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Lu Xiaocha stood at the side and watched the conflict secretly.

As long as her people were fine, she was happy.

Lu Beichen saw the eagerness in her eyes, and she even took out a handful of sunflower seeds out of nowhere!


Lu Beichen was speechless again.


He was worried that his sister would be sad after being bullied by that mother and daughter.

Lu Beichen really wanted to shake her shoulder and say, “If you encounter such a thing next time, hit her and scold her back!”

There was no prior instant of her family silently compromising after being bullied.

“Chen, do you want some”

Lu Xiaocha looked at the young master beside her who was staring at her with disappointment.

She hesitated for a moment and handed him five sunflower seeds.


Lu Beichen: “… Call me Older Brother!”

Lu Xiaocha pouted and called him older brother, before she began to gnaw on the sunflower seeds like a little hamster.

The sunflower seeds she kept were large and plump.

Every one of them was fragrant.

After eating a few, a fair palm that looked like it had never done any work reached out before her.

There were even two peeled sunflower seeds on it.

Lu Xiaocha turned to look at her brother beside her, but Lu Beichen did not look at her.

He looked straight ahead.

“You can have it.

Im not eating.”

Why did those fair ears look a little red, though


Lu Xiaocha smiled, revealing two beautiful dimples on both sides of her snow-white cheeks.

“Older Brother, youre so kind ~”

The Lu family were indeed the villains described in the book.

Even though the daughter of the wealthy lady was crying pitifully, the couple had no intention of letting them off.

Lu Zhan looked for his assistant and found the number of the rich ladys husband.

Since his wife was in charge of bullying women, he naturally had to solve the problem in a mans way.

He called the number and coldly and simply described the situation.

The general idea was that his wife and daughter had bullied his precious daughter.

Then, he hung up the phone and blacklisted the Liu family.

Pei Anran raised her chin slightly, looking bright and proud.

“In the future, dont let me see you at any banquet venues where I appear.”

With that, she snorted softly and stomped away in her heels.

On the other hand, the rich lady and her daughter almost fainted when they heard her words.

Whenever Pei Anran went to banquets, many wealthy ladies would fight to enter.

This was directly cutting off the possibility of their family continuing to move up the social ladder.

Perhaps, their Liu family would be worse than before from today onwards.


At this moment, the rich lady and her daughter were filled with regret.

Why did she have to be so talkative for no reason when she came to buy clothes Why did she have to be so rude!

However, they were even more resentful towards Lu Xiaocha.

She was a member of the Lu family, but she was wearing such cheap clothes.

Wasnt this clearly a scam!

“Xiaocha, they wont dare to bully you again.”

When Lu Xiaochas Mom and Dad walked over, their faces changed.

In front of her daughter, she instantly changed from a vicious villain to a noble and elegant mother.

Lu XIaocha tilted her head and rubbed it on her hand, not feeling that there was anything wrong with this.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad.”

Lu Zhans lips curled up slightly.


Lu, Mr.

Lu, I know I was wrong.

Please spare me.

I wont dare to do it again.”

After dealing with the rich lady and her daughter, they had both temporarily forgotten about the saleswoman after seeing their daughters sweet smile.

Who knew that she would court death herself


The saleswoman was crying pitifully.

As she shouted for Mr.

Lu, she pounced on him.

Lu Zhan turned his body slightly, and Pei Anran swung her skirt arrogantly.

She raised her black high heels and kicked the saleswoman fiercely.


The saleswoman was kicked away.

Pei Anran put her feet down and gracefully patted her skirt.

She looked at the saleswoman on the ground and sneered condescendingly.

“Ridiculous, this trick of yours is already outdated.

Im right here and you dare to pounce on my husband!”

Lu Zhan put his arm around his wifes shoulder.

“Dont be angry with such a person.

Its not worth it.”

Beside him, the store manager and salespersons mouths dropped wide enough to fit eggs.

This Mrs.

Lu was indeed as valiant as the rumors said!

They had always heard that CEO Lu was a henpecked husband, but now they understood why.

If he dared to mess around outside, he would probably be beaten up at home.


Lu Xiaochas eyes widened as she looked at her parents and her brother.


Lu Beichen was very calm, as if he was already used to this.

“Lets go, Xiaocha.

Mommy has bought all your clothes already.”

Pei Anran held Lu Xiaochas soft hand and left with her husband and son.

As for the saleswoman, she naturally wouldnt have a good ending.

Lu Zhan had said that he didnt want to see her anymore.

She might not be able to be a saleswoman in any high-end luxury store in the future.


Lu Xiaocha, who had already left the clothing store, looked at her mother with sparkling eyes.

“Mom, you were so cool just now!”

Being stared at by her cute daughter like this made Pei Anran feel a little embarrassed.

“I was afraid of scaring you,”

When she kicked the saleswoman, it was out of reflex.

Ever since her husband had made his family business bigger and more prestigious, all kinds of women often tried to challenge her bottom line and position.

Fortunately, the husband she chose doted on her.

After that, other than when he was at work, he brought her along no matter where he went.

When he encountered women who tried to pounce onto him, Lu Zhan would simply turn around and let his wife deal with them.


Over time, the two of them formed a tacit understanding.


As long as someone leaned on him, Lu Zhan would turn his body slightly to reveal his wife, and Pei Anran would beat them up without any hesitation.


So… she could be so arrogant and domineering because she had been spoiled.

Lu Xiaocha hugged her arm and rubbed against it like a kitten.

“I like this kind of mom.”

In her previous life, she had wondered what her family would be like.

She felt warm and fuzzy in her heart to have such a loving family in this life.

A broad palm fell on her head and gently ruffled Lu Xiaochas soft hair.

Her fathers dignified voice was filled with his unique gentleness.

“If anyone bullies you again, come and tell us.”

Lu Xiaocha showed her cute dimples at the corners of her mouth, and her eyebrows were curved like clear and bright beautiful crescents.


She rubbed her head against her fathers palm and nodded obediently.

Lu Beichen walked beside his sister coolly with his hands in his pockets.

‘When are you going to school

Lu Xiaocha: “!!!”

She had… to go to school!

The expression on her face froze, and her clear eyes darted to her brother.

“I… I have to go to school”

Her tone sounded very reluctant.

Lu Beichen looked at her in surprise.

“Dont tell me youve forgotten that youre only thirteen Dont the children in the orphanage go to school”

Lu Xiaocha touched her nose guiltily.

“Its… Its not that.

Its just my academic results… arent very good.”

What a joke.

The education shed received in her previous life was all about survival and fighting zombies.

As for other knowledge, could that stuff fill their stomachs Could it keep them alive They were lucky if they could read.


She had only learnt to read so that she could read novels to pass the time.


In this world, Lu Xiaochas brain was a little blank, not to mention her academic results.

She always got the lowest scores in every exam.



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