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Bai Niannian grabbed Lu Xiaochas hand sadly.

“Im sorry, Xiaocha.

We didnt want this to happen either.

I hope you can understand.

If, if those ghouls catch up, then run.”

A woman beside Bai Niannian looked at Lu Xiaocha impatiently.

“Niannian, youre too soft-hearted.

She was the one who lured these ghouls here.

Do you want all of us to die with her”

Everyone agreed.

After struggling in the post-apocalyptic world for so long, who wanted to die

Lu Xiaocha shook off Bai Niannians hand and felt disgusted.

Right on the heels of that, she stood up and slapped Bai Niannian across the face.

Accompanied by the sudden crisp slap and her scolding.

“Understand your a**!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Ah!!! Lu Xiaocha, what are you doing!”

The girl beside Bai Niannian stood up and raised her hand to hit Lu Xiaocha, but she was kicked away in the next second.

Bai Niannian suppressed the humiliation and anger in her heart.

“Xiaocha, we know you feel wronged, but you have to think for everyone.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at this woman mockingly.

She was always like this, as if she had considered everyones consolation prize, but she only used such a method to pull everyone to her and ostracize her.

In the past, he was a fool and really believed her nonsense.

“Lu Xiaocha, what are you doing!”

“Do you want to die”

“This is your fault.

What right do you have to hit Nian Nian”

Even Captain Wang Wenan frowned and scolded.

“Lu Xiaocha, now is not the time for you to fight among yourselves.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“A group of ingrates.

Even if the supplies I found are fed to the dogs, the dogs will wag their tails when they see me.

You ingrates are really worse than dogs.”


Everyone was furious.

They wanted to retort, but they felt guilty.

That was because every time they looked for supplies, she would rush ahead as if she was not afraid of death and bring back the most things.

Lu Xiaocha pointed at Bai Niannian.

“What about her What did she give you to make you protect her so much Is she your biological mother or something Do you think shell answer if you call her Mom”

Everyones faces turned pale from Lu Xiaochas words.

Bai Niannian covered her face, and resentment flashed across her eyes.

When did Lu Xiaocha become so eloquent

“Xiaocha, even if youre angry, you cant distort the truth, right Everyone found the supplies together.

When did they become yours alone Even if you hate me, you dont have to say that about me.”

As she spoke, Bai Niannian started crying.

She was always like this.

She knew when to say something, and she could arouse everyones dark thoughts.

Perhaps out of embarrassment and unwillingness to admit his cowardice, the others also criticized her.

“Thats right.

Everyone found the supplies together.

They belong to the team.”

“How can you be so shameless”

“Niannian is doing this for all of us.”

Lu Xiaocha crossed her arms and waited for them to finish.

When she saw the smugness in Bai Niannians eyes, she suddenly felt sick of it.

“Shes really… such a scheming b*tch.”

Lu Xiaocha mocked sarcastically.

After staying with the Lu family for so long and watching so much television, she learned how to recognize scheming b*tches.

It was all because Third Brother had taught her well.

Bai Niannians face turned pale.

Although some people had said that about her behind her back, no one had ever mocked her like that.

Lu Xiaocha even hit her!!!

After Lu Xiaocha finished mocking her, she left to look for Wang Wenan.

“Where are my supplies”

Everyone looked at her nervously.

Captain Wang Wenan asked, “Why are you taking the supplies”

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes.

“Why do you care I dont want to give it to you anymore.”

Bai Niannian said, “Xiaocha, how could you do this These supplies belong to everyone.

When did they become yours”

She no longer cared about her kind persona.

She couldnt take it lying down when Lu Xiaocha had made her suffer so much!

Lu Xiaocha had taken the supplies to harm the interests of the others on the team.

Of course, they would not do it.

Everyone looked at her with disgust and started scolding her.

Lu Xiaocha ignored the others and looked at Wang Wenan.

“Are you not giving it to me”

Wang Wenan smiled and said in a dignified manner, “Lu Xiaocha, what are you talking about We found the supplies together.

When distributing the supplies, we have to distribute them equally.

If everyone is like you, it will be a mess.”

Lu Xiaocha laughed in anger.

She knew that these people were shameless, but she had still underestimated how shameless they were.

“Alright, so be it.”

Lu Xiaocha lowered her eyes to hide the fierceness in them.

She walked to a corner and closed her eyes to rest and think.

What was her current situation

Reborn again

She returned to her original world and was reborn

She secretly clenched her fists and suddenly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were filled with determination.

She didnt want to stay here.

If she really came back, she would find the ghoul emperor and self-destruct again.

Regardless of whether she could return to the Lu family or not, she did not want to stay here.

The people in the team were secretly observing Lu Xiaochas current situation.

The woman she had kicked away earlier was cursing under Bai Niannians care.

Bai Niannians words fanned the flames in the team, making everyone dislike Lu Xiaocha even more.

At this moment, all of them were in the warehouse, surrounded by many ghouls.

As long as they rested well and opened the door, they would have to face those ghouls directly.

This was also the reason why Bai Niannian asked Lu Xiaocha to sacrifice herself.

She also said without any guilt that the reason why those ghouls followed them was that she was injured and attracted them with her blood.

However, in Lu Xiaochas memory, when Bai Niannian went with her to look for supplies, she was injured while trying to save Bai Niannian.

Those Zombies were also attracted by the sound of the shelves collapsing.

Although, they did follow the smell of her blood after that.

However, after returning to the team, Bai Niannian never mentioned this matter.

Lu Xiaocha: How unlucky.

Why was I so stupid to save a rat in the gutter in the past

Lu Xiaocha felt that even calling her an ingrate was not enough.

The night was getting darker.

Lu Xiaocha suddenly stood up and walked to the door.

Everyone in the team was looking at her.

Lu Xiaocha pointed her middle finger at them.

It could be said that she was quite arrogant.

She learned it from Fu Ye!

It felt great to see those people swallowing flies!

Wang Wenan, Bai Niannian, and the others were about to die of anger.

“Lu Xiaocha, you…”

The next second, their anger turned into fear.

“What are you doing!”

Lu Xiaocha did not answer anyones question and opened the door of the warehouse.

“Bye bye, fools.

Whether you can survive depends on your ability!”

She wasnt the type to repay evil with kindness, especially after knowing how Bai Niannian and the others would treat her.

Lu Xiaocha took revenge on the spot.

Since they wanted her to die, everyone can die together.

Ah no… Anyway, she was resistant to poison, but she didnt know about the others.

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