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Fu Ye laughed.

“I dont know about other coaches, but Coach Fu accepted you.”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him in surprise.

“Hurry up and change positions.”

After Fu Ye changed seats with her, he sat in the front passenger seat and instructed her.

There was food down there.

They had to treat it carefully!

After Lu Xiaocha remembered all the parts in the vehicle and their uses, she carefully turned on the machine.

Soon, she got to work.

After harvesting all the rice in the paddy field, there was only a happy smile on her face.

“So much food!”

Fu Ye laughed.

“Have you forgotten that you have a food base yourself Its almost time to harvest.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Yes! Ill go tomorrow!”

“Theres no hurry.

Lets take a look at the others.”

Fu Ye brought her to see the other grain harvests.

She also did it herself.

After an entire day, she only felt relaxed.

She smiled like the sun as she looked at the piles of grain.

After a day, Lu Xiaochas body was covered in dust.

Her eyes were filled with food and wine, and she completely forgot about everything else.

However, she was very happy.

When the sun set in the afternoon, the two of them sat on the ridge and watched as the field that had left the rice stalks was dyed gold and red by the afterglow.

Sparrows landed in groups in the field to pick up grains.

They flapped their wings and rose and fell.

“Do your teeth still hurt”

Fu Ye suddenly asked.

Lu Xiaocha touched her face.

“It doesnt hurt as much as before.”

“You even cried from the pain.

Unfortunately, your Brother Fu Ye didnt see it.

Why dont you try crying again now”


Lu Xiaochas face fell.

“I think you want to cry even more.”

Fu Ye laughed out loud.

“There are still a lot of fruits to harvest in the mountains.

Are you coming again tomorrow”

She nodded without hesitation.


After washing her face, she went back and ate a lot of porridge.

Her appetite was extremely good.

When the Lu family found out that she had gone to the manor to harvest rice, they were speechless.

The only person who was happy about doing farm work as if it was a game was probably their girl.

If it were any other rich heiress, it would be impossible!

“I still want to go tomorrow.

Brother Fu Ye said that many fruits on the mountain have ripened.”

At the mention of this, the young ladys face was filled with joy.

She even wished she could go now.

“If Xiaocha likes it, Daddy will buy you a manor too.”

Lu Xiaocha blinked.

“I have a base.

Ill go to the base to collect food after collecting fruits for a day tomorrow.”

Lu Beihuai analyzed for her.

“Your food base mainly grows rice and wheat.

Ill buy you a manor.

You can plant some fruits, such as watermelons, strawberries, grapes…”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up every time she heard her brother mention the name of a fruit.

The more she listened, the more excited she became.

Seeing that she was interested, Lu Beihuai continued, “You can have more of these.

If you cant finish them, sell them.

You wont lose out no matter what.

Besides, strawberries can be made into strawberry jam.

Canned food can be stored, and grapes can be used to make wine…”

Lu Xiaocha stopped eating porridge and listened to her brother seriously.

From time to time, she would nod in agreement.

“So… Do you want it”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Isnt that too expensive”

Everyone said, “Its not expensive.

Its ours.”

“Then I want it!”

Everyone from the Lu family smiled at the same time.

“Alright, Ill bring you to choose a manor the day after tomorrow.”

Lu Xiaocha exclaimed, “Choose”

Lu Zhan nodded.

“Do you want a domestic or an overseas one”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Domestic.”

Lu Beihuai said, “Ill leave one for you both domestically and overseas.

I have a few manors overseas.

The best one will be transferred to your name.

You dont have to manage it.

Someone will help you manage it well.”

Lu Zhan said, “There arent many manors in the country.

I only have three under my name.

Ill bring you to see which one you like the day after tomorrow.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

‘I was too narrow-minded.

The next day, Lu Xiaocha continued to go to Fu Yes manor.

They went to pick pumpkins.

There were all kinds of pumpkins of different shapes.

Lu Xiaocha was wearing denim-colored dungarees.

Her hair was braided into two braids and coiled up.

She was wearing a straw hat, and her snow-white skin was a little too eye-catching among the melons.

Fu Ye was the same.

His tall and slender figure, handsome facial features, and aura were out of place.

However, the two of them did not slow down at all.

Under the sun, the two of them did not feel hot or troublesome at all.

They ran up and down busily.

When the basket was filled with golden pumpkins, two tall and strong men were about to carry them out when they saw the delicate girl squat down in shock.

She carried the basket of pumpkins that was as tall as their waists and ran out like the wind.

Everyone who saw it widened their eyes in shock, their mouths agape for a long time.

Some people even dropped their pumpkins.

Fu Ye held his forehead…

Initially, he wanted to carry it with her, but who knew that the child would be so excited that she would lift it up and run away like a husky without him noticing.

After Lu Xiaocha put it down, she realized that everyone was looking at her.

She touched her nose and walked to Fu Yes side as if nothing had happened.

“Am I scaring people again”

Her parents had told her to restrain herself outside and not scare people.

Fu Ye looked at her with a faint smile.

“What do you think”

“Didnt I tell you that I would carry it out with you”

Lu Xiaocha replied softly, “I was so excited that I forgot, but its nothing.

Im just a little stronger.”

Fu Ye chuckled in his heart.

‘Youre not just a little strong.

Only two strong men can lift a basket.

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