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[The height difference between the sister and her brothers is simply too adorable.

Shes standing in the middle of her brothers like a little puppy.

I want to squish her!]

[I feel that there are stars in her eyes when she eats.

This is too exquisite.

Shes like a porcelain doll.]

[I dont believe it.

Did they really not beautify their faces Why did the passers-by beside them become backgrounds for them!]

[This damn familiar feeling.

I wonder if everyone still remembers the trending topic of unscrupulous vendors the day before yesterday.]

[What unscrupulous vendors I only saw a large group of handsome men who made me cry.


[I dont know how that trending topic was removed.

According to my analysis, those two unscrupulous merchants only set up a street stall.

They didnt have the financial ability to remove the trending topic because the video of the unscrupulous vendors being captured and dealt with wasnt removed.

Then, the problem came.

Everyone looked at these handsome men.

Not only were they handsome, but they also had extraordinary auras.

It was obvious that they were young masters from rich families.

So why remove the video I have two theories.

Firstly, the people in the video might not like to be in the limelight and dont like to be criticized on the Internet.

They also have the ability to spend money to remove the trending topic.

Secondly, some incredible person was captured in the video, so the trending topic was removed.

Therefore, sisters, quickly save the video.

I hope the trending topic wont be removed this time.

Leave these precious boys and girls to us!”

[The video has been saved.

Praise, praise, praise, praise.

If they were all good comments, they wouldnt have been removed, right]

[All the fans, take action.

If you see anyone spouting nonsense, directly report them.]

[No matter which big boss it is, please dont remove the trending topics.

My heart will ache if I cant see such good-looking people!]

[As long as these videos are not deleted, I can kneel down and call you daddy.]

[Daddy, Daddy, show mercy.]

The older members of the Lu familys lips twitched when they saw these comments.

After a long while, Lu Beihuai finally said, “Are people nowadays so shameless”

Lu Beiqing was quite used to it.

“Its alright.

Didnt I hear people on the Internet call me Hubby every day Do you think I answered them”

Pei Anran looked at her daughter in the video and slapped her leg in frustration.

“Why havent I dressed Xiaocha up before”

Perhaps it was because Xiaocha was too independent after she arrived home.

She could do everything without help.

All she could do was make food for her.

She had never worn many of the dresses she had bought before, so she ignored them.

“No, no.

I have to get someone to custom-make some cheongsams or Hanfu.

Ill dress Xiaocha differently every day.”

Lu Zhan said, “Think about something suitable for fighting.”

Otherwise, she would be exposed.

Pei Anran was speechless.

Thats true.

Although her daughter looked obedient and soft in the video, in fact, her movements were big whether she was exercising or doing missions.

It would be bad if she was exposed.

“Wear it at home!”

“What about these videos”

Pei Anran said, “Lets not take them down.

Anyway, you and the eldest werent filmed.

Look at how sweet they are.

Im a little embarrassed by their praise.”

Lu Zhan, who had always followed his wifes orders, nodded.


Lu Xiaocha and her brothers, who did not know that they were already famous, went to return the clothes from the lady bosss shop and walked back to the hotel after having fun at the Hanfu Festival.

They did not change their clothes or hair.

In any case, there were people walking on the streets in ancient clothes everywhere.

They did not stand out.

However, they were still very eye-catching.

Lu Xiaocha touched her stomach.

She was finally full after eating so much along the way.

“Eh, were trending again”

Lu Beilin looked at the video on his phone and rubbed his chin as he muttered.

“You made me look a little ugly.

Tsk tsk… Its only been a few days.

Weve already trended twice.

Even the celebrities in the entertainment industry dont have as many trending topics as us.”

To be honest, they had suppressed several celebrities.

These people hated them so much in their hearts now.

They had spent a lot of money to become the trending topic, but it was squeezed out just like that.

They were all familiar faces.

They were the people who had pushed the Best Actors trending topic out the day before yesterday!

These people were too unscrupulous.

A group of people against one, and all of them were good-looking.

After returning to the hotel, Lu Xiaocha was picked up by her mother and swung around.

“My baby girl looks so beautiful in this.”

Even Lu Xiaocha blushed at the praise.

“Its the dress.”


Other people definitely dont look as good as you in this dress.”

After praising her daughter, Mrs.

Lu pulled her hand to the side and began to choose the style of the clothes.

“These are all custom-made for you.

See if you like them.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

She felt that her mother had unlocked some strange hobby.

When she woke up the next day, Lu Xiaocha went out to eat with her brother and the others.

She felt that she was being pointed at.

“Its them, right Theyre really handsome and cute.”

“Wow… Shes eating buns.

She looks exactly like a fluffy and soft hamster.”

“Shes so cute.

Her skin is so fair and smooth.

I want to touch her.”

“Her brothers really dote on her.

Shes so lucky.

If I had so many handsome, rich, and doting brothers, I would really be lucky!”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

To be honest, I also felt that there was smoke rising from my ancestral grave.

“Lets go.

If we dont leave now, more and more people will surround us.”

The boss of the bun shop was so happy that he bared his white teeth.

Because many people had come here to buy buns.

Lu Xiaocha nodded and was surrounded by her brothers as she had come.

Each of them was carrying a lot of things, including buns, steamed buns, steamed dumplings, various porridge, soy milk, and so on.

Of course, most of it was eaten by Lu Xiaocha.

After that, Lu Xiaocha did not dare to go out until the auction at night.

As soon as she went out, she was surrounded.

However, why did it feel like the entire world knew her in just one night

Her face was scrunched up.

Lu Beiqing stroked her hair and said with a smile, “Its like this on the Internet.

Youre not a celebrity.

Theyll forget about you in a few days.”

Lu Xiaocha frowned.

“Then Ive already promised Therode to make a movie.

Wont they go even further in the future”

Lu Beiqing: “… Probably.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Its okay.

Ill stop filming after this movie anyway.

After filming, Ill do missions so that those people wont be able to find me!”

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