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That day, Lu Beilin asked someone to bring Li An to his staff dormitory.

It was a familiar face.

“Ah Yue”

Ah Yue was quite happy to see Lu Xiaocha.

He nodded vigorously and smiled with his neat and white teeth.

“Boss.” He was much more serious when facing Lu Beilin.

Lu Beilin raised his chin and pointed in Li Ans direction.

“Take him to your dormitory and teach him some common sense.”

From their previous conversation, he realized that this child was really stupid.

He did not know anything about modern society.

Ah Yue nodded and left with the youth without asking anything.

Lu Beilin rubbed his sisters head.

“Good job, you picked up someone who knows Gu the moment I left.”

Lu Xiaocha yawned.

“He followed me.”

“Brother, do you have any clues about that person”

Lu Beilin shook his head.

“No, its very difficult to investigate.”

From the internet system, he found out that she had only appeared recently.

There was no previous news at all.

He understood that she came from the Southern border.

These Gu breeders who lived in the Southern border lived in the mountains and forests filled with poisonous insects.

If they wanted to investigate, they had to go to the place where they lived.

However, who would complain that their lives were too long and go to that damned place

Lu Xiaocha did not have to worry about Li An.

With him and the Little Fatty she had given Third Brother, Lu Xiaocha did not have to worry too much.

On this day, Lu Zhan and his eldest son, Lu Beihuai, were going overseas for a business trip.

During dinner, he told the rest of the family about this.

Lu Xiaocha had a bad feeling when they said that they were going overseas for a business trip.

She instantly tightened her grip on the chopsticks in her hand.

“Dad, Big Brother, where are you going on a business trip”

“Country M, whats wrong”

Lu Xiaocha frowned.

“Can you not go”

Lu Beihuai shook his head.

“No, theres a problem with the market in Country M.

Dad and I have to solve it.

Besides, weve already booked the plane tickets.”

His expression was still cold, but when he spoke to his sister, it was gentle.

“Whats wrong”

Lu Xiaocha didnt know what to say.

She just looked at them eagerly.

“I just have a bad feeling.

Can I go with you”

Lu Zhan said, “Dont worry, theres no danger.”

Lu Beihuai also comforted her.

“If Xiaocha is worried, we can take our private plane.”

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips.

“Cant I go with you I wont cause trouble.”

Lu Beihuai said patiently with a cold face like Lu Zhans.

“Dad and I will be busy when we get there.

We wont have time to take care of you.

Youre not familiar with that place, and theres no domestic security overseas.”

“Im not afraid.”

Lu Zhan and Lu Beihuai looked at her expectant gaze and could not bear to reject her.

“If you really want to go.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled.

“Then Ill go with you!”

The description of the Lu father and sons plane accident in the novel was very simple.

It did not specify which time, but it mentioned that it was flying to Country M.

Although the two of them had protective jade talismans on them, Lu Xiaocha did not dare to gamble with their lives.

Pei Anran smiled and teased, “Now I want to go too.”

Lu Zhan squeezed her hand.

“No, you have to help me watch over here.”

Pei Anran rolled her eyes.

“Got it, got it.”

After dinner, Lu Xiaocha went to pack her luggage.

She only needed to bring a few changes of clothes.

The next morning, she set off for the airport with her father and brother.

Originally, the father and son had booked a plane ticket, but because Lu Xiaocha was worried and she wanted to follow, they took their private plane.

Lu Xiaocha brought the Nightmare Cat along.

When she stood with her father and brother, she looked tiny.

Her skin was fair and delicate, and her thick black hair was tied into two slightly lazy braids.

She was wearing a baseball cap on her head, and her facial features were exquisite and soft.

She was also hugging a furry black cat, which was very eye-catching.

Behind the three of them were eight bodyguards in two neat rows.

All of them looked strong and good at fighting.

There was no expression on Lu Beihuais cold face, but if one got closer, they would realize that he had been talking.

“Xiaocha, you havent been overseas yet, right You can take this opportunity to walk around.

Take two bodyguards with you to carry your things.

When you get there, youll exchange for some money.

You can bring it with you at any time.

You can use our cards to buy anything you like.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.

“I understand, Brother.”

The plane was very fast.

Lu Xiaocha, who was sitting on the plane, had been vigilant, afraid that something would happen.

To her surprise, nothing happened.

In less than three hours, they arrived.

It was so smooth that Lu Xiaocha suspected that the accident was not this time.

However, she remembered that her father and the rest were supposed to take a civilian plane, so she checked on her phone.

Then, she broke into a cold sweat.

“Whats wrong”

Lu Xiaocha showed them the message on her phone.

A plane flying from Upper City to Country M had an accident and crashed.

Lu Zhan and Lu Beihuai checked the number of that plane and broke out in a cold sweat too.

This was because the plane ticket they had bought previously was for that plane.

Previously, it was Beilin.

This time, it was the father and son.

Lu Zhan did not believe that this was a coincidence.

However, when he thought of the innocent people on that plane, Lu Zhans face turned ashen.

“Find out what happened on this plane!”

Lu Beihuai quickly instructed.

Lu Zhans already cold face was so dark that it was as if an ice knife could fall.

The three of them sat in the car for a long time before Lu Beihuai spoke.

“Who is targeting us”

Lu Zhan shook his head.

“Although some people will use vicious methods in business competitions, I cant think of anyone who has the ability to reach out to this.”

Lu Xiaocha was also frowning and thinking.

“Dad, Brother, do you want to investigate The Leng family Previously, at the banquet of The Leng family, I saw that Leng Yunting was very hostile to Second Brother.

Moreover, that person seems to be a little crazy.”

Lu Xiaocha knew what was written in the novel.

The Leng family knew the moment something happened to the Lu family.

No matter how she looked at it, The Leng family was a suspect.

Lu Beihuai nodded.

“Ill get someone to investigate.”

Although the Lu father and son felt guilty for the innocent victims on the plane, they were not stupid enough to think that they were responsible.

The two of them were also victims.

All the blame was on the person who planned this accident.

The three of them checked into the hotel.

Lu Zhan and Lu Beihuai had a meeting, so they couldnt bring her along.

Lu Xiaocha listened obediently and could only remind them to bring the amulet.

However, after the two of them left, she carried the Nightmare Cat and followed silently.

Seeing that her father and brother had gone upstairs, she appeared downstairs with a cat in her arms.

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