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On the plane to Province A.

The moment they appeared at the airport, they received a lot of attention.

They continued to walk forward as if they were used to it.

In the special passageway, after a series of checks, Lu Beifeng and Fu Ye took the initiative to take out the Blue Frost and the Godslayer.

The staff member held the two weapons and Fu Ye took out his work pass from the heretic bureau.

The few of them successfully passed the security check with weapons, including the cat on Lu Xiaochas shoulder.

It was only two hours by plane from Upper City in Province S to Province A.

Fu Ye said, “If we want to find the heretic bureau in Area One, we need to go to the street office of the Yaoyao Bureau first.

Lets go.”

Lu Beifeng asked, “What kind of name is this Why dont they just name it the street office of the heretic bureau”

There were very few people in the Yaoyao Bureaus street office.

They were mostly old people.

The houses around it here were also old.

At the Yaoyao Bureaus street office, they knocked on the door and entered.

The interior was pretty decent.

“Hello, this is the street office of the Yaoyao Bureau.

Is there anything I can help you with”

An amiable plump man beamed at them.

Fu Ye, Lu Beichen, and Lu Beifeng went forward to explain.

However, Lu Xiaocha and the Nightmare Cats gazes landed on an ancient well in the courtyard.

A young Daoist priest in a Daoist robe was bringing up a cold watermelon from the ancient well.

The Nightmare Cat clearly heard Lu Xiaocha swallow her saliva.

It asked, “Is it good”

Lu Xiaocha said, “It looks delicious.”

The Daoist priest on the other side could not ignore the two burning gazes.

He looked up and realized that it was a cute girl and a black cat.

He smiled gently and waved his hand and signaled them to go over.

Lu Xiaocha really did not know what politeness was.

She jogged over with the cat.

She stood in front of the Daoist priest and stared at the big watermelon in his hand.

“Want some”

The young Daoist priests voice was gentle and teasing.

Lu Xiaocha and the Nightmare Cat nodded.

“Is this good”

The Daoist priest laughed.

His laughter was carefree and clear.

“Of course.

I planted the watermelon myself.

The watermelon chilled in this ancient well is much better than the watermelon frozen in the fridge.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up as she listened.

The cat also drooled.

“Come here.

Ill give you half.”

Although Lu Xiaocha said that this was not good, her body followed him honestly.

The young Daoist priest laughed when he saw the two greedy cats.

He was not angry.

After Fu Ye and Lu Beichen explained their intentions to the middle-aged man, they turned around and saw that their little sister had disappeared!

They searched the courtyard and easily discovered two people and a cat sitting at the stone table under a small bamboo forest.

They sat comfortably on the chairs, holding a piece of bright red watermelon in their hands.

After taking a bite, they narrowed their eyes in bliss.

Lu Xiaocha said, “This is the best watermelon Ive ever eaten!”

The juice was full, and it was sweet when she took a bite.

Because it had been chilled, it was cold.

It was simply too satisfying to eat on a hot day.

In a corner of the table, the Nightmare Cat was also happily eating a piece of watermelon.

Fu Ye and the other two were speechless.

She was here on vacation

“Hahaha… Thats Qin Jiu from district ones heretic bureau.

If you want to look for the person in charge of the district, he can bring you along.”

Lu Xiaocha seemed to have noticed her brothers gazes and immediately sat up straight and waved.

“Brothers, this watermelon is delicious! Ill try it for you.”

She had left a small piece for the three of them and did not eat much herself.

“Do you still have watermelons Can I buy them from you”

Qin Jiu laughed.

“Yes, how do you plan to pay”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Points”

Qin Jiu said, “Thats fine.

My watermelon isnt cheap.

Ten points for one.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

She was willing to pay ten points.

Fu Ye and the other two walked over.

After greeting each other politely, they sat down to eat watermelon.

Needless to say, the watermelon was really delicious!

Qin Jiu asked, “Why are you looking for Zhao at district one”

Zhao was the person in charge of their district.

Lu Xiaocha said, “To ask him if he can help us contact someone who can refine pills.”

Qin Jiu understood.

“The Nangong Family is indeed hard to find.”

Lu Beichen and Lu Beifeng paused slightly when they heard the Nangong Family.

Just like Lu Xiaocha, they thought of their uncle immediately.

But… that shouldnt be possible.

How could there be such a coincidence in this world

Qin Jiu didnt ask them what pill they wanted to refine.

After eating the watermelon, he brought them to the heretic bureau in the first district.

This was at most a reception area.

The heretic bureau was in a relatively remote district.

The entire district was filled with people from the heretic bureau.

When they entered, they had to identify themselves.

Other outsiders could not enter at all.

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