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248 District Seven

The District Seven heretic bureau looked at Lu Xiaocha on the screen and was so excited that their bodies swayed.

“From our district, this child from our district, hehehe…”

Immediately, the big bosses from the other districts and the military couldnt help but look at him enviously.

How did District Seven get such a good potential

“Why havent I seen her before”

The person in charge of the heretic bureaus in the other districts could not help but mutter.

If they had discovered her earlier, they could have poached her earlier.

The person in charge of District Seven held his head high and puffed out his chest.

“This child keeps a low profile and rarely goes to the heretic bureau.

However, you actually know the few major things she did.”

“You guys know about that Grade A Dark Golden Snake, right She was the one who caught it, and she was the first person to open up and eat heretic meat.

She was also the one who discovered the underground palace.

She, Fu Ye, and Yin Shian brought back the crow and the Grade S Nightmare Cat.”


She had actually done so many things.

boxn ovel.


“Old Wu, you hid it really well!”

The person in charge of District Seven waved his hand humbly.

In fact, he was quite smug.

“This young man isnt bad either.

The spear moves like a swimming dragon in his hand.

This is a complete set of spearmanship, and its filled with killing intent.

This childs killing intent is too strong, so hes not suitable for the army.

However, hes definitely suitable for the heretic bureau now.”

The person in charge of District Seven took a look.

Coincidentally, it was also someone he knew.

“Hes also from our district.

This childs name is Fu Ye.

Hes the grandson of Marshal Fu, who has retired.”

Everyone was speechless.

‘Why is it your district again!

The big boss of the military couldnt help but look at him.

How lucky was he The two ferocious beasts on the battlefield both belonged to District Seven!

The person in charge of District Seven waved his hand and said humbly, “Lucky, lucky, hehe…”

“Then this…”

This time, the display screen displayed Yin Shian, who was dressed in red and armed with a slender black chain.

If one didnt look carefully, the current Yin Shian was no different from a human.

It was just that his attire looked like he had transmigrated from ancient times.

“This persons weapon is interesting.

Is he a bloodline metahuman How can he hide so many chains and use them freely”

“Moreover, this persons killing intent is very strong.

If not for this calamity, I wouldnt know that our country has so many talents.”

“Which district is it It cant be District Seven again, right Hahaha…”

Under the joking tone of the big bosses, the person in charge of District Seven raised his hand awkwardly.

Everyone: “!!!”

Their pupils trembled as they looked at him.

“You… Hes from District Seven too”

The people from the other districts were not just envious and jealous.

They were already green with envy.

The person in charge of District Seven, Wu Zhongxing, rubbed his hands and said in embarrassment.

“Yes, hes from District Seven.

His name is Yin Shian, but hes not human.”

Everyone: “”

‘What the hell are you talking about


Someone suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said, “Previously, there were rumors that there was a Grade SS heretic in District Seven.

Could he be…”

Wu Zhongxing nodded.

“Thats right, its him.

Yin Shian is a Grade SS Zombie.”


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

They looked carefully at the people on the screen and saw the problems.

For example, during the battle, such intense exercise would make a persons breathing become heavier, but his chest had been calm from the beginning to the end.

Clearly, he was not breathing.

Another example was when he raised his hand.

His skin was translucent and greenish-white, but his fingernails were black.

Previously, people thought that this person had quite a personality and was actually wearing ancient clothes with black nail polish.

From the looks of it, it was not nail polish! It was clearly the color of his original nails.

Moreover, his eyes were as red as gemstones.

They were guessing if it was a characteristic of some awakened bloodline.

In the end, this was actually a heretic! Moreover, it was a Grade SS heretic!

“Old Wu, you hid it really well!”

Clap! Clap!

The person who spoke was the person in charge of District Five.

At this moment, he had a slightly sinister smile on his face.

His fan-sized hand patted Wu Zhongs shoulder.

However, the words he said made him grit his teeth in confusion.

The person in charge of District Six was envious and jealous.

This kind of feeling was probably the kind of feeling where they agreed to be bottom-feeders together, but some people secretly improved and became stronger.

Wu Zhongxing…”

Was this considered extreme joy turning into sorrow


I was just lucky.”

However, some people also realized that something was wrong.

“Thats not right, Old Wu.

I know the people from District Seven.

This is a Grade SS Zombie.

How did your people subdue it”

Wu Zhongxing touched his nose awkwardly.

“This… Yin Shian was brought here by Lu Xiaocha.”

It was that little girl.

At this moment, there was only one thought in everyones mind.


That was a Grade SS Zombie.

Even if the little girl was outstanding in the battlefield, those skeleton commanders were only Grade A after all.

They were worlds apart from a Grade SS Zombie.

However, there was no need for Wu Zhongxing to come up with such a lousy excuse to lie to them.

If this was true…

The people in charge of the other districts were excited.

They had to poach her!

So what if she was already a member of District Seven What kind of job didnt allow people to change sides these days

Wu Zhongxing was arrogant and had yet to realize the evil intentions of his colleagues.

At this moment, another person appeared in the surveillance cameras.

It was Lu Beifeng, who was holding a long sword.

This time, the special forces also came.

Lu Beifeng did not use firearms to deal with these heretics.

Instead, he took out the sword his sister had given him.

Just like Fu Yes Godslayer, Blue Frost also carried a complete set of sword techniques.

From the beginning of this battle with the heretic, Lu Beifeng had been the main force fighting at the front line.

His temperament was reserved and resolute.

At a glance, he looked like a soldier who had undergone formal training.

Although he was still young, he could not be underestimated.

“This young man…”

Everyones eyes fell on Wu Zhongxing at the same time.

Wu Zhongxing waved his hands.

“No, no.

This young man isnt in District Seven.”

At this moment, an officer stood up and said, “His name is Lu Beifeng.

Hes from the military academy and is training in the special forces.

Currently, hes still a student and his results have always been outstanding.

Previously, Fu Ye was also as outstanding as him.

However, Fu Ye was too disobedient and wild.

Lu Beifeng was the opposite of him.

This young man was outstanding in all aspects and his personality was very suitable for the military.

After graduation, he should directly become a special forces member.”


The military big boss laughed.

“He indeed has good potential.”

Wu Zhongxing chuckled.

“Speaking of which, hes also Lu Xiaochas brother.

Lu Xiaocha has two brothers who have already awakened their bloodlines.

One of them has wings, and the other one has awakened a Heavenly Fox bloodline.”

Everyone was speechless.

This must be fake!

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