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Just by looking at his actions, there was no hesitation.

Coupled with his slender and handsome appearance, many people cheered.

This did not look like it was his first time riding a horse.

Whether it was the posture of getting on the horse or riding the horse, he gave off a confident and proud aura.

Nangong Yunxuans guards also got on their horses.

The two sides looked at each other.

The guards were eyeing them covetously, but Fu Ye calmly played with the bow in his hand.

Many people were worried if he could pull the bow.

“Whos going first”

Fu Ye raised his chin.

“You go first.”

The guard smiled provocatively.

“Alright, Ill give you a demonstration first!”


The guard spurred his horse away, nocked an arrow, and hit the bullseye with a swish.

Although they despised Nangong Yunxuans methods, such results received cheers from the audience.

Each of the ten arrows hit the bullseye.

This result was praised by many people.

But even if he won, it wouldnt be glorious.

Many people looked at Fu Yes expression.

Unfortunately, he was expressionless.

“Your turn.”

Fu Ye responded lazily and rode the horse forward.

The next second, his aura changed.

From a lazy person to a wild wolf that was ready to pounce, the guard even felt the horse under him become restless.

For a moment, his heart was in turmoil.

He looked at the young man who had been acting nonchalantly in shock.

Initially, he thought that his attitude was just him being lazy, but he did not expect that when it was his turn, his aura would suddenly become so shocking.

Everyone watched as his dark eyes were as sharp as a wolfs.

The young man with defined facial features instantly became aggressive.


The horse instantly galloped out.

Under the influence of Fu Yes aura, it actually ran even faster.

Fu Ye held the longbow in his hand and kicked the arrow barrel hanging on the side of the horse.

The moment an arrow flew out, he grabbed it and shot it.

This series of actions did not stop at all.

The sound of an arrow piercing through the air rang out.

Everyone saw Fu Ye shoot through the bullseye and watched as the target continued flying for a few meters before stopping at the opposite wall.

“Holy sh*t!”


Shocked voices immediately sounded in the shooting range.

It pierced through the target!

How much strength did he have Moreover, his aim was very good.

The next few arrows had the same effect.

The young men of the Nangong Family looked at Fu Ye with admiration.

However, the guard and Nangong Yunxuans expressions darkened, especially the latters.

After shooting, Fu Ye slowly walked back.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Nangong Yunxuan arrogantly.

“Thats it”

That disdainful tone was really a slap in the face.

He retracted his gaze.

When his gaze landed on Lu Xiaocha, it became a high-spirited smile again.

“How is it Your brother did well, right”

His silly expression showed that he wanted to be praised.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

Then, she added, “Impressive.”

She even gave him a thumbs-up.

Fu Ye was satisfied.

Nangong Yunyao and Yunyi looked at Fu Ye with shining eyes.

“How did you do that Can you teach us”

These two youths admired the strong very much.

Fu Ye looked so handsome when he shot the arrow just now.

The two of them wished they could immediately become his disciples.

Fu Ye waved his hand.

“No, no.

Im still lacking.”

The two of them thought that he was being humble, but Fu Ye was telling the truth.

It was just shooting through the target.

The kid would probably explode the target!

The second match was Lu Beichens.

He could ride a horse, but not shoot an arrow.

Although, he had played shooting before.

The results of the first few shots were not good.

There were sighs from the archery field, and Nangong Yunxuan was overjoyed.

They were definitely going to win this round!

Lu Beichen was unaffected by those pessimistic voices.

He continued to adjust his condition and draw his bow.

The last arrow finally hit the bullseye.

While others looked down on his results, Lu Beichen laughed.

The others could not understand why he was still smiling so happily after losing.

Lu Xiaocha said, “Brother is amazing!”

Everyone was speechless.

‘Are you sure

Lu Beichen said humbly, “I didnt do well, I only hit one bullseye.”

However, the teacher who taught riding and archery could tell the truth.

He looked at his students, expecting better from them.

“Youre looking down on his results Cant you tell that this is his first time holding a bow Moreover, its his first time shooting on a moving horse.

The first arrow missed the target because hes not familiar with bows at all.

Then, he quickly adjusted his posture.

There was a clear improvement in the second arrow.

He hit the second ring.

The third arrow hit the third ring.

The fourth arrow was close to the fourth ring.

Every arrow he shot was improving.

Every time he failed, he would quickly find the reason.

He even calculated the wind resistance and adjusted the posture of drawing the bow.

In the end, he successfully hit the bullseye.

This growth speed is simply unbelievable.

You still have the cheek to look down on his results!”

Everyone in the Nangong Family was speechless.

Hearing their teachers analysis, they finally realized.

They immediately looked at Lu Beichen as if they were looking at a monster.

‘F*ck! Is he even human!

Thinking back to what he had just said, that was simply amazing!

Nangong Yunxuans face alternated between green and white.

Although she had won, why couldnt she feel better

Facing everyones gazes, Lu Beichen smiled modestly.

“I was just lucky.”

Everyone was speechless.

Was it a fluke to draw the bow and shoot steadily for the first time

Their teacher looked at Lu Beichen as if he was looking at a treasure.

Nangong Yunxuans eyelids twitched.


This was clearly a setup by her, but why was she so aggrieved compared to them

This time, it was Lu Beifeng.

Not only did their training camp involve shooting, but they also had to learn some cold weapons so that they could make their own weapons to survive in the wilderness.

The bow was one of them.

Therefore, his and Fu Yes postures were very standard.

He didnt have Fu Yes strength, but he… knew how to shoot a few arrows at the same time.

When Lu Beifeng shot three arrows on the bowstring and hit the three bullseyes, everyones jaws almost dropped.

“What the f*ck!!!”

“Three arrows fired at the same time! Hes f*cking showing off!”

Who were they Were they even human!

They must be a bunch of monsters who were here to embarrass the Nangong Family.

The archery teacher was dumbfounded.

Not to mention the others.

Nangong Yunhuan, who was originally very worried, was speechless.

‘Sorry for doubting.

He was thinking too much.

He was worried that they would be at a disadvantage.

These people were freaks!

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