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Each of these auction items had a very detailed introduction.

It was precisely because of this that it caused people to go crazy.

People like the Leng family and the Liao family only cursed that they had too few points.

It was not that businessmen like them had never come into contact with masters like Feng Shui fortune-tellers, but they usually came into contact with either scammers or dabblers.

If they were lucky enough to meet a true master, it would be very difficult to buy ordinary Talismans of Peace from them, let alone this Jade Talisman of Peace.

The jade talisman was difficult to draw.

Talismans of Peace and amulets had similar effects.

However, the former could predict danger, while the latter could only protect oneself.

However, the amulet was equivalent to an extra life.

In the end, the Jade Talisman of Peace and the protective jade talisman were bought by people with many points.

The Liao family and the Leng family could only watch helplessly.

They wished that those jade talismans would fall into their pockets.

If they knew that everyone in the Lu family had a Jade Talisman of Peace, who knew how jealous they would be

Lu Xiaocha had connections.

She could buy jade talismans from Qin Ze directly.

She did not care about these, but she preferred fruits with special effects.

The Saintess Fruit! Buy it!

An apple that could cleanse the body of impurities.


Mangoes that can remove spots and pimples, buy!

Heretic beast meat she had never eaten before.


Anyway, she had a lot of points, so she was not afraid of spending.

“Ill give you the Saintess Fruit, Mom.

I dont need it.”

“Dad, tell me if theres anything you want.

Ill buy it for you.”

“Brothers, what about you guys Have you taken a fancy to anything I still have a lot of points left.

Yin Shian has also given me his points.

I have to buy more blood for him.

The people around her who heard her…”

Why did this kid… have so many points!

“Whos that kid”

Seeing that she had bought so many things in a row and had already spent more than 5,000 points, someone could not help but ask.

“Her family gave her points to use like this This is too reckless.”

Grandpa Fu happened to be sitting beside that person and laughed when he heard that.

“Then youre wrong.

These points werent given to her by the adults in her family.

She earned them herself.”

His old friends around him were also interested.

They looked back and said.

“Yo, isnt this the kid from the Lu family you introduced to us at your birthday banquet Thats the daughter of the Lu familys kid, right Why do you say she earned those points herself”

Grandpa Fu said mysteriously, “Dont underestimate that little girl.

Shes very capable.

She did several missions in a row in the heretic bureau.

Do you know about the crow and the black turtle in District Seven”

Everyone knew that the crows ability to share vision had helped the narcotics police officers destroy the nests of several drug dealers.

The black tortoise also played a huge role in saving people in the water during the flood in Province C.

Speaking of this, the people from the other districts were jealous.

The spirit beasts plan was proposed by the higher-ups, but the first to implement this plan was District Seven, whose performance had always been at the bottom in previous years.

“I heard that theres a Grade SS heretic in District Seven.

Is that true”

Yin Shians existence had always been kept a secret by District Seven.

The person in charge of District Seven even got him an identity card.

He usually wore a black cloak when he went out.

In the beginning, he went on a few missions with Xie Suian.

Later on, he went with Lu Xiaocha, Fu Ye, and the others.

Some of the new members of District Seven didnt even know of Yin Shians existence, let alone the other districts.

However, there had always been this rumor.

Old Master Fu laughed.

“I dont know about that.”

Of course he knew, and he knew it all too well.

However, this was District Sevens trump card.

In case the people from the other districts had their eyes on Yin Shian, Yin Shian would not make a move unless he had no choice.

“Isnt your grandson in the District Seven heretic bureau I heard that hes a team leader.”

Old Master Fu said, “He didnt tell me anything.”

The person who wanted to ask for information shook his head in disappointment.


That was because Lu Xiaochas behavior of buying and buying whenever she encountered something edible had really attracted the attention of many people.

Some second-generation heirs were secretly cursing.

Who exactly was this person She actually had more points than them!

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