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Chapter 225: Crushing

She didnt scream at the top of her lungs.

Her voice was calm, but it made people feel the despair in Zhang Nanxis heart.

The emotional female police officers eyes turned red.

They looked at Yu Bin, but he looked away guiltily.

“Pfft… Do you still want to keep such a man for the new year”

A lazy and sarcastic voice came from the door.

A slender and handsome young man walked in unhurriedly.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

“Third Brother.”

Lu Beilin responded with a faint smile.

When he walked to Lu Xiaochas side, he rubbed her hair.

The young man was too superior in all aspects.

It was easy for him to make the people around him feel inferior, such as the current Yu Bin.

If he could barely be considered a pretty boy before, then in front of Lu Beilin now, he was completely dim.

Moreover, Lu Beilin could crush Yu Bin with his aura.

Just by standing there, Yu Bin instantly felt like he had become a clown.

Lu Beilin looked at Yu Bin indifferently.

“Youre ugly, and youre still freeloading.

I wonder who gave you the courage.

Even if youre freeloading, you have to have some professional ethics.

At the very least, you have to be more dedicated to spending one womans money.

However, you dont even have this one advantage.

Now, youre ugly and a scum.

Youre really useless.”


Yu Bins eyes were red with anger.

He pointed at him and wanted to refute, but he realized that he did not know what to refute.

Lu Beilin was like a lazy big cat.

He crossed his arms and looked over lazily, but his gaze was very oppressive.

“Why cant I speak the truth I have to add another one now.”

A ballpoint pen had appeared in his hand.

The ballpoint pen spun around his slender fingers before flying out and hitting Yu Bins wrist.

It was so painful that he covered his hand and screamed.

“Didnt your parents teach you not to point a finger at people That would make you look very uneducated.”

The corners of the young mans mouth curled up into a smile, but the words he said sounded like they were laced with poison.

“Why are you talking about upbringing with such a person Does he have that kind of thing”

Lu Beifeng and Lu Beihuai had walked in at some point.

One of the two young men was cold and domineering, while the other was like a black panther in the forest, resolute and reserved.

Their temperaments were different, but they were all extraordinarily handsome.

Lu Xiaocha said, “Brothers, why are you here”

Didnt she only call her father Why did her brothers come first

“To see whos bullying our little princess.”

Lu Beilin looked down with a smile in his peach blossom eyes.

Lu Beifeng and Lu Beihuai walked over.

Just a look from them made Yu Bin and his wifes legs go weak.

From the looks of it, these three people were not simple.

It was over!

The two of them broke out in cold sweat.

Lu Beifengs eyes darkened.

“Are you bullying my sister”

The two of them quickly shook their heads and said in a dry voice, “No, no.

Were… talking about her.”

Yu Bin pointed at Zhang Nanxi.

This was picking on the softest persimmon.

Everyone looked over with disdain.

Lu Xiaocha quickly explained Zhang Nanxis relationship with the two of them and what had happened.

Lu Beifeng laughed mockingly.

“I look down on such people the most.

What kind of man are you”

Although Lu Beihuai didnt say anything, he looked at him with disdain.

“Miss Zhang, are you still going to sue Mr.


At this moment, everyone looked at Zhang Nanxi.

Even the scumbag was the same.

A smile appeared on his face.

“Nanxi, I know Ive let you down, but its true that I was good to you in the past.

When you were desperate, I was the one who brought you to a job and gave you a home.

Do you really have to treat me like that”

Yu Bins wifes face was filled with hatred and jealousy.

She wished she could scratch Zhang Nanxis face.

Why wasnt this shameless vixen dead!

Zhang Nanxi lowered her eyes, her eyelashes hiding the dark look in her eyes.

“Yu Bin.”

Zhang Nanxi stared at the man with a dark expression.

“Do I look like a pushover”

Yu Bins expression froze.

“What are you talking about Nanxi, I was so good to you in the past.

Do you still want to repay kindness with ingratitude”

Yu Bin started to panic.

Looking at Zhang Nanxis expression, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Lets settle this privately.

Ill pay you back all the money.”

Although he was unwilling, his intuition told him that if he did not do so, the consequences might be even more serious.

Zhang Nanxi smiled.

“Theres no need.

Officer, I want to sue Yu Bin!”

Her tone and expression were firm.

After walking through the gates of hell, she seemed to have become a completely different person.

However, she was actually a strong person at heart.

It was just that when she saw a straw at the lowest point of her life, she wanted to hold onto it tightly, causing her to gradually lose herself.

However, she did not realize that the straw was useless to her at all.

In fact, the despair after having hope was even more devastating.

She thought about many things clearly.

Yu Bin and his wifes expressions changed drastically, and they instantly twisted.

Yu Bin gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with poison.

“Zhang Nanxi, you cant treat me like this!”

Yu Bins wife even cursed, “B*tch, shameless b*tch.

Youre the mistress, yet you still want to play the blame game ¥&%¥@!¥.”

There were some ugly words that could be silenced that made people frown.

Yu Bin joined in the cursing after confirming that Zhang Nanxi would not change her mind.

They even wanted to hit her, but they were at the police station now, so they couldnt let that happen.

In the end, Zhang Nanxi left the police station with Lu Xiaocha and the rest.

However, she looked at everything outside in confusion.

The world was so big, but it seemed like there was no place for her.

Lu Beihuai asked indifferently, “Do you want your house back”

Zhang Nanxi was in a daze for a moment before nodding firmly.

“I want my house back.”

Lu Beihuai said, “Then sue your parents too.

For the sake of my sister, I can lend you my legal team.”

Normally, Lu Beihuai would not care about these things.

However, she was saved by his sister and her performance at the police station did not disappoint him.

Lu Beihuai did not mind helping her.

“Thank you.

Thank you so much.”

Zhang Nanxi bowed gratefully.

If she came alone, although she was determined, she would not know what to do with the pile of problems she had to face.

In the end, Lu Xiaocha lent her some money to find a place to stay first before leaving with her brothers.

After getting into the car, Lu Beilin pinched Lu Xiaochas nose.

“Do you know how dangerous it was when we saw you online”

From such a high floor, even though he knew that his sister was extraordinary, he was still shocked.

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