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Very good, this child was very easy to raise.


As Fu Ye thought this, he saw the child go around and terrorize other small animals or plants.

As they strolled, she even started arguing with a talking myna.

“Stupid idiot.

Youre a stupid idiot.”

Lu Xiaocha, who was about to pass by, paused and looked at the myna that kept repeating this sentence.

“Stupid bird.”

The mynas pea-sized eyes looked at the human child and flapped its wings.

It stood on the bird stand and became arrogant.

“Stupid human.

Something wrong with your brain.

Something wrong with your brain.”

Lu Xiaocha asked the person beside her, “Can I buy it and stew it for meat”

Her eyes were murderous.

Fu Ye laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, sure.

We can buy it and stew it or grill it.”

The myna stopped talking.

“Little beauty, little beauty…”


The speed at which it changed up was really fast, and it even recited a poem affectionately with its broken gong voice.

“There are trees in the mountains, and branches in the trees.

My heart likes you, but you dont know.”


The owner of the shop sent a customer away and quickly wiped his cold sweat, apologizing profusely.

“Im sorry, both of you.

My myna was outside for a while and someone taught it some nonsense.

I cant change it no matter how I teach it.

Sorry to have offended you.”

Then he glared at myna.

“You shut up.”

The myna flapped its wings and retorted, “Shut up, shut up!”

Lu Xiaocha was in a good mood after eating the chestnut that Fu Ye fed her.

She did not argue with the boss.

“Oh, then teach it well.

Next time it meets a bad-tempered person, itll get stabbed.”

The boss promised repeatedly before Lu Xiaocha continued walking.

Fu Ye followed her slowly.

“You have a good temper”

Lu Xiaocha asked righteously, “I held back from beating you up several times.

Am I bad-tempered”

Her eyes were dead serious as she said this.

Fu Ye was speechless.

He ruffled the little girls soft, fluffy hair angrily.

“You heartless little thing.

I bought all these sugar-fried chestnuts for you.”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and slowly tidied her hair.

Then, they stopped at a place selling baby rabbits and hamsters.

Both animals looked soft.

They were the type children liked.

Fu Yes gaze landed on a milky white hamster.

The little fellow was standing in a bowl of food.

It kept stuffing food into its mouth with its small hands until its cheeks were filled to the brim, but it refused to stop.

When the other little hamsters tried to eat, it chased them away fiercely.

Tsk… How similar to the child!

Lu Xiaocha did not seem to notice the little hamster.

Fu Ye called the boss over.

“Ill take this hamster.”

Lu Xiaocha looked in the direction he was pointing.

The little hamster was still stuffing something into its mouth.

She nodded. Well… youre obviously growing up very well, being so protective of your food, she thought.


Fu Ye looked at the child staring at the hamster for a few seconds and suddenly nodded.

No one knew what he was thinking, but his mood became even better.

In the end, when they left the flowers and birds market, Fu Ye was carrying a transparent cage in his hand.

There was an obedient-looking chubby white hamster inside.

When he bought it, he named the hamster Chacha in front of Lu Xiaocha and received an eye roll from the child.

She didnt object, however.

The kid didnt seem to care much about anything but food.

Lu Xiaocha was holding a small potted plant with a round cactus inside.

The thorns on the cactus danced as if they were going to stab someone.

“Candied hawthorns, candied hawthorns, candied hawthorns …”

Ever since they left the flowers and birds market, they did not come across anyone selling candied hawthorns along the way.

A certain child started complaining and kept nagging at him.

Along the way, countless people stared at them, but the little girl was not affected at all.

“Stop it.”

Fu Ye raised a hand and pressed it on Lu Xiaochas head.

As if a switch had been turned off, she finally stopped chanting, but her eyes were looking at him faintly.

Fu Ye rubbed her hair with a serious expression.

“I know where we can find some candied hawthorns.

And there are also other good things to eat.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up and she stood still obediently for him to rub her head.

“Lets go.”

He led the way.

The little girl followed behind obediently with the cactus.

Then, they reached the amusement park.

The amusement park was lively at all times.

Since there were so many people here, there were many places selling various snacks around.

As soon as they arrived, they saw a candied hawthorn seller.

The arrival of the two of them attracted a lot of attention.

Needless to say, Lu Xiaochas facial features were exquisite and her skin was as fair as snow.

She carried the cactus and followed behind the young man obediently.

Many peoples hearts were filled with motherly love when they saw her.

The young man walking in front was wearing a camouflage short-sleeved shirt, revealing his tight and smooth muscles.

As he had been in the training camp for a long time, his body was upright and tough when he walked.

He looked out of place with the surrounding people, like a crane in a flock of chickens.


His short black hair revealed his facial features.

It was not an exaggeration to describe his chiseled face as those that often appeared in novels, but his eyes looked fierce.


It was too eye-catching for two people with completely opposite temperaments to stand together.

“A stick of candied hawthorns.”

Fu Ye brought Lu Xiaocha straight to the hawker selling candied hawthorns.

The surrounding children who wanted to buy candied hawthorns were so frightened by him that they dodged to the side.

Some of them were so timid that they teared up.

Lu Xiaocha, who was standing beside him, stood out as everyone else backed away.

She stared at the various candied fruits in the glass window and could not bear to move away.

When she heard Fu Yes words, she corrected him very seriously.

“Six sticks!”

This time, Fu Ye directly pinched the little girls soft cheeks.

His fingers were long and well-defined.

They looked like hands that had lived a pampered life, but Lu Xiaocha could clearly feel the thin calluses on the fingers pinching his face, and the palm of his hand had even more.

This was a hand that often held guns or weapons.

“How many candied hawthorns have you had today, eh If your teeth decay, you wont be able to eat anything else.”

Lu Xiaocha, whose face was being pinched, was forced to pout.

Her beautiful eyes blinked, her curly and thick eyelashes were like a small brush, and her eyes were clean and pure.

“Then… Then you still owe me six sticks.”

“I never said I wouldnt pay you back.”

Fu Ye pinched the little girls cheeks twice and let go.

“Ill give you one stick every day in the future.

Pick one.

What flavour do you want”

Lu Xiaocha stared at the tempting candied hawthorns and fruits in the display, wanting them all.

However, she thought about how painful it would be if she couldnt eat anything with decayed teeth.

“The strawberry one.”

In the end, she endured the pain and chose only one.

She licked the icing off the candied strawberry and her eyes crinkled into a smile.

“Then its a deal.

Give me another stick tomorrow, too.

I want an orange one tomorrow.”

With food, her voice softened as she spoke, as if it had the sweetness of sugar.

Fu Ye looked down at her.

“You know how to order people around, huh.”

Lu Xiaocha licked the icing and ignored him.

She liked to slowly finish the outermost icing before eating the fruits inside.

How delicious~


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