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228 Lu Beilin Awakens Bloodline

“Young lady Zhang, do you need help to throw these three people out”

The bodyguard looked at the three of them who were crying non-stop and asked calmly.

“Yes, thank you.”

Zhang Nanxi smiled and watched as the bodyguards carried the three of them out of the neighborhood and threw them on the ground.

“Youd better leave this place obediently.

Otherwise, if our boss finds any evidence of your sons past crimes, he will hand it to the Public Security Bureau.

At that time, what awaits your son will be jail time.”

Under the threat of the bodyguard, brother Zhangs eyes turned pale.

Initially, he was just following the boss instructions to scare them.

It seemed that the Zhang family had really done something wicked.

“Dad, Mom, lets go.”

Brother Zhang had experienced the power of the Lu family and did not dare to gamble at all.

Father Zhang and Mother Zhang knew more or less what their son had done when he was outside.

They were really afraid that their son would go to jail, so they quickly packed their bags and left.

However, when they left, they cursed Zhang Nanxi with all the vicious words they knew.

But now, Zhang Nanxi no longer cared.

She only knew that she was completely free.

“Thank you.

Also, I hope you can thank your boss and Miss Lu for me.”

She had nothing now, but she would study hard and work hard to earn money to make herself outstanding.

In the future, as long as the Lu family needed her help, she would do her best.

After the bodyguard left, he told Lu Beilin everything about the Zhang family.

Lu Beilin leaned lazily on the chair.

“Got it.

Go tell the young lady.”

His younger sister was the one who came to him for help when he sent the bodyguards over.

It was just a small matter, so he was naturally happy to help his younger sister fulfill this wish.

Lu Xiaocha soon found out.

She had helped her as much as she could.

As for what happened after this, she did not care anymore.

How far she could go depended on her own ability.

A month after Zhang Nanxis incident, Lu Xiaocha received a check and a message.

Zhang Nanxi: [Thank you for giving me a second life.

I dont know how to repay you.

I can only work hard to live.

I hope that I wont let you down.

I hope youre well.]

Lu Xiaocha turned off her cell phone with a faint smile.

Indeed, it was better to have more beautiful things in this world.

“Lets go, sis.”

Lu Beichens voice came through.

She responded and ran over.

The young man sitting in the car was wearing a loose white t-shirt.

The baggy clothes looked a little too big on his thin body.

But in fact, it was mainly because the wings on his back had grown a lot.

For more than a month, Lu Beichen had to go to the ginkgo tree almost every day and cultivate according to the methods in the ancient books.

Every day, he had to learn how to use his wings.

During this period of time, he had also improved a lot.

Because his wings could carry him now.

“Brother, your wings are starting to grow feathers, right”

Lu Beichen nodded with a smile on his face.

“Yes, Ive been feeling a little itchy recently.

It should be soon.”

Moreover, he did not need to hide his wings now because others who came into contact with spiritual energy had also awakened the hidden bloodline power in their bodies one after another.

Although there were very few and only one in a hundred would awaken, Lu Beichen was no longer a special case.

However, he was the only one with wings, so it was still very rare.

Moreover, others were envious of his wings.

After all, who didnt have a dream of flying It was different from flying on an airplane.

It was the kind where ones body really flew up.

Currently, the five spots in the Lu family were all taken by the children.

In the face of a major event like awakening the bloodline, everything else could be put aside for the time being.

Fortunately, Lu Zhan and Pei Anran were still young.

Even without their eldest sons help, they would at most be a little tired.

On Lu Beilins side, Ah Yue and Li An could already hold their own.

With the two of them around, Lu Beilin was also very at ease.

But so far, other than Lu Beichen, no one else had any reaction.

They were not disappointed.

On this day, the Lu family sat at the ginkgo tree as usual and recited the cultivation technique.

Even ordinary people would feel good after doing this.

Lu Xiaocha only sat for a while before going to pack her spiritual field.

This was because the entire mountain was enveloped by abundant spiritual energy.

The trees and flowers growing in the mountain were obviously better than elsewhere.

Lu Xiaocha had only planted strawberries and watermelons for less than a month, but they had grown to the point of bearing fruit in such a short period of time.

There were also crops and medicinal herbs planted by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences Botanical Institute.

The effect was so good that they smiled from ear to ear everyday.

These were all the good sides of spiritual energy after it appeared, but there were also bad sides.

There were more and more heretics, and their leveling speed was much faster than humans.

Some heretics had even begun to cause trouble in the city.

Fortunately, the countrys extensive surveillance cameras were effective.

They sent people to deal with the heretic as soon as they appeared and started to cause trouble.

Of course, such a problem did not only appear in their country.

Heretics also appeared overseas.

Some people even reverted to their werewolf or vampire bloodlines.

However, when they were discovered by the government, they were taken in for experiments.

It was completely different from Yunzhous, where these people would be taken in for protection and special training.

It was really tragic.

Lu Xiaocha was glad that the Lu family was from Yunzhou.

Just as Lu Xiaocha was looking at the still young strawberries covetously and calculating with her fingers when these strawberries would ripen, a person in a military uniform ran to her.

“Lu Xiaocha, your brother asked me to look for you.

Go back and take a look.

Your third brother seems to be about to awaken his bloodline.”

Lu Xiaocha stood up.

“Really My third brother”

Then, before he could answer, she ran away.

The soldier scratched his head.

“So fast Did she really not awaken any bloodline”

Lu Xiaocha ran back in less than a minute and saw Lu Beilin lying under the ginkgo tree with a painful expression.

The symptoms were similar to when Lu Beichen awakened his bloodline.

His entire body was burning up, and it looked very painful.

He covered his head and groaned.

“F*ck! It hurts!”

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