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The snow-white girl was holding a black cat in her arms.

The color comparison was a little eye-catching.

The foreigners who came and went could not help but take another look at this Asian child.

Because she was too eye-catching, Lu Xiaocha quickly disappeared from the floor with the Nightmare Cat.

There were very few people in the area, and she could avoid them.

Basically, no one discovered her and the Nightmare Cat.

No matter what, Lu Xiaocha was still worried about her father and brother.

After the meeting, the Lu father and son looked at the time.

It was already a little late.

However, they still had to continue working.

They would probably have to stay up late today.

Nothing happened that day.

Lu Xiaocha carried the Nightmare Cat to buy food.

However, the awkward thing was that she did not learn English well, so she bought some food with much difficulty.

With a hot dog in her hand and a little black cat on her shoulder, she did not expect to meet someone she knew here.

Therode had to confirm several times before he realized that he had not mistaken the person.

It was really that Eastern elf!

He quickly left the celebrity he was talking to and ran out of the restaurant.

“Xiaocha, Lu Xiaocha…”

He called Lu Xiaochas name in broken Chinese.

Lu Xiaocha, who was eating a hot dog and walking slowly in front, heard someone call her name.

She turned around and saw that Therode was running quite fast in a suit.

“Dear, its really you.

I thought I was mistaken!”

Therode appeared to be very excited.

His Mandarin was much more fluent than before.

He must have studied it.

Lu Xiaocha was a little surprised.

She did not expect to meet a familiar person on a trip overseas.

“Xiaocha, are you here for me”

Lu Xiaocha: “…No, I came with Daddy and Brother.”

Therode shrugged.

“Oh, alright.

I was thinking too much.”

He did not mind too much and even chatted with her.

They basically talked about his movie and the character Yun Li.

“When my friend finishes filming his movie, Ill inform you about the audition for Magical World.

Believe me, youll stun everyone after the movie is broadcasted!”

Therode talked non-stop.

Lu Xiaocha listened while gnawing on a hot dog, but she was not impatient.

In the end, Therode wanted to treat Lu Xiaocha to a meal.

Lu Xiaocha did not go, she had to return to the hotel.

Therode was a little disappointed, but he did not force her to stay.

When Lu Xiaocha left, she was quite carefree, but as she walked, she and the Nightmare Cat were dumbfounded.

‘Oh no, Im lost…

The girl and cat walked around the street like headless flies.

In the end, the two adults who had returned to the hotel after settling their matters realized that they were gone and called her.

Only then did Lu Xiaocha say guiltily that she did not know where she was.

The two men were speechless.

Fortunately, their phones could locate her.

At that moment, Lu Xiaocha was watching a piano performance on the street.

At this moment, Country M had already fallen into darkness.

Neon lights were lit on the streets, and there were lively pedestrians everywhere.

Lu Xiaocha sat on the stone steps of a fountain in the square.

Opposite her, a street artist was playing and singing with a guitar.

Not many people listened to her sing.

Most of them went to play on the exciting skateboard.

Lu Xiaocha hugged the Nightmare Cat and listened quietly.

She didnt understand what the busker was singing, but the music had no borders.

She thought it sounded pretty good.

Lu Xiaocha had an Asian face and looked quiet.

Her skin was even fairer than the local white peoples.

She sat on the stone steps and looked at the singer with her big black and white eyes.

Many people who came to listen to the song looked at her.

There were even people who went forward to strike up a conversation, but Lu Xiaocha did not understand what they were saying.

There was a communication barrier, so it was left unsettled.

She could also listen to music quietly.

Lu Beihuai came to look for his sister alone.

His father was still busy.

The first thing he saw was his sisters obedient appearance.

“Why are you here”

It was quite a distance from the hotel.

When Lu Xiaocha saw her brother, she stood up and stood obediently beside her.

Upon hearing this, she couldnt help but mutter, “I came out to buy hot dog food.

After eating, I wanted to go back but realized that I couldnt find the way.

I couldnt communicate with others and couldnt understand the road sign and couldnt take a taxi, so I walked around and came here.”

Although she was walking around, she was actually following the food.

She did not panic as she ate along the way.

Lu Beihuai: “… If you get lost, you can call me and Dad.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes flickered guiltily.

She pinched the Nightmare Cats cat ears and pulled out a small piece of fur.

The Nightmare Cat was speechless.

It immediately scolded and moved its head away.

“Im just afraid of disturbing you.

Besides, with the card and money you gave me, I ate all the way here.

Im not in a hurry to go back.”

When she arrived, her father had already exchanged the money for her.

He probably thought that she might run out to buy food.

However, much of the food here was not to her liking.

As expected, she still liked the food from her own country.

Before Lu Xiaocha left, she gave the street artist some tips.

She was unwilling to give food, so there was nothing she could not bear to give.

After listening to that persons song, it was only right for her to give him a tip.

“Do you still want to play”

It wasnt too late.

Since they were already here, he didnt want to restrain Lu Xiaocha.

If she wanted to play, she could play.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“No need, Brother.

Lets go back.”

Her brother and father should be very tired now.

Lu Xiaocha wanted them to rest more.

Lu Beihuai nodded and walked side by side with his sister on the street.

The siblings did not take the car and strolled back.

Seeing how curious she was about everything here, Lu Beihuai asked her if she liked it here.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“I like it.

I like this world very much.”

She was not only curious about this place, but the entire world.

Speaking of which, he had never seen a foreigner in the post-apocalyptic world.

After all, they were on the other side of the ocean.

The mutated animals on land were ferocious, but they were far inferior to the mutated animals in the sea.

No matter how big the boat was, it was like a small boat in front of the mutated marine animals.

In the post-apocalyptic world, the sea, land, and air were all dangerous places, and the sea was the most dangerous.

All of this was not new to her.

When she returned to the hotel, Lu Beihuai would introduce everything around to her.

It was a sexy low-pitched voice.

When the handsome young man spoke to his sister, he lowered his eyes dotingly, causing many people to look over.

Lu Beihuai even brought her to the mall to buy a lot of clothes.

Actually, she felt that she did not need them, but she did not let her brother down.

When they returned to the hotel with the shopping bags, Daddy Lu had gone out for a while and had yet to return.

Lu Zhan did not hide anything and told her about the overseas company.

“Were mainly cooperating with the young master of the Layton Family overseas, but a few days ago, the Layton Family suddenly cut off their cooperation.

Since we came today, we havent been able to contact the young master of the Layton Family.

Father and I suspect that something must have happened internally.

Theres a banquet in the Layton Family the day after tomorrow, so we decided to go and take a look.”

Lu Xiaocha frowned.

“Brother, dont you think this banquet is too coincidental”

Lu Beihuai nodded.

“Its a coincidence, but we have no choice but to go.

The company here supports most of the Yun Nation people living here.

If theres a problem with the company here, many people will lose their jobs and it will affect our domestic economy.”

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