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[From the video, she has always been protected by her brothers.

This is too cute.]

[I want so many good-looking family members to dote on me too!]

[Who are these people I havent found them in the entertainment industry.]

[If she enters the entertainment industry, she will occupy half of the industry.]

[The entire industry would belong to them.

I just want to ask when they will debut.]

[I wish to see these faces in the entertainment industry.

This isnt too much, right]

[This is too much! This video was clearly posted to suppress unscrupulous vendors.

How did it become like this!]

[We didnt want to, but their looks are too eye-catching.]

“Didnt they see the headline on this trending topic”

There were a few words written on it!

#Shocking, unscrupulous vendors are exposed for selling spoiled meat, the ending is satisfying! #

The original camera used in the video would more or less have some flaws when taking photos of others.

However, when it came to their entire family, it was as if they had been beautified.

Lu Beihuai asked, “Should we suppress these”

Lu Zhan pondered for a moment.


The Health Bureau will educate these two.”

Previously, as long as it was about them on the Internet, the video would be taken down.

However, this video was also a reminder about food safety, so Lu Beihuai was a little hesitant.

Under the power of money, the video quickly disappeared.

This popularity disappeared as fast as it rose.

Although the Internet had memories, most netizens hadamnesia.

After all, it was not related to them.

Who would be willing to spend too much time paying attention to something that only appeared for a moment

Even celebrities who did not appear for a long time were easily forgotten.

It was almost time for the auction tonight.

Fu Ye called Lu Xiaocha and asked her to wait for him at the hotel.

Lu Xiaocha said, “My father and brothers have cars.”

Fu Ye said, “Alright, when are you guys arriving Ill wait at the entrance of the auction.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Were leaving soon.”

When the car arrived at the entrance of the auction, she saw Fu Ye.

Fu Yes aura became more stable.

He liked to do missions in the heretic bureau.

For a period of time, he brought Yin Shian to do missions every day.

Without any fatal injuries, he didnt need Yin Shians help.

Every time he completed a mission, he would be covered in blood.

He was so tired that it hurt, but he felt abnormally satisfied.

That youth was growing, and he was growing at an unimaginable speed.

Previously, Fu Ye was extremely overbearing, as if his entire body was covered in thorns and it was difficult for anyone to approach him.

But now, he seemed to have put away his thorns and looked much more reserved and steady.

The arrogance in his eyes was still there, adding a few hints of spirit that belonged to a young man.

This was not annoying.

On the contrary, it would make most people envious.

Everyone wanted to live wantonly and live as they wanted.

Fu Ye had always been such a person.

“Uncle, Auntie, youre here.”

The young man, who often went on missions, was wearing a black work uniform.

Behind him was a glorious tall building, but he looked very casual.

He looked at Lu Xiaocha and greeted Lu Zhan and the others.

Pei Anran chuckled.

“Wheres your grandfather, Ah Ye How long have you been waiting here”

Fu Ye said, “Grandpa went in with his old comrade.

Im waiting for you guys.”

Lu Xiaochas brothers pursed their lips.

“Lets go in.”

The auction was very grand, and many people came here.

Those who could get an invitation to the auction were either rich or noble, or had contributed much to Yunzhou.

After entering, they met some acquaintances.

The Leng family and the Liao family.

As businessmen, although they were already very rich, their families were inconspicuous among these people who were all big bosses.

Even Lu Zhan had to be very respectful when he saw those scientists and professors who had made great contributions.

Of course, his respect was not groveling.

At this moment, The Liao family and the Leng familys fawning looks seemed a little too humble.

Actually, there was no need for that.

The head of the Leng family and his son, Leng Yunting, also saw the Lu family.

Then, he was shocked and dumbfounded the entire time.

Seeing that the entire Lu family was present, and thinking about how they had racked their brains to get one or two invitations, they immediately felt the difference between people.

Patriarch Liaos face twitched with a fake smile, looking a little strange.

“Patriarch Lu, are you bringing your wife and children on a holiday here”

Where did the Lu family get so many invitations!

When he thought about how he had been complacent and felt that he had reached the peak of his life before coming here, especially since he had not seen the Lu family since he came, he finally felt proud.

So what if he was the richest man This world was huge.

However, now that he saw the entire Lu family appear at the auction, he felt that hed been slapped in the face.

Lu Zhan said, “There are many invitations.”


Liao Zhongxian was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

He could only look at him with red eyes.

“Hehe… Is that so”

Lu Zhan said, “My daughter earned all the invitations.”

Lu Zhan was seriously showing off his daughter, but Liao Zhongxian felt that this fellow was definitely looking down on him!

‘Who are you trying to fool If I cant even get an invitation like this, how many can your daughter get for you

Liao Zhongxian gritted his teeth and chuckled.

He said sarcastically, “Then your daughter is really impressive.”

Lu Zhan said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

He was quite happy.

Liao Zhongxian was speechless.

‘Does it look like Im praising you!

The head of the Leng family was calmer.

He came over to greet them with a smile.

“I heard that the items in this auction are bought with points.

I wonder if Brother Liao and Brother Lu have prepared them”

The head of the Leng family was confident and arrogant.

One of his family members worked in the heretic bureau, and he had 2,000 points.

Dont think that these 2,000 points were too little.

It was rare for anyone in the heretic bureau to even have 1,000 points.

They were already considered rich.

Liao Zhongxian smiled ingratiatingly at the head of the Leng family.

“Brother Leng, you have someone in the heretic bureau.

Of course, you dont lack points.

Youll definitely be able to bid for a lot of good things later.”

Patriarch Leng laughed.

“No, no.

My mere 2,000 points are nothing.”

Fu Ye crossed his arms and listened to them brag.

“I wonder how many points Patriarch Lu has prepared With your ability, it should be at least 10,000 points, right”

One of them played the good cop and the other played the bad cop.

They wanted to see the Lu family make a fool of themselves.

The Lu family looked at them as if they were fools.

Fu Ye sneered.

“Dont tell me you dont know Xiaocha works in the heretic bureau.

Lu Beifeng occasionally receives missions from the heretic bureau too.”

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