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236 Leng and Liao Families Begging for Mercy

Of course, this included Bai Yunyi, who had been paying attention to the trend online.

After discovering that the situation was uncontrollable, she immediately called her manager and asked for her account password.

After the manager realized that the current situation was no longer under their control, he gave the account to her.

After Bai Yunyi posted that she would always believe in Director Lu, for some reason, she felt a little disappointed.

After this thought flashed through her mind, she broke out in a cold sweat.

The fingers holding the cell phone began to turn pale.

Why would she think that Shouldnt she be happy that her seniors situation was getting better

However, the disappointment in her heart clearly told her what a despicable person she was.

She thought about it and called Leng Yunting, only to find that he was busy.

Bai Yunyi bit her lip.

Could it be… Could it be that Leng Yunting went to look for Liu Qianqian again

Leng Yunting didnt look for his first love, but he was indeed very busy now because several companies under him had problems.

Several of his previous partners suddenly broke the contract and stopped working with him.

They even stepped on him.

Not only had something happened to him, but the same problem had also happened to his father.

Moreover, that problem was even more severe.

At the same time, Lu Zhan returned to the Lu Corporation and dealt with some traitors with his eldest son.

After dealing with some partners who had changed sides, he quickly stabilized the Lu Corporation.

If they still didnt understand why they were suddenly attacked, they would have lived in vain.

What shocked The Leng familys father and son and the Liao Family was that the Lu family was now like an elite wolf pack, treating their two families as prey.

They attacked their weaknesses in an orderly manner and quickly bit their throats.

It was as if they were driving to their deaths.

The Leng family and The Liao family were completely flustered.

How could this be The master had clearly said that the Lu familys luck would fall on them, but now it didnt seem like what the master had said at all.

The Leng family and The Liao family quickly called the master to ask for help.

They also asked what was going on and why Lu Zhan had really recovered!

But right on the heels of that, they realized that they couldnt get through to the master no matter what.

This was like a bolt from the blue for them.

“How could this be Master Why cant I get through to him!”

The Leng family was in a mess.

The father and son were as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof.

The head of the Leng family called Liao Zhongxian and found out that both parties could not contact the master.

His face immediately turned ashen.

“Damn it! What kind of bullsh*t master is this I think hes most likely a liar!”

Liao Zhongxian, who felt that he had been deceived, began to speak without thinking.

When he was on the phone with the head of the Leng family, he scolded the master from head to toe.

They were forced into a corner.

Now that the Lu family had become stronger, they realized that the Lu family was like a giant dragon resting.

Even if the two families joined forces, they could not shake the other party at all.

Instead, they were bitten by the Lu father and son.

They regretted provoking such a lunatic.

Under the relentless suppression from Lu Zhan and the Lu familys sons, The Leng family and The Liao familys total assets had shrunk by more than half in less than half a month.

Even a large number of elite employees in the company quit their companies.

They finally understood what it felt like when the world was about to collapse.

When they finally could not hold on anymore, the two families shamelessly begged for mercy and apologized with generous gifts.

Their attitudes were extremely humble.

Lu Zhan, Lu Beihuai, and Lu Beiqing sat at the top, drinking tea and looking at the two of them with a faint smile.

“Brother Leng, Brother Liao, why did you bring so many gifts”

The two of them broke out in cold sweat.

Wasnt he asking the obvious Half a month ago, they were still happily thinking that the Lu family was about to fall and that no one would press down on their necks anymore.

However, who would have thought that the slap in the face would come so quickly In just half a month, everything had been reversed.

Now, the two of them naturally knew that they had been tricked.

However, what was even more shocking was that the Lu family definitely had a true master, and he was even more powerful than the master they knew.

Otherwise, how could a group of ordinary people from the Lu family be a match for those people

When they could not contact the master, the two families completely settled down.

“What are you saying Weve been friends for so many years.

Isnt it only right for me to bring some gifts to see you”

As the saying went, one had to be thick-skinned if they wanted to eat well.

“Congratulations on your recovery, Brother Lu.


Lu Zhan placed the teacup on the table unhurriedly, making a crisp sound.

Leng Liao and Leng Liaos hearts seemed to jump with this thump.

“Isnt it all thanks to the two of you If not for themasters you found, how could I have recovered so quickly”

Liao Zhongxian immediately began to sing a bitter scene.

“Brother Lu, dont flatter us.

Previously, I had always thought that he was a true master, so I recommended him to your family.

However, I only found out from others some time ago that hes not a master.

Hes a liar.

He tricked me so hard!”

The head of the Leng family also started to voice his grievances.

He said that he should not listen to others and introduce such a liar to the Lu family.

The three of them watched quietly as they made up the story.

Seeing that the Lu father and sons were indifferent after saying so much, no matter how thick-skinned Liao Zhongxian was, he still felt resentful and humiliated.

In the past, although he was suppressed by The Liao family, he had never bowed and bowed like this.

Now, he only felt aggrieved and uncomfortable.

When he was in school, he looked down on Lu Zhan because Lu Zhan was not valued at all.

However, he was the schools idol.

Not only was he good-looking, but his grades had always been top in his age.

He was clearly a down-and-out guy, but he seemed to be more popular than their group of rich second-generation heirs.

He had never taken Lu Zhan seriously, even though Lu Zhan took over the Lu familys business and it was thriving.

Deep down, he did not like Lu Zhan either.

But now, the situation was completely reversed.

The person he had once looked down on was now stepping on his neck and looking down at him.

However, he could not show any hatred on his face and had to smile!

He was already so old.

How humiliating was this for Liao Zhongxian

“Brother Lu, since the misunderstanding has been resolved, then our company…”

Lu Zhan sneered.

“Im sorry, I still have other important things to deal with.

As for your small matter, well talk about it later.”

With that, the three of them stood up and left without looking at them.

Liao Zhongxian and the head of the Leng familys faces instantly turned red.

They did not expect the Lu family to not give them face even though they had come to beg for mercy.

After returning home, they threw a tantrum, but there were still many problems that needed to be resolved.

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