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Nangong Yunxuan definitely couldnt stay in the residence now.

Although she had taken the First Elders assets, Nangong Yunxuans parents assets were left to her.

Of course, Nangong Yuxiu wouldnt kill a child.

It was just that she couldnt enjoy the benefits of power anymore.

Third Elder was also dealt with in the same way.

“Nonsense! My grandfather is a member of the Nangong Family.

Whats wrong with using some money Why should he be removed from his position as an elder He can say whatever he wants just because hes the patriarch I refuse to accept this!”

The guard looked at her expressionlessly.

“This matter was discussed by the Patriarch and the other elders.

It wasnt the Patriarchs idea alone.

The Patriarch wont see you either.

Please leave.”

His attitude was firm.

Nangong Yunxuan still wanted to make a fuss, but she was forcefully taken away.

Whether Nangong Yunxuan was willing to believe it or not, it was the truth.

As for those killers, Nangong Yuxiu didnt do anything to them.

He just waited for their boss to come and pick them up.

Because of this, the assassin organization owed Nangong Yuxiu a favor and gave him an identity card.

They also promised not to accept any missions related to him in the future.

After everything in the Nangong Family was settled, Nangong Yuxiu took out an emerald-green pill that he had already refined.

“This is a life-prolonging pill.”

Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye were pleasantly surprised.

“Thank you, Uncle.

What do you want Do you want the thousand-year-old ginseng”

Nangong Yuxiu smiled.

“Why are you telling me this Im your uncle and Im just helping to refine pills.

I also obtained a lot of benefits from refining the life-prolonging pill this time.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “But you used a lot of your herbs.”

Nangong Yuxiu took out another bottle of pills and handed it to Lu Xiaocha.

“Those herbs are specially planted in the Nangong Familys medicinal field.

Its not too rare for me, so you dont have to think that Im at a disadvantage.

“This bottle of pills is the Vigor Consolidating Pill.

Take it back and give it to your parents and eldest brother.

Its good for your health.

Previously, I was still thinking of a way to give these pills to them.”

He looked at his nephew and niece and laughed.

“Since you all know about the heretic bureau, the others should know too, right”

The three nodded.

Nangong Yuxiu stroked Lu Xiaochas hair.

“Be good.

Go home first.

I have to settle my matters at home for a while.

Ill look for you after Im done.

“The auction I told Xiaocha about was organized by the heretic bureau.

There are many good things inside.

You can use points to auction or use cash or barter.

Go back and prepare.”

Since the life-prolonging pill had been refined, it was time for them to leave.

Coincidentally, Grandpa Fus birthday banquet was in three days.

This trip to Province A was a pleasant surprise.

She didnt expect her uncle to have such a mysterious identity.

The Nangong Family wasnt an ordinary hermit family, but an alchemy family that had been passed down for a thousand years!

It was already night when they returned to the Lu family.

Knowing that they would arrive today, Pei Anran asked the kitchen to prepare a lot of delicious food.


“Mom, Dad.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled.

It was more comfortable to stay at home.

“Lets eat first.”

Pei Anran, who was familiar with her daughters personality, immediately pulled her to her side.

“Look, theyre all your favorites.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up as she looked at the table full of fragrant food.

When she ate too much at the Nangong Family ate too much, she was always stared at by Nangong Yunhuan and the others.

At the dining table, the family was having a good time.

They talked about their trip to the Nangong Family while eating.

Although she had already heard them on the phone, Pei Anran was still surprised.

“I really didnt expect Yuxiu to be related to the heretic bureau.”

Pei Anrans heart ached.

“After returning to such a family, Yuxiu must be under a lot of pressure.

Unfortunately, we couldnt help him at all back then.”

As a child who had grown up outside, the pressure he had to bear to be suddenly brought into such a family was unimaginable.

“Fortunately, that child has been smart since he was young.

When he was in junior high school, he already went to earn money by himself so that he wouldnt cause me trouble.

Actually, I feel that Ive let him down.

After Mom left, he was the only family I had.”

Lu Zhan held his wifes hand and comforted her silently.

Pei Anran looked at her husband and outstanding children.

She was already very satisfied in this life.

They had suffered for the first half of their lives, but the rest of their lives were sweet!

The children at the dining table were speechless.

They felt like they were being stuffed with dog food.

Since she was back… she should go to school.

The final exam was coming soon.

Lu Xiaocha was worried.

Compared to doing exam papers, she would rather hunt bandits!

In the morning, she carried her bag and sighed with fried dough sticks in her mouth.

Everyone was amused by her wrinkled face.

Pei Anran was caught between laughter and tears.

“Were not forcing you to do well in the exam.

Why are you so worried”

Lu Xiaocha said, “If I score last, wont I embarrass my brother and you”

The only thing she did not feel ashamed of was herself.

Anyway, she was quite thick-skinned.

Lu Beichen was also wearing a blue and white school uniform.

He carried his school bag and walked over.

“Its okay.

I dont mind.”

Pei Anran laughed.

“Dad and Mom dont mind either.

Xiaocha, as long as youre happy in school.

Although I know you dont like to study, you have to interact with your peers.”

Of course, Lu Xiaocha knew that her parents were doing this for her own good.

She nodded and carried her bag.

“Goodbye, Mom and Dad.

Brother and I are going to school.”

When they were about to leave in the car, Lu Beihuais car stopped in front of them.

“Get in the car.

Its on the way.”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

‘Brother, do you think we are fools How was this on the way!

‘Dont think I dont know that youre doing this for our sister.

Why didnt I see you on the way when I was going to school in the past

After Lu Xiaocha got into the car, her big brother took her bag.

Moreover, he took out a cup of milk tea from the seat beside him and many various snacks from the car.

Lu Xiaocha: “!!!”

‘Big Brother, I love you!

Lu Beichen was speechless.

Good lord, good lord!

“These snacks are all produced by your own company.

You can eat as much as you want.”

Lu Beichen was at a loss.

“Brother, when did our family have a company that produces snacks”

Although he was young, the family business had never hidden anything from him.

His family was even consciously nurturing him.

So… why didnt he know that his family had a snack business

Lu Beihuais expression did not change.

“I bought it half a month ago.

Its not safe to buy snacks outside.

Xiaocha, if you like these, eat your own.

Theres also milk tea.

The milk tea shop was established a week ago.

Try and see if its good.

If you need any suggestions, feel free to ask.

In the future, the milk tea shop will send one over every morning.

You can choose your favorite flavor.”

This time, Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

‘I really didnt expect you to do such a thing!

However, it would be a lie to say that she was not touched.

Lu Xiaocha was not stupid enough to not see that all of this was for her.

Her brothers care was heavy.

Lu Xiaocha felt warm.

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