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Of course, Lu Xiaocha also noticed him, but the little girl was very calm and distant.

Her cat-like eyes looked at him for a moment before looking away.

Fu Ye clicked his tongue.

The childs eyes were so pretty!


The sofa beside Lu Xiaocha sank.

The wolf-like young man sat beside the little girl and crossed his legs as if this was his own home.

“Kid, are you really Lu Beifengs sister” Fu Ye turned his head and asked.

“Have you seen Lu Beichen” Lu Xiaocha did not answer her question.


Fu Ye narrowed his eyes and had a faint smile on his face.

His fingers casually played with a silvery-black lighter.


Take a guess”

Lu Xiaocha stopped talking and focused on the television again.

She did not stop eating either.

There were only three sticks of candied hawthorns left in her hand.

“Why have you stopped talking, kid”

He did not seem to notice that he was being despised.

Rather, Fu Ye was extremely thick-skinned and continued to talk to the little girl with a smile.

“Youre so noisy.”

Lu Xiaocha didnt even look at him.

Her snow-white cheeks were bulging from eating the candied hawthorns.

She muttered a perfunctory reply.

Fu Yes smile widened.

He leaned over slightly and pointed at her candied hawthorns with his slender fingers.

“Give me one.”

Lu Xiaocha instantly clenched the candied hawthorns in her hand and stared at the young man in front of her warily.



Her bulging cheeks and wide eyes made her look like an angry little puffer fish.

She was extremely protective of her food.

Fu Ye suddenly wanted to pinch the childs fair cheeks to see if they were as soft as he had imagined.


Fu Ye drawled, “Can your teeth stand eating so much”

Lu Xiaocha bared her white and neat teeth.

“I can even bite you!”

Fu Ye laughed out loud.

This cheerful laugh made him look more youthful and high-spirited.

Lu Xiaocha looked at him as if he was crazy.

“How about this, kid Give me a candied hawthorn and Ill buy you another stick.”


Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up, but she looked at him suspiciously.

Why would he want one of her candied hawthorns when he could already buy one

Fu Ye raised his eyebrows.

“You dont believe me”

Lu Xiaocha answered honestly, “Yeah.”

Fu Ye was speechless.

Did he look that untrustworthy

“If you give it to me now, Ill take you out to buy it immediately.

If you dont believe me even then…”

There was no other way.

Before he could finish, her small white hand reached over.

Her fingers were holding a round candied hawthorn covered in sugar.

He choked and looked down at the child.

“Here, you said it.

One of these for another stick.

If you dont buy it, Ill beat you to death!”

As she spoke, the little girl kept a straight face and stared at him with her dark eyes.

When she finished the last sentence, she bared her teeth.

Her tender and soft face made her look cute and a little fierce.


Fu Ye clicked his tongue.

Where did the Lu family find this child With such a small body, how could she beat him to death

A smile flashed across Fu Yes eyes.

He raised his hand to rub the little fellows head, but she turned her head away.

He wasnt annoyed.

He smiled, took the candied hawthorn and tossed it carelessly into his mouth.

“Lets go, kid.

Ill take you out for a walk.”

Lu Xiaocha looked reluctantly at the television, but between watching it and eating, she chose the latter without hesitation.

After all, she could still continue watching when she returned.

She wasnt in the post-apocalyptic world anymore, so she didnt have to worry about dying at any time.

After thinking this through, Lu Xiaocha obediently followed Fu Ye and left the Lu Manor.

As they walked, Fu Ye greeted the butler.

It was obvious that this guy often came here, and everyone in the Lu family knew him.

The butler stood upright and bowed slightly after opening the car door for Lu Xiaocha.

“Have fun, miss.

Call me if you need anything.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently and replied softly.

“Yes, I understand.”

Fu Ye glanced at her and thought to himself that this little fellow was very obedient.

Why did she dislike him so much


The Land Rover left the Lu Mansion and headed for the bustling city.

Fu Ye drove very quickly.

To be precise, he was speeding.

Even though they were on the ordinarily wide road, it felt like they were driving on the racing track.

He even glanced halfheartedly at the front seat.

The little girl with her seatbelt on was nestled quietly in the passenger seat, her eyes glistening as she stared out at the passing scenery.

She was completely unfazed by the speed of the car.

At this moment, a small truck suddenly drove over from the fork in the road in front.

Fu Yes speed was too fast.

Just as he was about to collide with the truck, the truck driver realized that the Land Rover that was charging at him had completely forgotten to react.

The young man in the drivers seat of the Land Rover, however, did not panic.

He had no intention of slowing down.

He gripped the steering wheel and drifted.

The entire vehicle avoided the truck at an impossible angle.

After coming to a stop, he drove away at lightning speed, leaving the truck driver with a cool rear.

The truck driver was covered in cold sweat and his face was pale.

After he regained his senses, he cursed in the direction of the Land Rover.

“F*ck %¥#@&, youre in a f*cking hurry to be reincarnated!”


In the car, Lu Xiaocha looked at Fu Ye expressionlessly.

“What are you doing”

Fu Ye really lived up to his name1.

He was indeed wild and arrogant.

“Ha… Cant you see were on the way to hell Are you scared, kid”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

I want to send you to hell right now! She thought.

She unbuckled her seat belt, stood up, and swung her fist.


Fu Ye, who had undergone various training, managed to catch this seemingly light punch with his sharp perception of danger.

However, in the next second, his expression changed.

With a crack, Fu Yes arm broke.


Fu Ye was speechless.

Fu Ye: “!!!”


The car swerved.

He hissed and continued driving with one hand, not forgetting to look at the child in shock.

“Youre so damn strong! You really punched me!”

Lu Xiaocha sat back down with a snort and fastened her seatbelt.

Her snow-white skin was expressionless as she spoke the most vicious words in the softest voice.

“If you dont drive properly, Ill send you to hell right now.”


Fu Ye was speechless.

No one other than that lunatic Lu Beifeng dared to speak to him like this.

As expected of siblings!


Fu Ye calmed down and finally started driving normally.

However, their first stop was… the First Peoples Hospital.


Fu Ye waved his hand and walked towards the hospital.

Lu Xiaochas face was scrunched up as she looked at the melted candied hawthorns in her hand.

“Why are you still holding that thing Its already melted, why dont you throw it away”

He looked disdainfully at the sticky candy in the girls hand.

Lu Xiaocha licked her lips and refused firmly.


The two of them walked side by side towards the hospital.

The atmosphere looked quite harmonious.

It was impossible to tell that the young mans hand had been broken by the young girl not long ago.

“Fine, if you dont throw it away, eat it.”

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and looked at him with her clean and pure eyes.

“One hawthorn in exchange for a stick of hawthorns”

Fu Ye was really impressed by this child.

“Fine, fine, fine.


Lu Xiaocha happily raised the candied hawthorns in her hand and handed them to him.

Fu Ye lowered his head and ate one.

“Oh dear…”

Fu Ye looked down at her.

“Whats wrong”

Lu Xiaochas clear eyes looked at him innocently.

“I licked it just now.”

Fu Ye was speechless.

F*ck! He cursed in his heart.


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