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They left through a special flight tunnel.

Once on the plane, the Nightmare Cat looked around curiously like a country bumpkin.

“This metal lump can actually fly in the sky.

How is it possible”

Fortunately, they were the only ones here.

Otherwise, it would be terrible if others heard a cat talk.

“This is a plane.

Ask him.

Im going to sleep.”

Lu Xiaocha put the blindfold on her eyes and fell asleep on the comfortable chair.

She did not want to answer all kinds of strange questions from the Nightmare Cat and threw it to Fu Ye.

Fu Ye was speechless.

‘Do I look like I enjoy answering questions

The Nightmare Cat nimbly jumped onto the chair Lu Xiaocha was leaning against and swung its long furry tail.

“How did the plane fly Did the Demon Slayer do it But I remember that the Demon Slayer can only let their swords fly.

They cant even fly themselves.

This place is so big.

I think this can be my house.

Its spacious.”

The corners of Fu Yes mouth twitched.

“… I think youre dreaming.

Your face is so big, yet you still want to treat the plane as your house.”

Even he didnt have such treatment.

The Nightmare Cat shook its whiskers.

It was very dissatisfied with this human.

‘Wait, Ill weave a nightmare for you when you sleep!

The Nightmare Cat cursed in its heart.

It glanced at Yin Shian and retracted its gaze.

Feeling a little bored, it picked Lu Xiaocha and curled up in her arms, staring at the television in front of it with its golden eyes.

A melodramatic television show was playing on it.

It was addictive to watch it.

Moreover, it had changed from squatting to lying on its stomach with the tip of its tail curled up.

The crow landed on the chair and watched television with the Nightmare Cat.

The two heretics, who had never left the forest, were addicted to watching television.

Oh, and a Zombie too.

When they got off the plane, they were still a little reluctant.

Fu Ye said, “You can watch as much as you want when we get back.”

Only then did the Nightmare Cat raise its furry face proudly and jump onto Lu Xiaochas shoulder.

They took a car all the way to the heretic bureau.

It had been eight days since they accepted the mission.

Everyone thought that the three people who had accepted the Poisonous Swamp would not be able to return safely, but they had returned!!!

All three of them came back alive!

Gossip would always spread at an unbelievable speed.

In just a few minutes, the seven district forums of the heretic bureau were filled with the three mission holders who had accepted the poisonous swamp mission.

The moment this news was released, the entire seventh district was in an uproar.

In the mission hall, Fu Ye, Lu Xiaocha, and Yin Shian were handing over the mission.

Knowing that they had completed the poisonous swamp mission, the staff looked at Fu Ye and the other two in shock.

She could not handle this matter.

She had to find the person in charge.

The person in charge of the mission area had the surname Sun.

When she heard the news, she rushed over.

“You completed the Poison Swamp mission Are you really sure Is there a heretic inside What level of heretic is it”

Chief Sun asked a series of questions as soon as he arrived.

Fu Ye nodded.

“Theres a heretic.

Its a Grade S.”


The surrounding people gasped when they heard that it was a Grade S heretic.

It was a Grade S!

They had guessed that it would be Grade A at the most.

They had not expected it to be Grade S!

This was big news.

Chief Suns eyes widened and his breathing quickened.

“Are you sure Did you see what kind of heretic it was How did you escape from the hands of a Grade S heretic”

It was not that he did not trust these three young people, but they really looked too young.

Yin Shian was still wearing a black cloak.

He usually lived in seclusion in the heretic bureau.

Most of them knew his name, but they had never seen this Zombie in real life.

Therefore, the staff did not recognize him when he accepted the mission.

At this moment, he covered his face, and Chief Suns gaze did not fall on him, so he did not recognize him.

Fu Ye said, “Yes.”

The Nightmare Cat on Lu Xiaochas shoulder was brought down.

“This is it.”

Everyone was speechless.

The mission hall suddenly fell silent.

Chief Sun looked furious.

“Young man, this is no joke.”

Fu Ye could not be bothered to say anything else.

He used his phone to scan the Nightmare Cat and placed the results in front of him.

[Grade S heretic Nightmare Cat.

Its fast and can enter peoples dreams.

Skills: Weaving Dreams, Weaving Illusions.]

Chief Sun: “”

Chief Sun: “!!!”


He couldnt help but curse in shock.

He couldnt be blamed for this.

The people who had gathered around to take a look couldnt help but spout curse words as well.

He looked at the ordinary-looking black cat with a slightly longer tail and then at Fu Yes phone.

Unconvinced, he took out his phone and scanned it again.

Then, he looked at the exact same result.

Everyone was speechless.

F*ck, was this a joke!

He had seen many heretics who were easily taller than buildings, but he now saw such a small Grade S heretic.

It was ridiculous.

The Nightmare Cat broke free from Fu Ye and jumped onto Lu Xiaochas shoulder.

“What are you looking at Have you never seen a Nightmare Cat before”

Everyone: “!!!”

“It f*cking spoke.

Slap me.

Was it an illusion just now”

A slap sounded.

That person touched his face.

“It doesnt hurt.

Its indeed an illusion.”

“Motherf*cker, why did you hit me!”

The person beside him covered his face as tears streamed down his face.

The person who slapped him looked at his hand.

“My hand hurts.

Its really not an illusion.”

The person who was slapped:F*ck your ancestors!

The Nightmare Cat puffed out its chest proudly at the commotion it had caused.

“A bunch of ignorant bumpkins.”

After it finished speaking, Fu Ye and Yin Shian couldnt help but look at it.

Previously, when they entered the city, it was a bumpkin itself.

Chief Suns body trembled with excitement as he looked at the Nightmare Cat with shining eyes.

“Is this really a Grade S”

The Nightmare Cat glanced at him disdainfully.

“Whats wrong Am I not worthy.”

Chief Sun didnt look angry at all.

“No, no, no.

I just find it unbelievable.

Weve never encountered such abilities before.”

He rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Give it to me.

Let me see.”

A Grade S heretic.

Such a petite and cute one, and it had not hurt anyone since it was captured.

Chief Sun boldly determined that this heretic was friendly to humans.

This… this was too rare!

The Nightmare Cat turned its head proudly.

“I dont want to.

Youre too ugly.

I want to follow her.”

The Nightmare Cat pointed at Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha, who wanted to bring the cat to the heretic bureau and get rid of it, was speechless.

Chief Sun, who was called ugly, was speechless.

He touched his face and shed tears.

Lu Xiaocha said expressionlessly, “No, Im ugly too!”

In order to let the Nightmare Cat stay in the heretic bureau, she started to criticize herself.

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