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Lu Beilin was her brother…

Lu Xiaocha carefully observed the young man for a few seconds.

Seeing that he was drunk, she thought for a moment and turned to go to the kitchen.

Lu Beilin wondered if he had drunk too much and was hallucinating.

He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

When he looked up again, he realized that the child had disappeared.



Sure enough, he was hallucinating.

Id better not get drunk again, he thought.

Lu Beilin pursed his lips expressionlessly.

His cold face looked a little stern, but when he smiled, he looked more affectionate than anyone else.

Clack, clack, clack.

The sound of light footsteps could be heard.

Lu Beilin looked up and saw the child carrying a bowl of soup over.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

That wasnt a hallucination!!

“There you go, hangover soup.”

Her mother had made extra, though it was a little cold.

The young man did not move.

It usually did not show on his face when he was drunk, but his peach blossom eyes would become slightly red.

At this moment, he was staring at the delicate and obedient little girl.

His jaw was clenched tightly, and it was unknown what he was thinking.


“Arent you going to drink it”

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and looked at him in confusion.

Lu Beilin took the soup and thanked her slowly.

He leaned back lazily on the sofa, crossed his long legs, and took a sip.

The soup was served in a bowl, but he made it look like he was drinking from a tall glass.

Lu Xiaocha sat down obediently a little further away from him and nibbled on a piece of hawthorn coil.


It was a snack the chef had made for her.

The two of them sat quietly in the living room without saying a word.

Lu Beilin was almost sober now.

He felt that this situation was a little bizarre.

“What … are you”


Why did he suddenly have a sister

Lu Xiaocha looked at him in confusion.

“Mom said she told you all about my return.”

Lu Beilin put down his bowl.

Frustration flashed across his peach blossom eyes as he looked into the childs eyes and her dry explanation.

“I lost my phone when I went for a horse race.

I just bought this new one and I havent had time to deal with the card in the previous one.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and continued to devour the hawthorn coil in her hand.

Lu Beilin stared at the girl for a while before accepting the fact that there was one more person at home.

He felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward now, so he coughed and asked.

“When did you get back”

Lu Xiaocha answered, “Its been a week.”

After asking a few dry questions, Lu Beilin scratched his head and sighed as he looked at her face.

“You really look exactly like Chen.

You even have a mole under your eye.”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and pointed at the mole at the corner of her eye.

“Mine is on the left.”

Lu Beilin was also an easygoing person.

After being a little awkward, he took the initiative to approach the little girl and was about to ask how his family had found her when he saw the little girl frowning and muttering softly.

“Hurry up and shower and go to bed.”

She really wanted him to take a shower because he stank.

Lu Beilin was speechless.

This was awkward.

He knew how bad he must smell.

However, Lu Beilin felt inexplicably aggrieved to be despised by his sister.

“Then Ill go take a shower now.”

He stood up and walked upstairs.

Lu Xiaocha stood up and followed not far behind him.

Lu Beilin turned around and looked at the little girl.

She clearly had the same face as his little brother, but she looked too obedient and even a little stupid.

This was the first time they met, and shed gone to the kitchen to serve him hangover soup.

Now, she even followed him obediently.

His lips curved into a smile.

His return had been a real surprise, but it did seem nice to have a sister like this.

The butler, who had been standing in the shadows, watched the siblings leave before dutifully turning off the lights and returning to his room as well.


As a result of his hangover, Lu Beilin woke up very late.


After changing his clothes, Lu Beilins slender fingers played with his glasses as he casually went downstairs.

“Third Young Master, lunch has been prepared for you.”

Lu Beilin nodded.

He was still deep in thought while eating.


“Yes, Young Master.”

Lu Beilin pursed his lips and asked, “Wheres my sister”

Although he was drunk, his memory remained intact.

The butler had a perfect smile on his face.

“Are you talking about Miss Xiaocha She went out with Young Master Fu.”

“Fu Ye”

Seeing the butler nod, Lu Beilin narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a sour tone that he did not even notice.

‘Where has he taken my sister!

Why did that guy kidnap his sister!


At this moment, Lu Xiaocha, who was being thought of, was choosing a stick of plump candied oranges.

The flesh of the orange was soft and sweet to begin with.

Wrapped in a bright layer of sugar coating, it looked even more tempting.

“Why are you so conflicted”

Fu Ye and the child had already been choosing here for a few minutes.

The little fellow looked at the various candied hawthorns and fruits inside and could not bear to move away.

It did not look like she was picking one, rather, she wanted to take everything away.

“Can I have an extra stick You still owe me five, anyway.”

Lu Xiaocha argued for herself and tried to get a few more sticks of candied hawthorns and fruits.

There were so many flavors that she wanted to try every one of them.

“No way.”

Fu Ye rejected her mercilessly and pinched her face.

“Ill see when your teeth get rotten.”


Lu Xiaocha bared her teeth, unconvinced by his words.

“My teeth are fine.

I can eat ten sticks of candied hawthorns today and Ill still be fine.”

“If youll only give me back a skewer, then Ill pay for some myself.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her head was flicked by Fu Ye.

Fu Ye casually retracted his finger.

“You glutton.”

“Boss, give me three sticks.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes instantly lit up.

While waiting, she watched as the three sticks of candied hawthorns and fruits fell into Fu Yes hands.

“Lets go and eat somewhere quiet.”


With food to eat, the girl obediently followed behind the young man.


“Here … help yourself if you want to eat.”

Fu Ye realized that he liked to tease her.

He raised the candied hawthorns and fruits high like he was teasing a pet.

Lu Xiaocha only had food in her eyes now.

She jumped up twice but failed to grab it.

She immediately puffed up her cheeks in anger and used her hands and feet to climb up his body.


“Hey, hey, hey… Youre breaking the rules!”

She didnt care.

Fortunately, Fu Ye had bought these for her.

If she had bought them herself and he dared to tease her like this, she would punch him!

After finally getting the candied hawthorns and fruits, Lu Xiaocha sat on the park bench and licked the icing on it.

She was eating it very seriously.

Fu Ye stretched his arms and leaned back in his chair.

He arrogantly crossed his legs and occupied more than half of the chair.

The little girl only occupied a little part.

After a while, he rested his chin on his hand and watched the little girl eat.

She looked happy and satisfied as she bit off the oranges.

“Is it that good”

Lu Xiaocha looked at him and turned her back to him, as if she was throwing a tantrum.

“Whats wrong I didnt offend you, did I”

His fingers restlessly grabbed a strand of the childs soft black hair and twirled it around it.

“I have two more sticks here.

Are you sure you want to be angry”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Reluctantly, she turned her head back and puffed out her cheeks as she bit into another orange.

“Tell me, why are you angry, hmm”

Lu Xiaocha glared at him with her beautiful cat-like eyes, but she didnt look threatening at all.

“Stop teasing me.”

Fu Ye raised his eyebrows and thought, wow, she knew that I was teasing her.


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