, he took the chocolate from Ah Yues hand, but he still did not speak.

Ah Yue and the director were not in a hurry.

They would take it slow.

After the children of the orphanage finished lunch, Lu Xiaocha brought them to play.

There were many entertainment facilities in the orphanage.

She was quite happy playing with a group of children.

After playing for a while, the children stopped to do handicrafts.

Even if the orphanage was not short of money now, they would still make these handmade works and sell them to save money.

The children were very serious.

They made fake pearls into the shapes of various small animals or plants.

Although they were cheap, they were beautiful.

“Big sister Xiaocha.”

A little girl ran over and tugged at Lu Xiaochas clothes.

“Sister Xiaocha, can I raise plants to sell”

Lu Xiaocha blinked.


The little girl said, “Id better ask Brother Ah Yue.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

She felt that she was being despised.

The little girl was the girl called Lele who said she wanted to marry Lu Beilin.

“I want to raise beautiful flowers and cute succulents.”

Previously, when the director brought them out to buy things, she was fascinated by the various beautiful flowers in the flower shop and cute succulent plants.

Ah Yue stroked her head.

“Sure, but before that, you have to study hard.

After you learn how to read, Ill find a book on how to raise flowers for you to read.

This way, youll know how to treat plants when theyre sick.

When your flowers are ready, Ill help you open a flower shop.”

Lele became excited.

“Thank you, Brother Ah Yue.

Ill work hard!”

She had a target now.

Lu Xiaocha scratched her head.

“Plants are so fragile.

Can they be raised”

Lu Beilin said, “You definitely wont be able to keep them alive.”

Lu Beichen strongly agreed.

Just look at the orchid she had discovered on Mount Wuqi previously.

She had gone up and violently pulled it out with her bare hands.

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips.

She didnt care about raising them.

Why would she raise those useless flowers She might as well grow green onions and chives.

At least these things could be eaten.

They left in the afternoon.

The director brought the children to send them off personally.

“Come back when you have time.”

The director watched them leave with a smile, her eyes filled with relief.

Because the two children she raised were doing well.

That was enough.

Grandpa Fus birthday was coming soon, and Lu Xiaocha was thinking about what gift to give him.

Hence, she ran to the heretic bureau and asked Fu Ye, “Have you bought Grandpa Fu a safety talisman and health pills”

Fu Ye flicked her forehead.

“What do you think”

He bought these good things for the old man as soon as he had points.

Lu Xiaocha frowned.

“I want to prepare a birthday gift for Grandpa Fu, but I dont know what to give him.”

Fu Ye said casually, “Just buy something.

Arent there some antique calligraphy and paintings in the Ghost Market He likes them, do you want to buy some”

The antiques in the heretic bureaus ghost market were definitely authentic.

Although the points required were not much, the importance of points in the heretic bureau was different from money.

The girl supported her chin and shook her head with a sigh.

“Those things are useless.

It feels too perfunctory to give them to Grandpa Fu.”

Grandpa Fu treated her quite well.

She wanted to see if she could give him something that he liked.

“Why dont we take on a mission and try our luck to see if we can encounter something good”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

She was very lucky!

“Alright, lets go.

Call Yin Shian.”

The three of them chose the S Grade mission in the mission hall.

The staff in the mission hall looked incredulous.

“You… only the three of you”

The reason why the mission was so difficult was that there was a large swamp and poisonous fog.

The swamp ate humans, and the poisonous fog was even more dangerous.

Those who entered would feel suffocated every few minutes, and even protective suits with gas masks couldnt protect them.

Moreover, those who were infected by the poisonous fog died in a rather miserable manner.

Their bodies were covered in terrifying red abscesses, and their skin was torn.

No one dared to accept that mission, not even Tang Huan, who was known to be a lunatic.

But now, these three people…

The staff glanced at the youngest among them, Lu Xiaocha.

“I advise you to consider it seriously.

Not to mention that the heretic there is very likely a Grade S heretic that exceeds Grade A, just the swamp and poisonous fog are very difficult to pass.

Fu Ye replied, “Well take it.”

Because Lu Xiaocha said that she had a way to deal with those poisonous things, Fu Ye trusted her quite a lot.

He accepted the mission without hesitation.

Under the staffs complicated gaze, the three of them finally accepted this mission as a single team.

The mission systems in the districts of the heretic bureau were all connected.

They could get a few teams to work together to complete these missions, or they could choose a single team or complete them alone.

After this mission was accepted, it would be displayed on the mission board of each district.

“F*ck, which team accepted the Poison Fog Swamp mission”

“Let me see, let me see.

Hiss… This is a temporary team.

They didnt ask for a team.

F*ck, f*ck, there are only three people!”

“Whos so crazy Theyre going to die.”

“I dont know how many people from the heretic bureau have died in this damn place.

Previously, Captain Qin brought people there, but several people died before they could enter.

If he hadnt decisively given up on this mission, I dont know how many more people would have died.”

“The speed at which the swamp devours is ridiculous.

Moreover, there are also blood-sucking leeches and swamp crocodiles inside.

Theres no shortcut at all.

If youre not careful, youll sink in and be devoured by those things until not even your bones are left.”

“Theres also the poisonous fog.

Ive seen photos of those who were poisoned by the poisonous fog.

Its too terrifying.

Their bodies are covered in abscesses and itchy.

They wished they could tear off their flesh.”

“Do these three people not know how dangerous the Poison Fog Swamp is or do they just have no fear”

“Even if they didnt know before accepting the mission, the person who issued the mission when they accepted it would explain.

But they still accepted it.”

“Thats it.

These three people are going to die.”

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