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“Wenan, what are you talking about Youre joking, right How can we break up”

Bai Niannian panicked.

Wang Wenan said, “Im sorry.

I cant accept you being such a person.”

With that, he turned to leave.

Bai Niannian quickly hugged his arm.

“Wenan, you cant do this.

You cant abandon me!”

In this post-apocalyptic world, she was just an ordinary water-type superpowered person.

Moreover, because she rarely practiced, her level was especially low.

If she was abandoned, she didnt even dare to imagine what would happen to her.

Bai Niannian was about to salvage the situation when the bases alarm rang.

“The ghouls are surrounding the city!”

Someone shouted, and right on the heels of that, the entire base fell into chaos.

The ghouls were surrounding the city.

This was a moment of life and death for the entire base.

Everyone had to go to the front line to resist the ghouls.

However, looking at the densely packed ghouls, everyone felt despair.

The Hope Base lasted for three days.

As the number of ghouls decreased, more bad news came.

“What!!! The ghoul emperor!”

This time, there was no possibility of survival.

Hope Base was finished.

The ghoul emperor stood on top of the wall and tore a person apart.

He stared at the people in the base with his pitch-black eyes.

His body exuded a powerful pressure that made peoples limbs go limp.

The moment the ghoul emperor appeared, it made people lose their ability to fight.

Just as the entire base fell into numbness and despair, a figure descended from the sky like a god.

She was petite and held a Tang sword.

In an instant, she slashed at the ghoul emperor dozens of times, sending the ghoul emperor flying.

It was Lu Xiaocha.

She glanced at the blade that was curled up from slashing the ghoul emperors body.

She decisively threw the blade aside and went up with her bare hands.

The Zombie Emperor, who was caught off guard and slashed dozens of times, lay at the bottom of the pit.

It had never been in such a sorry state since it became a ghoul.

In an instant, he flew up angrily and collided with Lu Xiaocha.

The two of them were so fast that the naked eye could not see their figures at all.

However, the powerful pressure brought about by each collision not only made humans feel uncomfortable, but the ghouls also did not dare to advance an inch.

Everyone in Hope Base was stunned.

“Who… who is that person”

She… could actually fight the ghoul emperor head-on.

This was too f*cking unbelievable.

Bai Niannians expression changed when she saw the petite figure.

She recognized her.

It was Lu Xiaocha.

Her breath caught, and her fingers curled into fists.

She only knew that Lu Xiaocha had become stronger, but… but she did not expect her to be so powerful.

She did not even have the courage to look at the ghoul emperor directly, but Lu Xiaocha could fight it head-on.

Moreover, she had an advantage!

At this moment, Bai Niannian even viciously hoped that the ghoul emperor would win.

If Lu Xiaocha survived, she would become the hero of the entire world.

Die, die!

On this side, Lu Xiaocha had the upper hand and was beating the ghoul emperor to death.

However, soon, a few zombie kings surrounded Lu Xiaocha under the emperors summons.

She fought a few alone, and the humans watching the battle instantly became nervous.

It was time…

Lu Xiaocha did not even look back at the human base.

She brought the ghoul emperor and a few zombie kings to the place where the zombies gathered the most.

Accompanied by the intense tremors and explosions, Lu Xiaocha perished with these ghouls.

Just like last time, she did not hesitate at all this time.

The survivors of Hope Base survived, but they were not happy.

Because their hero had died.

After clearing out the remaining ghouls and rebuilding Hope Base after the disaster, everyone remembered the god-like person who had descended from the sky.

Then, some in the base recognized that person as Lu Xiaocha, the Lu Xiaocha who was wanted by the Zhanfeng Squad two years ago.

For a moment, the members of the Zhanfeng Squad were like rats crossing the street.

The higher-ups of the base even found out the truth about what happened back then.

They were very angry that the Zhanfeng Squad had slandered Lu Xiaocha and even abandoned her to be bait.

The Zhanfeng Squad had become famous, but it was not the way Wang Wenan wanted it to be.

As the instigator, Bai Niannian did not end up well.

She was secretly beaten up by many people and chased out of Hope Base.

In the end, she died in the mouth of a ghoul.

Wang Wenan was ambitious, but from the moment he knew that the hero who saved the entire base was Lu Xiaocha, he was destined to never succeed.

In the future, he would only be at the lowest level in the base.

Even ordinary people would despise him when they saw him.

The other members of the Zhanfeng Squad werent any better.

In the end, the entire Zhanfeng Squad ceased to exist.

After self-destructing with the ghoul emperor, Lu Xiaocha, who had been in asoul state, watched everything happen coldly.

An ethereal voice bewitched her.

“Now that your enemies have gotten what they deserved and you have become a hero, I can give you a chance to be reborn.

When you go back, you will obtain supreme power and unlimited money.

Do you want to go back”

Lu Xiaocha said expressionlessly, “No.”

The voice paused, as if it was angry.

“Why Arent you happy to see what happened to your enemy”

Lu Xiaochas expressionless voice was cold.

“Let me go back to the real world.

Dont make me beat you up.”

After three seconds of silence, the voice said weakly, “What are you talking about Isnt this the real world”

Lu Xiaocha suddenly turned her head in a certain direction in the sky and grabbed it.

A black cat was caught in her hand.

“F*ck! How did you find me Let go of me!”

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