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“If you call me brother, Ill buy it for you.”

Lu Beifeng walked over and kicked him.

“Its not like she doesnt have a brother.

Does she need you”

Fu Ye clicked his tongue.

Indeed, it was annoying to have too many people come out with him.

In the end, he ran to buy two candied fruits for Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Xiaocha also called Fu Ye Brother with the candied fruits.

Fu Ye felt satisfied just by hearing her calling him brother.

He even looked at Lu Beifeng provocatively.

Lu Beifeng glared back.


“That candied fruit should be delicious.”

As she nibbled on the candied fruits in her hand, her lively eyes were still looking at the things on the other stalls.

Lu Beilin knocked her head lightly with his fan.

“Ill buy it for you.”

The stall owner was a young lady.

She took this opportunity to earn some extra money.

She made the candied plums and some pastries here herself.

Seeing Lu Beilin walk straight past, she tried her best not to be too excited.

However, her face had already betrayed her.

The girls face was already extremely red.

“H-hello, what do you need”

The girls at the vendors side looked over enviously.

Lu Beilin looked like a playboy.

He put away the fan in his hand and pointed at some snacks.

“Pack these up for my sister.”

Lu Xiaocha had already followed him over.

A furry head appeared behind him.

Lu Beilin pinched her nose, his peach blossom eyes smiling with a doting tone.

“I ordered everything for you.

Are you satisfied now”

Lu Xiaocha nodded crazily.

She was satisfied.

Super satisfied.

“Thank you, Third Brother.”

Lu Beichen walked over with some cold drinks.

“Sis, I think the ice cream sold over there is pretty good.

Try it.”

After saying that, he let her choose something to eat first.

“Candied fruits.”

She was holding something in both hands now and could not free her hands.

“Ill hold it first.

Eat quickly.

Dont wait for the candied fruits to melt.”

Lu Xiaochas voice was muffled.

“Ice cream is easier to melt.”

After handing the candied fruits to Fu Ye, Lu Xiaocha held the ice cream and ate it with a satisfied expression.

“Its delicious.

Brother, try it yourself.”

Lu Beichen hummed and distributed the cold drinks to the others.

He even left a bottle of sour plum soup for his sis to quench her thirst.

After Nangong Yunyi and the others thanked him, they smiled.

“You like it so much I saw some cold skewers over there.

Shall I buy some for you”

Lu Xiaocha nodded crazily.

Yes, yes, this was too good.

There was a pile of food.

She only needed to focus on eating.

The others were in charge of holding the food.

“Eat it yourselves.”

The things were bought by others.

Now, she had gradually learned not to be so protective of her food, especially those who treated her well.

After they left, they left behind a bunch of envious discussions.

“This is too much.”

“I feel like this is a group pet novel in reality.

Every one of her brothers is super handsome and has a good temperament!”

“Why didnt I notice them at the Hanfu Festival in the past”

“Boohoo… Im so envious.

Im so envious that tears are about to flow out of my mouth.”

“Please bless me, Bodhisattva.

Im willing to be a vegetarian for ten years.

Let me have so many good-looking brothers who dote on me!”

“Do you think I can recommend myself to be her sister-in-law now Im not picky.

Any one of them is fine!”

There were indeed many people who went forward shyly to add them on WeChat, but they all failed.

What was even more ridiculous was that there were boys who went forward.

Lu Beilin was not convinced.

“Why are muscular men looking for my contact information Those who came to look for you guys are cuter.”

He was in the business of bars and clubhouses, so he naturally knew some things about that industry.

For example, tops and bottoms.

According to his observation just now, those who came to him for contact information were all tops.

Those who came to look for Fourth Brother, Fu Ye and Nangong Yunyi, were all bottoms.


Damn it, did he look like a bottom

The others glanced at him.

He was beautiful and androgynous.

His peach blossom eyes and smile looked very flirtatious.

His red clothes made his skin even fairer, and his waist was so thin!

Although in reality, he was the type who looked thin in clothes and muscular when he took off his clothes.

There was a thin layer of muscles evenly distributed on his body, but it could not be seen now.

Fu Ye chased away a person who wanted his contact information impatiently with a dark expression.

Indeed, no one dared to approach him after that.

This move was quite effective.

Lu Beilin didnt want to deal with it anymore and changed his expression.

That pair of smiling peach blossom eyes were not smiling anymore.

With a hint of condescending coldness, it became what he looked like at work.

His face was still the same, but his entire temperament was different.

He carried the pressure of a superior, making people not dare to approach him.

Other than Lu Xiaocha, the others had more or less changed.

Then, they finally had peace.

Tranquility was only limited to walking on the road.

No one came forward to ask for their contact details, but there were still many people staring at them.

What they didnt know was that the group had already become famous in the Hanfu circle.

Their videos were everywhere in the circle.

In front of the stall where they bought candied plums, the videos of the brothers helping their younger sister buy snacks were the most popular.

They were already famous on the internet.

Lu Beiqing, who was dealing with some matters in the hotel, also saw his younger siblings: “…”

How long has it been since the last trending topic Why were they trending again

He leaned back on the sofa and clicked on the video.

The event location was very lively, and the sounds were a little chaotic.

His younger sister was wearing a pink and white Confucian dress.

Her hair had also been combed into a cute bun with some peach blossom hair accessories.

When she ate, her eyes curved into crescents and she smiled cutely!

Lu Beiqing couldnt help but smile as he watched.

“What are you looking at”

Lu Beihuai threw a document to him and asked calmly.

“My sis is wearing an ancient costume.

Shes so cute.”

Lu Beiqing was reserved and did not use the words “super cute”.

Was it about his little sister She was even wearing ancient clothes.

Then hell have to see.

Lu Beihuai quietly went over and asked him where he found it with just a glance.

Lu Beiqing said, “Just search for information related to the Hanfu Festival online.”

Then, he realized that this was not the only video.

There were many other videos after that.

The entire Hanfu Festival was almost overtaken by them.

The comments below were all screaming.

Then, there was a huge discussion about their looks.

This time, there were quite a lot of topics about their sister.

[Shes so cute.

The way she eats feels so blissful.

I dont think Ill ever get tired of watching her eat.]

[What kind of little angel is this I really want to steal her.]

[Such a cute human-shaped hamster.

Has my lost hamster become a spirit]

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