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235 Clarification

Yunzhou had finally become powerful.

If such a group of people ignored the law, wouldnt the country be in chaos That was why the heretic bureau existed.

In the beginning, the heretic bureau had a difficult period.

Fortunately, through the efforts of the country, they roped in a few more upright sects and hermit families, such as the Nangong Family and the Qin Family.

With their help, they gradually disintegrated those unscrupulous sects.

Among them, the North Mountain Sect was the most difficult to deal with.

It was only after capturing a few disciples who had done too many terrible things and committed countless crimes that they became obedient.

Unexpectedly, they started to make cheap tricks again.

Moreover, from the information revealed by Guo Weizhong, the Ancestor of the North Mountain Sect was preparing for the recovery of spiritual energy.

What was he trying to do by stealing the providence of so many people Dominate the world

Since ancient times, such ambitious idiots who wanted to dominate the world existed.

In the end, the interrogation information on Guo Weizhong was encrypted and sent to the higher-ups of the country.

The higher-ups quickly responded.

Investigate! They had to investigate!

The recovery of spiritual energy could be predicted to be followed by a period of chaos.

If a powerful sect with ulterior motives appeared, it would be even more chaotic.

Such chaos must be nipped in the bud before the recovery of spiritual energy.

At the same time, within the Southern Mountain Sect…

The moment Guo Weizhong touched the restriction and died, a young man with dark eyes turned pale.

He had sent Guo Weizhong to deal with the Lu family, but he was dead now.

Moreover, it had died after touching the restriction he had placed.

He predicted with his fingers, and right after that, he flew into a rage!

“The Lu family!”

Not only did he fail this time, he even suffered a double loss.

His existence was probably discovered.

As if to prove it, it didnt take long for the country to take action.

Several demon hunters from the North Mountain Sect in the heretic bureau were captured.

The crime was to kill heretics indiscriminately.

Some heretics who had never harmed anyone had also been cruelly killed by them.

They had even refined their corpses into harmful puppets.

As they investigated further, they discovered that not only were they refining heretic puppets, but they were also refining humanoid puppets, which were the living dead.

They had also participated in several human trafficking transactions.

The human trafficking line was accidentally found by following the human traffickers nest that Lu Xiaocha had destroyed back then.

After investigating further, they discovered this shocking secret.

The North Mountain Sects method of making puppets was very cruel.

When those heretic and people were still alive, they tortured them until they looked inhumane.

In the end, they killed them to refine puppets.

What the people from the North Mountain Sect had done had angered everyone.

The higher-ups had ordered that they must be severely punished.

All the members of the North Mountain Sect who worked in the heretic bureau had been eliminated, and the person-in-charge of District Two had been dismissed because of such a huge mistake.

In the end, when the heretic bureau sent people to the North Mountain Sect to look for others, they realized that only some small disciples who didnt know anything were left.

Those core figures had all fled.

Including the Ancestor.

Of course, this was all in the future.

Currently, the Lu family had more important things to do.

After being slandered for so long, it was time for Lu Beiqing to retaliate.

Lu Beiqing did not explain much about those scandals.

He just posted a photo of himself online.

Lu Beiqing: [Dont pollute my eyes.]

The young man in the photo was as handsome as a god who had descended to the mortal world.

His entire body exuded a distant but gentle aura.

With mixed-race genes, his facial features perfectly blended the advantages of the East and West.

He was so handsome that it was suffocating.

With his looks, even if he was an entertainment actor, he was probably the best in the industry.

[I dont believe it! I dont believe that someone with such a face would sleep with those women with plastic surgery faces.

Just because of this face, even I want to sleep with him, okay!]

[F*ck, f*ck, Im dumbfounded.

Is this the Lu Beiqing and Director Lu who have never appeared before How is he so handsome Pick me!]

[If he had posted the photo earlier, there wouldnt be so much trouble.

Im dying of laughter.

Previously, I was indignant about the news online.

Now, I dont know if Director Lu is blind or if we are blind.

We actually thought that those plastic surgery girls would be liked by such a glamorous person.]

[Director Lu is so handsome and talented.

Where did you get the confidence to think that he would like you With your funny talent]

[Let me tell you a joke.

Those women who keep saying that they have slept with him are either outdated female celebrities or nameless celebrities.]

[Thats why I want to ask.

Where did you get the confidence to think that Director Lu was blind to choose you over those with good acting skills]

[Director Lu, youre right.

Those women must be blind.]

[Sob sob sob… Ive been a loyal fan of Director Lu for so many years, and now Ive finally seen your photo.

Youre so handsome, show me more photos!]

[Fortunately, Im firmly on my idols side.]

[You cant judge a book by its cover.

Arent you people too shallow What if hes a hypocrite Weve seen all kinds of people in the entertainment industry.]

[Hes just a pretentious beast in human clothes.

If hes really wronged, why havent any celebrities stood up for him Isnt he too unpopular]

As soon as such a comment was made, who knew that it would be slapped in the face in the next second

The Best Actress and Best Actor, the most popular young actors and actresses, all of them reposted Lu Beiqings Weibo and liked it the moment they received their accounts.

Some of them reposted it tactfully and said that they had just seen the news because they were busy.

They barely saved the company some face, but some of them were so hot-tempered that they directly slapped their company in the face like fire-breathing dragons.

Zhao Shuqing: @Lu Beiqing: Dont pollute my eyes [Picture].

Its not that I dont want to speak up now, but my Weibo password has been changed and Im only taking it back now.

@Some 18th-tier c*nt, dont flatter yourself.

Why would a man whom I havent even caught up with like you

Zhao Shuqing was really stubborn.

She had always been a straightforward person in the industry, and her acting skills were good.

She was also beautiful and had many fans.

Now that they had spoken up, they immediately received the support of the fans.

All of them followed the angry crusade company and even spoke up for Lu Beiqing.

After Zhao Shuqing, more and more people stood up to express their opinions.

They were different from those outdated or unpopular celebrities.

Now, all of them were popular in the entertainment industry and had good acting skills.

It was obvious which side was winning.

The current fight was almost one-sided.

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