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In addition to candied hawthorns and fruits, Lu Xiaocha found that there was a lot of other food here.

“That one!”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up when she saw the people queuing up to buy ice cream.

Fu Ye crossed his arms.

“Ill buy it for you if you call me Older Brother.”

Lu Xiaocha pouted and took out a stack of cash from her pocket.

She raised her chin arrogantly.

“I have my own money!”

Who wants your money She thought.

With that, she walked forward and queued up.

Fu Ye was speechless.

He did see this coming!

He pressed his tongue against his cheek and followed her anyway.

Would it kill this brat to call him Older Brother

“Kid, Ive already bought so many things for you.

Buy me an ice cream too.”

Standing behind Lu Xiaocha, a certain someone was playing with the little girls hair.

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head several times, but it was useless.

In the end, she simply ate her candied fruits and ignored him.


“No, you ate the sugar-fried chestnuts too.

I was just freeloading.

You owe me for the candied hawthorns.”

Although, she did have more sugar-fried chestnuts than hed eaten himself.

Fu Ye flicked the back of her head.

“You heartless girl.

What about the cactus youre carrying”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and said confidently, “You didnt give me a gift the first time we met.

This is a gift.”

Fu Ye was speechless.

He didnt know how to refute.

He, Fu Ye, had never been choked speechless like this!

“Make way, make way…”

A slightly plump woman suddenly squeezed in front of Lu Xiaocha with a chubby boy.

However, before she could enter the line, she suddenly screamed.

“Ah!! What is this!”

The woman covered her arm and pulled a few thorns from her skin.

Lu Xiaocha bit off a strawberry and looked at her indifferently.

“Whats wrong with you Why are you holding a cactus in the queue here It should have stabbed you to death!”

The woman played the blame game and spoke viciously.

“How dare you stab my mom! Ill beat you to death!”

While the plump woman was scolding Lu Xiaocha, the little boy beside her suddenly glared at Lu Xiaocha fiercely and lunged at her with his body.

Lu Xiaocha looked at him expressionlessly, thinking that this cactus was quite useful.

Just as she was about to hit the boy, a long leg reached out and kicked the boy away.


He landed on the ground with a thud, which sounded quite painful.


The plump woman screamed in pain when she saw her son being kicked.

“What are you doing Hes only a child! Dear, dear, are you all right”

“WAAAAAAA… Mommy, he kicked me.

Im in so much pain.

Im in so much pain…”

The kid clutched his stomach and rolled on the ground as tears and snot flowed out.

It was disgusting to watch.

c”Hey… Everyone, come and take a look.

How can a person be so ruthless to a child What if this leaves my poor son with some long-lasting injuries”

Discussions broke out around them.

Many people took out their phones to record videos, but no one spoke up for the mother and son.

“You must pay for this! Not only for my son, my hand was stabbed by that little b*tchs cactus.”

The plump woman glared at Fu Ye.

Fu Ye watched the mother and sons performance calmly.

When he heard her say “little b*tch”, his dark eyes instantly turned cold.

“What did you just say”

He asked coldly.

He looked like a fierce wolf.


The plump woman was frightened, and the little boy was so scared that he did not even dare to cry.

“What, you still want to fight!”

The plump woman avoided Fu Yes eyes and did not dare to look into his eyes.

In the end, she only managed to force out these words.

Then, she glared maliciously at Lu Xiaocha, who looked easier to bully.

Fu Ye sneered and raised his eyebrows.

A nasty glint flashed across his eyes.

“You want me to compensate you, right”

The plump womans eyes lit up.

She thought that no matter how scary this person looked, he was still a child.

He would definitely be embarrassed in front of so many people.

She was suddenly emboldened.

“Thats right.

Pay up.

My child needs at least ten thousand, no… twenty thousand dollars for what youve done!”


Gasps came from around them.

“This person is too shameless.”

“Thats right.

They were the ones who cut the line first.

They deserved to be pricked by the cactus that the little girl was carrying.

I hate people like them the most.”

“That little boy isnt being reasonable either.

Truly, like parents, like children.”

“People like this are so disgusting.”

The plump woman only cared about money and did not care about what the people around her were saying.

“Hurry and pay up, or Ill take my son to check his injuries and sue you.”

Lu Xiaochas black eyes stared at the chubby boy in disdain.

“Twenty thousand Is this guy from the pigsty worth that much Pork isnt that expensive this year, is it”


The little girl had really said the most vicious things in the sweetest voice.

There was faint laughter around them.

The plump woman stared fiercely at Lu Xiaocha.

“What are you talking about, you little loser! Even ten of you cant compare to one of my sons!”


A small stone brushed past the plump womans neck.

Her cursing stopped abruptly.

When she met Fu Yes dark and murderous eyes, she knew that if she opened her mouth again, her head might be gone.

“What did you just say”

Fu Ye was smiling as he casually tossed a small stone.

“Come again, eh”

His voice sounded normal and even gentle, but the plump woman and her son felt a chill down their spines.

“If you want twenty thousand dollars, fine.

I can even give you more.”


Fu Ye rubbed Lu Xiaochas head.

He was still smiling a second ago, but in the next second, his expression turned stone cold and said in a casual tone.

“Ill give you a hundred thousand to break one of your own or your sons legs.”

The plump womans smile stiffened.

“Are you kidding me!!!”

She began to squawk.

Fu Ye clicked his tongue impatiently, his eyes filled with coldness.

“Do I look like Im joking”

The boy cowered behind his mother.

He thought the man looked like a demon.

Fu Yes lips curled up, and his voice was like a demons.

“How about it Do you agree”

“Wahhh… Mommy, no.

Mommy, lets go.

Lets get out of here!”

He was really scared.

“Get lost.”

The young man said coldly at the end.

The plump woman scooped her son up and quickly ran away.

After this farce ended, Fu Ye and Lu Xiaocha continued to queue up for ice cream as if nothing had happened.

The surrounding eyes secretly landed on them.

They were either curious or wary.

“What flavor do you want”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Mango.”

As she watched Fu Ye pay, she said, “You bought this for me yourself.”

The young man pinched her face and smiled.

“Okay, since you dont feel bad about only receiving the cactus as a greeting gift.”

Of course, Fu Ye did not buy them for himself.

He did not like to eat these things.

Previously, he had asked the child to buy them for him because he wanted to tease her.

Looking at the bustling amusement park, he asked, “Do you want to go in and play”


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