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“Whether the meat has gone bad or not, well know when we see it.”

After saying that, Lu Beifeng did not wait for the couple to react.

He strode over to their stall and started searching.

“What are you trying to do Is there no law!”

The couple tried their best to stop him.

They were rather agitated.

That man was about to hit him, but his hand was grabbed by the bodyguard.

The surrounding people joined in.

“Since you said that theres no spoiled meat, let us take a look.”

“Yeah, thatll prove your innocence.”

“Hes just taking a look.

Why are you guys so agitated Could it be that theres really spoiled meat”

“Lets not talk about the meat.

Just looking at their nails and saliva dripping onto the skewers when they talk makes me so disgusted that I cant eat.”

Lu Beifeng had already taken out the box containing the meat skewers.

It was not obvious when it was alone, but the smell of so much spoiled meat was a little indescribable.

Moreover, it was not just meat.

The vegetables they roasted were also roasted with dry vegetables.

It gave people a bad impression at first glance.

“Its really spoiled!”

“Motherf*cker, I ordered so much food.

If I get sick from this, I wont let you off.”

“What should I do My two children have eaten too.

Will something happen”

Those who had eaten these skewers immediately gagged from disgust.

Some were so agitated that they even wanted to hit the two of them.

The two bosses looked embarrassed, but they were still thinking of ways to avoid responsibility.

The man rolled his eyes and had an idea.

“Who… who said that these things are roasted for people to eat We kept them for the stray cats.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Theyre not for people to eat.

Theyre for stray cats and dogs.

Youve misunderstood.”

The two of them refused to admit it.

The onlookers were so angry that they laughed.

“Arent you shameless The evidence has already been found, yet youre still quibbling.”

“There are so many meat skewers, and you say you feed them all to stray cats and dogs Who are you kidding”

“How despicable.

Theyve already been caught and they still refuse to admit it.

Fortunately, I didnt eat their food.”

“This is too unhygienic.

The meat skewers and vegetables look like this, and their stalls are also sloppy.

Who would dare to eat your food”

Faced with everyones accusations, the couple insisted that these things were fed to stray cats and dogs.

Anyway, after today, the other people who would come did not know them, so they could still run their stall.

Just as they were thinking this, the people from the Health Bureau arrived.

“Excuse me, excuse me.

Someone has reported that the items sold in your stall are unclean.

Please accept an inspection.”

The couple was dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

The crowd cheered.

Lu Xiaocha and her brothers had already quietly exited the crowd.

Lu Beilin pinched his sisters nose.

“Not bad, you can even smell that.”

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips and smiled.

Her five senses were much stronger than others, and she was extremely familiar with rotten meat.

She could smell it when she walked to this shop.

She did not plan to expose them at first and wanted to just tell her fathers when they left.

However, who knew that these two people would court death themselves They saw that she could bring a wave of customers wherever she went and even had bad intentions of dragging her into the shop.

Cant blame her for doing this.

Although there was a detour, it did not affect her at all.

She still ate as she should.

“Brother, lets go eat stew.

That restaurant smells so good!”

She pulled Lu Beichen towards a stew shop.

However, other than Lu Xiaocha, no one else could eat anymore.

“Dont you want it Are you sure you dont want it”

Everyone decisively refused.

Nangong Yunyao hugged his stomach and complained, “Please, weve already eaten so much.

Who can still eat”

Lu Xiaocha took the spoon and started to dig in.

“Me! I can still eat.

Oh… its so fresh!”

The meat in this stew shop was the freshest, and there were also mushrooms wrapped inside.

The key was that there was a lot of meat inside.

The soup should be bone soup, and it was not greasy at all.

Seeing that she was eating happily, the people who entered the restaurant didnt hesitate to buy a bowl of the stew like her.

It was indeed delicious.

There was no fishy taste at all.

Nangong Yunyao poked Nangong Yunhuan with his arm.

“Im clearly full, but why do I want to eat when I see Lu Xiaocha eating”

Nangong Yunhuan was speechless.

‘How should I know To be honest, he wanted to eat too.

After finishing the stew, she bought some fragrant sugar-fried chestnuts, two roasted sweet potatoes, a few skewers of scalding gourds, and some packed spicy rabbit heads…

Even if she went back after shopping, Lu Xiaocha would buy things along the way.

She would ask her brothers to help her carry what she could not hold.

Nangong Yunyao was stunned.

“Glutton, I admire her!”

None of them could eat anymore.

Lu Xiaocha had eaten the entire street!

When she returned to the hotel, all those things were in her room.

“Too bad I didnt buy snail noodles and stinky tofu.”

The brothers were speechless.

Shut up.

She only muttered that she was very satisfied with so much food in front of her.

She took a sweet potato and started peeling it.

It was soft and sweet.


Lu Beichen and Lu Beifeng sat beside her and peeled chestnut shells for her.

They placed the intact chestnut meat on a plate.

When Lu Xiaocha finished two sweet potatoes, there was already a plate of chestnut meat in front of her.

She smiled and thanked them.

She even fed them one.

Lu Beifeng said, “No, I cant eat anymore.”

Lu Beichen nodded as well.

He looked a little vexed.

Every time he ate with his sister, he couldnt control himself.

He even seemed to be a little stuffed.

The group of young people watched the live Mukbang as she wiped out the pile of food on the table.

Although they couldnt eat anymore, watching her eat was really enjoyable.

“Eh… were on the trending searches.”

Lu Beiqing took out his phone and flipped through it.

He didnt expect that in less than a day, their family would actually become a trending topic!

Moreover, it suppressed a certain Best Actors trending topic and became number one.

That video was about what happened at Beian Food Street with the unscrupulous vendor.

However, no one on the Internet paid attention to the unscrupulous vendors.

Instead, they paid attention to their faces.

[F*ck, f*ck, what kind of godly looks are these No filters.

Look at the faces of the people beside them.

There is definitely no filter!]

[Ahhhh!!! Im going to die.

Why are there so many handsome men]

[Hubby, look at my husband! Hes so handsome that I cant close my legs!]

[The boys in ancient costumes have their own uniqueness.

Who can control themselves]

[The person in casual clothes beside him is also so handsome!]

[Youre all staring at handsome guys, but Im different.

Im looking at that little girl.

This is my dream BJD doll!]

[She and the young man beside her are twins, right They look too similar.

Boohoo… Please give me a dozen of such twins!]

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